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Only the spirits have kept the mysteries that taunt Kansas’ most haunted historical properties.

Although a few of the locals know these tales, these sealed stories from the Sunflower State’s early settlers are held tight in their cryptic walls.  Could the whispers of these ghosts be waiting to divulge them to those who are brave enough to listen? 

With this intention, a road trip through Haunted Kansas is waiting for you, packed with 11 must-do spooky properties for your exploration.

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In the meanwhile, dare to submerge into each of these spectral delights, the most haunted locations in Dorothy's Kansas.

The Haunted Eldridge Hotel (Free State Hotel)
Lawrence, Kansas  

Photo Credit: Priyo Oktaviano  

Built in 1855, was first hotel that was built on this property  was known as the Free State Hotel.  Originally, the Free State Hotel was first intended to serve as temporary quarters for those settlers who came from Boston.  Unfortunately, in 1856, the hotel was attacked and burned to the ground by Sheriff Sam Jones. 

Colonel Shalor Eldridge rebuilt the hotel and added another floor.  Talk about bad luck! In 1863, the hotel was again attacked and destroyed by Quantrill.  150 people were killed in Quantrill’s raid.  The hotel was rebuilt again until 1925 when it was decided that the hotel was deteriorating, and it needed to be rebuilt. 

Appropriately, today the hotel displays a seal of a phoenix rising from the ashes.  The motto is “from ashes to immortality”.

The fifth floor is said to contain a portal to the spirit world. Room 506 has been noted to have much ghostly activity. Here witnesses have reported that they can see breath marks on cleaned mirrors, doors opening and shutting on their own, and lights turning  on and off by themselves. 

Throughout the hotel, guests have reported cold spots, apparitions on the fifth floor and a ghost coming out of the elevator.

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The Haunted Tunnels of Leavenworth
Leavenworth, Kansas

Photo credit: Magnolias and Mimosas

Under the Candle Queen Candle Building in Leavenworth are tunnels that are over 200 years old.  These tunnels are believed to be a part of the Underground Railroad where slaves fled from slavery.  There are three rooms connected to the tunnel.  Newspapers dating from 1917 can be found on the walls.  Batteries drain when spirits attempt to pull their energies when entering the underground tunnels.

The Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa
Atchison, Kansas

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa was built in 1889 for John McInteer, a prominent Irish saddle maker.  Ten deaths have been reported deaths in the history of the home.  These include John and his first wife Alice. In addition, Anna, John’s second wife and her mother, Charles Donovan Anna’s son. 

Charles reportedly committed suicide in a room located upstairs in the mansion.  The newspaper article states that after returning from the war, he was having bad headaches.  After he took some medicines, he shot himself in the head. 

There four-day old baby called Isobel “Goldie” Altus also died in this mansion, as well as, Mr. and Mrs. Gerardy the previous owners. 

With so much death and tragedy, the haunts here are impressionable. Shadow figures have been seen in the home, the bedroom door upstairs will open on it’s own, footsteps can be heard walking down the hallway and EVP (Electric Voice Phenomenon) devices, digital recordings male voices can be heard along with evil laughter.

The Haunted Achenbach Memorial Hospital
Hartner, Kansas

Photo Credit: Southern Blessed Chaos

Achenbach Memorial Hospital was opened in 1941 and closed in the 1970’s.  It has been reported that on the 3rd floor, the toilet will flush without anyone in the room, the elevator moves as if someone was using it, cold spots, and feeling of being watched.

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The Haunted Reno County Museum
Hutchinson, Kansas

Photo Credit: Hutchinson News

Reno County Museum is over 100 years old, and with this, a very rich history.  A few deaths have been reported in the old building once called the Rosemont apartment. 

Haunted?  You bet!  The museum has had many reports of ghostly activity coming from the staff. They have reported hearing strange noises and seeing an apparition of a little girl in a white dress on the second floor.

The Haunted Cimarron Hotel
Cimarron, Kansas

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1886, the Cimarron Hotel was built to have a significant presence in where the historic Santa Fee Trail branched in Cimarron was where the historic Santa Fe Trail branched. 

One trail went to the southwest and the other followed the Arkansas River.  The Cimarron Hotel was originally named the New West Hotel.  In the early 1890, the hotel was used  as a sanitarium where patients with respiratory disorders found relief.  In 1902, the hotel was purchased for the second time and the name changed to Luther Inn.  The hotel was then sold again in 1947 where it became the Cimarron Hotel. 

Where are the haunts? Individuals have stated they have seen a ghost on the 3rd floor! 

The Haunted Historic Santa Fe Depot
Dodge City, Kansas

Photo Credit:  Travels with Twinkles

The Santa Fe Depot was opened in 1898.  Back then it was named the Harvey House and railroad depot.  It became the Theater Company in 1993 which provides a dinner theater for customers today.  Individuals claim to see a waitress from the Harvey House Restaurant.  There have been sightings of a man in the basement, a young female on the third floor stairs.  A child appears on the second and third floors

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The Haunted and Historic Wolf Hotel
Ellinwood, Kansas

Photo Credit:  Hutchinson News

The Wolf Hotel was built in 1894 when the railroad came into town. The underground tunnel system was built underneath to contain services that were in "High Demand" in those days for travelers.  The included bars, whore house and barbershops. The Bank of Ellinwood and the downstairs was also part of the underground tunnel system that ran through the hotel and into Ellinwood.  It also housed the Drummer’s room, Joe’s Snack Counter, a bar and cards room, among others. The downstairs still houses the first air condiitoner in Barton County.

Later on, Fred Wolf, John Wolf’s son, added on the Sunflower Dining room in 1924. It was a prestigious restaurant that attracted people from many places with its amber lighting and wheat shock columns.

As with most old and historic buildings, the Wolf Hotel and its underground tunnel has seen its fair share of the paranormal.  Some of the ghost stories attached to the tunnels include that of a man who was shot down in the street and then left in the boiler room under the hotel to die. With a long history of death and mystery, this restored lodging place has more than its share of ghost stories and spirited encounters. From a suicide in the dining room to the mysterious underground tunnels and abandoned stores, the Wolf Hotel is a ghost hunter’s dream!

The Haunted Brown Grand Theatre
Concordia, Kansas

Photo Credit:  YouTube’s Adventure Tours of Kansas

In 1905, Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte Brown announced his plans to build the opera house, named the Brown Grand Theatre. This community-based theatre was created and dedicated to enhancing life.    The Opera House flourished until the death of Brown in 1910.  His son Earl died a few months later.

The theatre is known to be haunted these prominent figures, attempting to keep their creation alive.

The Haunted Hollenberg Pony Express Station
Hanover, Kansas

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1857 by Great H . Hollenberg, this six-room property served as a grocery store, tavern, and unofficial post office.

Today, the Hollenberg Pony Express Station is the only remaining of these historical mail delivery establishments. Proudly, it continues to stand in its original location and so does those that once served an important part of its historical existence.   

It is rumored that some of the Pony Express riders continue to lurk around the building.  Witnesses have heard the ghostly sounds of pounding hoofs in the night and young men calling out as they near the station.

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Here are more Most Haunted locations in Kansas!

Credit:  A Grave In Baltimore


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