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5 Famous Psychic Offer their Predictions for 2020
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Ever wondered what are the top 2020 psychic predictions?  Here we have five of the most distinguished psychics revealing it all!

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Many have been asking us to bring in Psychic Mediums to speak about the CORONA (COVID-19) Virus.
We did. Please read the article below.

7 Psychic Mediums Share their Inspiring and
Astonishing Advice on the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

What advice do metaphysical practitioners provide us to protect us against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and help us understand its direction?

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Here are the top psychic annual predictions for 2020 as envisioned by five of the top and internationally recognized metaphysical workers.  Having contributed accurate predictions in prior years, we thought this group may offer us a good collaborative foresight of what we should expect in 2020! With this collective analysis (many having mutual agreement), we can confidently assume this year will be a powerhouse!  

2020 represents a celestial number, a series of digits with much energy, harmonic balance, and new dimensions. Doesn’t it?  Will this magical number build the platform for an epic year? Let us hear from the most publicly celebrated psychic mediums!  Included below are:

Psychic Nikki

Psychic for the Stars, Psychic Nikki, has had a solid reputation of being accurate in her predictions in the past. Many of these have accurately included worldwide protests, the roller-coaster stock market, extreme weather events and (of course) UFO sightings.  With this, she comes in with some heavy hitters for the new 2020.  Here they are:


Nikki sees a female candidate in our future on the Democratic Ticket. This could be either Hillary Clinton (as a late entry), Michelle Obama or even Oprah Winfrey. She also feels a female vice-presidential candidate, with the Initials “M.O.” (You can figure that one on your own!)


Global warming will be a centerpiece in the activist movement. She visions “a lot of penguins and polar bears leaving the arctic and dying, coming down for food.”


Look for a landscape shift in Hollywood, from action-packed sequels and franchises which currently dominate headlines and the box offices. Psychic Nikki predicts there will be “more family-oriented movies, such as Disney movies.”
She also sees past generations to stay relevant on the big screen. Watch for “older actors making comebacks, (such as) Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino.”  She adds:  “More 70’s groups are going to make comebacks. Some of the singers from the past will make comebacks, like Earth, Wind, and Fire.”


There is good news in the field of medicine. “I really see a breakthrough in cancer research,” says Psychic Nikki. “They’re going to find some sort of cure for cancer in less than five years, maybe even sooner.”  Nikki adds, “Breakthroughs in heart disease, that’s the good news.


She feels robots will take a big part in our IT world. She confirms with adversity to robotic prominence surfaces, she replies with “When the computers weren’t here, people said that’s not going to happen. Well, the robots are going to take over, for sure.” Nikki adds, “There’s going to be flying robots, small robots. In the future, they’ll be all robots. You may ha robotic wife or husband or boss.”     


Nicolas Aujula

In late 2018, Psychic Nicolas Aujula shared accurately visions telling him 2019 was going to be a difficult year. And so it occurred. For instance, he predicted the destruction of Notre Dame by fire in 2019, as it sadly stuck and shocked the world. Nicolas, from South London, has been sensing spirits and experiencing supernatural visions since he was a child. Working as a past life regression therapist, he receives visions through dreams. Many times they hit him as he’s simply walking around.

Let’s see what he predicts for the upcoming 2020.  Be prepared, he says it’s going to be quite a year if he’s correct.


He feels Trump will be defeated, although “he won’t go quietly.”


Predicts very heavy winds in the UK


He has had visions of “Paris Hilton announcing she is having a baby, a scandal around Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston starting a significant new relationship. He has also strongly felt there will be another death of a young female singer in the headlines, perhaps of something surrounding alcohol and additions.


Nicolas predicts a major football win for England.  

Psychic Betsey Lewis

At the age of seven, Betsey began to have lucid dreams of catastrophic Earth changes that were given to her several nights in a row shortly after a UFO encounter. In the dreams, she witnessed huge earthquakes, volcanoes erupting worldwide, tsunami waves hitting coasts and extreme winds and weather. This is now happening. Betsey Lewis has made many accurate world predictions over the years. She also predicted Donald J. Trump would become our 45th President as early as April of 2016 when she was given a powerful vision of Trump taking the oath as the 45th President of the United States.

Let us see what Betsy envisions for 2020.


President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. She adds “Some speculate that Hillary Clinton will decide before the end of 2019 to run for President again, but I don't see it!” 

In regards to the Ukraine Issue for Democrats, Betsey states “Either failing to take a vote on articles of impeachment or failing to get enough votes among her majority to pass any articles, would be seen as a political exoneration for Trump, likely leading to his re-election. If you think America is polarized today, you ain’t seen nothing yet."  I sense this is all going to backfire on the Democrats.

The Supreme Court will be impacted. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is now 85 years old, and has had a multitude of health problems, is now foreseen by Betsey as having a presence in 2020.


