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Dare to take this road trip to the 10 most Haunted in Spooky Wisconsin!

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Every state has its chills and thrills where ghosts seem to dominate the space. But there are haunted places in the Badger State that are unmatched anywhere else!

What makes these places extraordinary … they are unexplored, unspoiled, and above all, patiently waiting for you with great ghostly anticipation! So fill up the gas tank, pack up your ghost-hunting gear and join in our crawl to explore these restless spaces … or do you even dare?

Follow our map! 

Get a thrill and visit the most haunted properties in Wisconsin … by our standard!

#1 The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee Wisconsin

The Pfister Hotel is so haunted many MLB players refuse to stay there!

Milwaukee's oldest and most iconic hotel is legendary for housing some of the city's most notorious ghosts. Even Major League Baseball players will all tell you, this place is insanely haunted! The Pfister (where players stay when on the road in Milwaukee) is notorious for being a haunting hot spot in the city. Players are not shy about retelling their experiences, like the most recent example when a number of St. Louis Cardinals players all slept in the same room after seeing a floating torso apparition in their rooms.

#2 The Octagon House in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

The nine secret tunnels have been claimed as the second-most haunted by History Channel.

The extensive history of the 1856 Octagon House in the eastern part of the state serves as the core of its hauntings. Imagine the energies due to it being a safe-house on the Underground Railroad, or as a rum-running haven during Prohibition. The nine secret passageways and tunnels under the house each offer a way for the spirits to engage with visitors! Want more? The History Channel has claimed these hidden passages contribute to the Octagon House being the second-most haunted house in the state!

Today, the Octagon operates as a museum and is said to have a  young boy spirit whose apparition has been seen throughout the house. Items appear to move or disappear, while doors open and close on their own. You will hear footsteps and witness shadowy figures. Cold spots will remind you that you are not alone here. One report says that a spinning wheel was observed being taken completely apart in a matter of a few seconds.

#3 The Dartford Cemetery in Green Lakes, Wisconsin

The Dartford Cemetery is one place not to challenge the spirits, especially with this tombstone!

Ordinarily, it's said that ghosts don't like to hang out in cemeteries, as creepy as they are. But the Dartford Cemetery is a strong exception to this rule. The ghost that most people report seeing is the apparition of Chief Highknocker, who died in 1911. The official cause of death is listed as an “accidental drowning,” but the local legend describes it as punishment for attempting to cross a river without a canoe. His gravestone, marked with a carved portrait of Highknocker himself, is almost as creepy as his purported apparition. Meanwhile, if you sit on top of the small mausoleum built for Jackson Walker, you'll allegedly be pushed off by unknown forces. Folks have also reported seeing the shadowy figures of an entire Civil War platoon marching through the cemetery.

#4 Grand Opera House in Oshkosh Wisconsin

Could those that once served the oldest operating theater in Wisconsin still lurk within its walls?

The 1883 Grand Opera House in Oshkosh, built by  creative and talented local architect William Waters, has the honor of being the oldest operating theater building in Wisconsin.

The main ghostly role player here is Ferlo, a mischievous stagehand boy who was killed when he fell into a coal bin. The spooky legend tells of how young Ferlo plays pranks on people looking for a paranormal experience.

Other stories include the apparition of a benevolent stage manager, who actors and other performers have claimed to have seen watching from a seat in the balcony during rehearsals. Some claim that the same ghost peers from the theater's second-floor windows, watching passersby on High Street.

#5 McClintock Park in Silver Cliff, Wisconsin

Could the murder history be the impetus for the hauntings at this campground?

Located in the town of Sliver Cliff, McClintock Park is a rustic campground with a dark history. Rumors of strange noises and orbs that show up in photos are believed to be the related to the murder of Ellen Matheys and David Schuldes, who where killed while on a camping trip in 1976. An arrest was made in the case in early 2019, but could their spirits of the two murder victims still wander in this park?

#6 Summerwind Mansion in Land O Lakes, Wisconsin

Source: Roadtripper’s “Welcome to the Summerwind Mansion: An abandoned hotbed of demonic possession”

This one is in the northern reaches of the Badger State, a bit of a drive, but ohhh... so worth the trip!

With a terrifying history of dark apparitions, disappearing corpses, attempted suicides, and demonic possessions, the infamous Summerwind Mansion is easily one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin... a true testimony indeed. 

Originally built as a fishing lodge, the the building saw its first renovation in 1916, by US Secretary of Commerce Robert Lamont, who gave the structure its first name: the Lamont Mansion. Its later owners renamed it the Summerwind Mansion, and it was rumored to be haunted before anyone had the chance to live in it.

Through multiple renovations, the hauntings, poltergeists, and demonic possessions were out of control. Many people reported seeing random furniture appearing in pictures, room dimensions suddenly changing, and even dark shadows showing up in full view.

Then, in the summer of 1988, the house was struck by lightning, and much of it burned to the ground.

Since then, many curious legend seekers and paranormal investigators have visited what remains of the house, and according to those who have made the trek through the woods, the ghosts of Summerwind Mansion are still up to their old tricks.

