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5 Chilling Events that happened on New Year’s Eve
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One could never imagine of such spine-chilling true stories occurring on New Year’s Eve, usually associated with celebrations for a new start of life, a new chapter in our lives. These, tragically, took an unfortunate detour.

#1:  Channeling Norman Bates

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A Florida man became angry with his mother, using an axe to decapitate her on the 2014 New Year’s Eve celebration. The shocking part of this story is the mug shot taken after the man was arrested exhibited him smiling like one would for a childhood photograph. The man seemed to have been fed up with maternal nags about moving some boxes into the attic.

#2: The Lady in White

Credit: New York Times

Have you ever had a mysterious and unknown guest pop into your party? Well, this occurred during a New Year’s Celebration. The host had no idea how this old woman, dressed in white came in, for all the doors and windows were locked. Upon leaving the party, she dropped two scarfs on the door step.  Nobody knew how she got in. All feared that this was a sign of an upcoming horrific event to follow. The host later saw this woman in his dreams a few night later.  Wonder why no one just asked her who she was? Hmmmm….

#3: The Peeping Tom

Credit: Good Men Project

An Alabama couple during 2015’s New Year’s Eve, a peeping Tom became a problem. Discovered peering into their window, what made this Tom disturbing was that he was completely naked. Only a mere sock covered his genitals and a Ronald Reagan mask disguised his face. After the New Year’s celebration, the peeper stopped. Police never caught the naked presidential peeper and chalked it up to a drunken prank or maybe a lost bet.

#4: The Holiday Haunt

Credit: Brinton Lodge

During New Year’s Eve, a woman and her boyfriend experienced losing items during the day, only finding them in weird places a few minutes later. Later in the evening during the Eve’s gathering, a disembodied strange man’s voice was heard yelling “RIGHT!” in response to a comment one of the guests made. In addition, all guests heard another disembodied sound of coughing in the bathroom. The haunting activity suddenly stopped the next day. Apparently, the phantom favored this holiday.

#5: The Phantom Texter

Credit: Levalet

On New Year’s Eve, “J” started getting text messages from an unknown number, starting with “I’m Outside”. The messages started to go on a roll, at one point making a point that he was inside the house watching J and his friends. The texts progressively became more intense. J and his friends, in attempt to find out who this mysterious follower was, called the number they were generated from. Unfortunately they received a recording stating it was a non-working phone number.  While the messages eventually stopped, the fear never went away.

Haunted Journeys Wishes you a most Haunting and Unforgetablly amazing NEW YEAR! 

Credit: Pinterest

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