There will be a slight recession or crash in 2020. Betsey follows with “Although the gloom and doom-ers predict a big recession, I don't see it. Of course, the future is still forming and can be changed by human actions and thought. If Trump is not re-elected, the Stock Market will be on a downward slope.” She does not see a recession in 2020, just a slowdown.

Gas prices will skyrocket due in part to drone strikes on Saudi Arabia oil reserves. Lots of price gouging by gas stations.


It’s going to be a big one for natural disasters. According to Betsy, she received the prediction in a lucid dream on June 27, 2019.  “I was shown a huge earthquake that moved land at least afoot. The dream revealed a cliff close to the ocean which I sensed was symbolic of the U.S. West Coast. First, a 6.2 quake hit Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada in the ocean on July 3, then a 6.4 earthquake shook near Ridgecrest, California in the Mojave Desert on July 5 and now as predicted a huge 7.1 rocked the Mojave again at 8:21 pm Pacific time on July 5. There could be a great earthquake building because I was shown a coastal earthquake in my dream.”

She was also shown volcanoes eruption, people fleeing areas, tsunamis, huge earthquakes, and violent winds. Buckle up, folks, it looks like we are going for the ride of our lives!


According to Betsey, “More celebrities will be in the news for physical and sexual abuse. I sense a well-known actor will take his own life. Actor Jason Momoa, Aquaman, Frontier, Games of Thrones, will see greater fame in the future. Many older celebrities and singers will leave us this year.  I worry about Johnny Depp and his depression. Ellen DeGeneres may file for divorce from her wife Portia de Rossi by late year. The Dalai Lama will have some serious health issues this year and may pass. He has often talked about his time is short on Earth.” 

Judy Hevenly

Judy Hevenly, a psychic and spiritual counselor, correctly predicted Boris Johnson would be the new Prime Minister of England, the Power Outage in New York, ICC Cricket World Cup won by England, the Los Angeles earthquake 2019, a bill passed lowering prescription drugs passed by the House in 2019, and US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement passed by Congress.

Here are Judy’s 2020 Expectations:


“President Donald Trump will not be removed from office and a strong possibility of been re-elected as President in 2020. Trump may not complete his second term in office.” In addition, the Democrats keep control of the House in 2020 and Republicans win the Senate.

Judy is also very specific with the Democratic Ticket: “The Democratic race between Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren each one fighting to be the Democratic nominee might see a split of the progressive vote, which would ease the path of Biden, the clear choice among the more centrist Democrats for the nomination. However later in 2020, the Democratic party would let Biden go and nominate Elizabeth Warren or Bloomberg to get to Trump. Possibility of Bloomberg to back Hillary Clinton if he decides to step down.”


The US economy will go along fairly well in 2020 but growth to downshift as labor shortages and other constraints will start to show. Small firms will be upbeat and will start to expand and offer retirement plans to their workers. The Federal Reserve implements extra rate hikes to keep inflation at bay.

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga is hailed by many as the most prominent mystic and prophet of the 20th century. Baba Vanga’s followers often refer to the mysterious woman as the Balkan Nostradamus due to her supposed prophetic powers. Baba Vanga rose to prominence in the year 2000 when she supposedly predicted the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.  Since then, Baba Vanga is said to have predicted the 9/11 terror attack, the cataclysmic 2004 tsunami and the 2008 election of President Barack Obama.

But what did the blind Bulgarian predict will happen in 2020? Here are some of Baba Vanga’s most terrifying prophecies alongside a leading psychic’s New Year predictions.


The most terrifying prediction from Baba Vanga is the Armageddon that will occur in 2020, leading to the end of the world.  (The good news, is Vanga supposedly predicted it will not unfold for another 3,000 years, in 5079. Whew!)

2020 will be a turbulent year with a war in the Middle East, natural disasters and political unrest.

There will be an assassination attempt on Putin’s life in Europe. He will supposedly be attached by a member of his own security team.  In addition, President Putin will broker a peace treaty with President Trump.

Hong Kong riots will escalate leading Government X0 Jinping to make sweeping changes to avoid being overthrown.  (Although 2020 will percolate these events, all these changes will take years after 2020.)


2020 will see many earthquakes. Vanga adds, “In particular, Japan and India will see major quakes that may cause disruption to the Summer Olympics.

“The USA will also experience earthquakes. Serious volcanic activity on a small island – I cannot identify where. Urgent evacuation.”


These projections are strictly for the entertainment of the curious.  We do not recommend or suggest you take any action in accordance (or as a response) to these psychic forecasts. Please research well any content provided and use good judgment on how this information is used.

At the end of 2020, we will review these featured predictions and gauge their accuracy!  It will be the perfect tradition to carry on as we bid farewell to the past and good cheers for the future.

Be sure to add comments below what you think of these predictions. Do offer any hunches of your own.  We would love to see then!


It is fun to see what 2020 may have in store for us.  Enjoy the moment. Serve mankind well and keep in the light with love.



Psychic Nikki
Nicolas Aujula
Betsey Lewis
Judy Hevenly
Baba Vanga

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