Visit the abandoned ruins of Summerwind Mansion at your own risk, as they now sit on private property.

#7 Wood County Asylum in Marshfield Wisconsin

Could restless spirits have taken a part in not wanting this property to meet its total demolition?

Although the current property owner spent three years dismantling and razing the old rotting condemned structure that once was the Wood County Asylum, many of its landmarks still exist. And as with many mysterious old (and some haunted) buildings, the history of the site still exists in its legends and lore.

The destruction of the asylum began in October 2005. But although the building had been abandoned for many years, there were no spider webs, no bugs, rats, or mice anywhere in the building. Nothing of the kind of infestation you would expect to find in abandoned buildings. In the winter, thick frost would be found, but only along the bottom of the stairwell walls -- it did not go all the way up, and there was no frost on the stairs. When someone took a picture of the building, the structure and the sky could be clearly seen by the photographer, but when the pictures were developed a white fog always appeared in the scene.

Many believe the spirits of the people that died at the asylum wanted to preserve their final place of unrest.  

#8 Bloody Bride Bridge

The Bloody Bride lurks on the bridge on Highway 66 and sometimes even cuddles into your car’s back seat!

There is a legend that a bride met her demise in a car accident on the Highway 66 Bridge that crosses the Plover River in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. Yes, it happened on her wedding night. A woman’s spirit now lurks in this area, dressed in her white dress … a bloody white dress, that is! One of the chilling stories is of a local police officer who thought he hit a woman with his patrol car, but upon investigation … did not find the injured body he was sure he would find. The anguished bride is often said to be seen standing on the bridge, but she also enjoys appearing in the backseat of cars -- only seen by the driver in the rear-view mirror. 

To make this eerie story even more unsettling is this inexplicable phenomenon: In 2012, a paranormal group called the Washington County Paranormal Team, found very peculiar and unbelievable stacks of rocks beside the water adjacent to the bridge. Together the stacks totaled nearly a dozen. When they looked closer, they could find no logical way these stones could be balanced as they were found. They chose to leave them as is ... hoping not to anger the bride. Wonder if they are still there? Go and let us know!

“They Mysterious Stacked Stones of Bloody Bride Bridge (Stevens Point, WI)”

#9 Berlin Tannery in Berlin, Wisconsin

One of the favorites for many Paranormal Investigator Teams, the Berlin Tannery is a hotbed for the ghostly activity.

Originally built in 1853 and later named the 1903 Bassett Sheepskin Tannery, this place is a hotbed for ghostly activity. The activity levels in this 75,000-square-foot building are staggering, proven by many of the state’s leading paranormal groups.

With such a large property, there is no telling what you will experience here. There are reports of shadow figures, disembodied voices and loud bangs throughout the building. In the basement, a walking sound has been heard on the catwalk, along with voices and groans.  Right outside of this space, one of the proprietors heard a little girl screaming.

The Tannery hosts paranormal tours throughout the year by appointment.

#10 Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo, Wisconsin

The Baraboo Inn is home to incredible hauntings from its history as a honky-tonk bar and brothel in the roaring '20s.

And a fine place to end your tour of Haunted Wisconsin, the Old Baraboo Inn!

The Food Network says that this haunted, historic tavern is one of the 10 most haunted locations in the Wisconsin. Located along Walnut Street in Baraboo, Wisconsin, this 154-year-old landmark has gone through a lot. In its spicy heyday, the inn served as both a tavern and brothel, conveniently located across from the railway station that connected this sleepy town to what was then a crime-infested Chicago. Originally, it operated as a boarding house.

Among the hundreds of souls that passed through these walls, one of the most famous was Al Capone. “Scarface” used to hang-out at the Old Baraboo Inn during the naughty prohibition days. He enjoyed his visits so much, well ... he just never left! Paranormal evidence review has confirmed this old fella' still lurks at one of his favorite “hole in the (Wisconsin) walls”!

The Lovely Red Lady, as the property is playfully labeled, is a spectral portal of ghostly activities! Haunted Journeys has clearly defined that there are FOUR DIFFERENT HAUNTED SPACES in this property! In the FIRST space, you have the front main tavern. Here, one senses the rugged and determined personalities of the cowboy who had a bit too much to drink. Then there’s the back tavern, the SECOND distinctive area of haunts, which offers a more hidden and protective aura. (Are these the spirits that protected the tavern’s naughtiness?). The THIRD space is the Brothel. which is located on the second floor.

The original entrance to this "hospitality xxx suite" was once found in back of the main bar via a hidden stairwell. Today, it can be accessed from outside of the pub through its own private entrance. Be assured, though, this detour has not confused the gals (and happy fellas) that are still up there! There is a combined sexual tension felt (especially in one of the rooms), with and a residual “I’m in charge … You’re not.” mood. 

The FOURTH Chamber of Haunts is the basement. Yes, the dreaded basement. This space is generally closed off to guests, because it can be that unsettling. Some call the entity there ... pure nastiness. This is the first time we have had such distinctive experiences, all in one! This is what identifies this incredible property.

Read our full article on this amazing haunt!  We saved one of the best thrills for last!

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