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7 Divulged Mysteries from the Dark World of Demonology
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It is not uncommon, within today’s media, to be engaged with the possibility of activity from negative entities with contemporary paranormal ghost hunting shows.  From this has surged an interest in demonology, often blamed as a justification for rescue within many "dark" haunted spaces. Is it real? How prevalent is it? Could I get possess? The mysteries of demonlogy are deep and stirring. 

What is demonology?

Is it something we should steer away from, or perhaps engage with it to conquer our fears? 

Demonology: The Study of Demons

Demonology is the study of demons or the beliefs surrounding demons, disclosing ways to summon and control them. To understand them, one has to understand their classifications and their potential impact with the earthbound.  That is to say, they may be human or non-human, separable souls or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a body.

Although its study goes back into biblical times, Demonology has been shifted from a principle study in the occult, to that of a level of taboo. With the condemnation of the witch hysteria in the 17th century, demonology dropped in importance. Although Rites of Exorcism continues to be performed, even the Catholic Church has avoided public notice of its implementation. 

Dark Mystery #1: What are Demonologists?

Those that study and engage with this field are called Demonologists. They, for the most part, are theologians, clergy and philosophers that have spent time connecting their presence with the deities they are associated with. Laypeople can also become Demonologists, but usually work with clergy who are trained exorcists.

Catholicism and Demonology

Although Catholicism is not the only divinity realm that empowers demonology, they remain one of the strongest authorities many rely on for its implementation.  From here, catholic exorcist have identified certain requirements that a Demonologist must meet:

  • They must be called to the work by God
  • They must have special supernatural protection and intervention from God
  • They must work under legitimate church guidance and authority
  • They must give their life and will to God
  • They should be mature, for the work is unhealthy for young, developing minds
  • They must work in charity and without selfish motives for attention, fame, or power

Dark Mystery #2: How Prevalent are Demons?

Johann Weyer, a well-known European Demonologist back in the 17th Century, confirmed through his studies that there were 72 “Princes of Hell”, who commanded a total of 7,405,926 Demonic Minions.  How’s that to stir up some fear in dealing with spirit activity!  Reference: Occult World.

The Demons Insecurities    The Ugliness of Beauty

Dark Mystery #3: The duties and types of Demons

Demonologists have compiled large volumes including the names and functions of each demon from the infernal hierarchy. According to legend, as each demon is specialized in a certain domain of activity, it can be invoked for help in that respective area. However, the price of such an invocation is always the soul of the person, who will ultimately end up in Hell.

Authorities have organized demons into hierarchies and their origins, duties and purposed have been explained since very ancient time. For instance, in 1467, Alphonse de Spina identified 10 species of demons:  

  1. Fates, who alter destiny
  2. Poltergeists, who cause mischief
  3. Incubi and Succubi, who stimulate lust and perversion
  4. Marching Hordes, who bring about war
  5. Familiars, who assist witches
  6. Nightmares, who disturb sleep through bad dreams
  7. Demons formed from human semen
  8. Disguised Demons
  9. Demons who assail the Saintly
  10. Demons who instigate witchcraft

Dark Mystery #4:  The Names of the Demons to avoid!

Here are the most evil of the evil.

  • Ihrinwe, the Lord of Blood. This one is the most aggressive of all demons, possessing the most notorious and criminals and psychopaths that history has identified. He also has was responsible for violent dictators, who were thought to be under the control or even actual incarnations of this demon.
  • Euronymus was invoked by wizards who wanted somebody dead. It is said that this demon liked to feed on rotten flesh.
  • Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies”can be quite a torment, and is said to be extremely difficult to exorcise.

And of course, there is ...

Lucifer   Lucifer, the Story of an Angel Turned Demon  

  • Lucifer, the Main Demon. This fallen angel can take up other forms, so he is quite a trickster. Sometimes he will be a clumsy child or other extremely frightening shells. However, as evil is more convincing in the form of innocence, Lucifer may tend to appear more in the form of the aforementioned child.

According to ancient texts, these are just a minute number of the thousands of demons that make up the hierarchy of evil, looming over humanity and ready to strike at any moment.

Dark Mystery #5: The Association of The Ouija Board with Demons

Christian advocates have long warned against giving Satan openings through communication, referencing the Bible’s condemnation of it use. Others that study the occult, believe that calling on spirits for knowledge or wisdom invites demonic forces to oppress or possess a person. From this perspective, they have long warned of using divination tools like the Ouija Board as its ability for inviting negative energy to come forth.

The Demon and the Ouija Board

When did this all started?  Most blame it on one incredible media phenomenon, the 1973 movie of The Exorcist. Here it showed a 12 year old, named Regan, became possessed by Satan himself after dabbling with this children’s game.

Before the block-buster film, depictions of the Ouija board were usually jokey, hokey, and silly. Even an episode of the pop culture sit-com “I Love Lucy” featured a 1951 episode in which Lucy and Ethel host a séance using the Ouija board. But nothing came from it, until Regan took control of the board's planchette.

1973's William Peter Beatty's The Exorcist

Almost overnight, Ouija became a tool of the devil and, for that reason, a tool of horror writers and moviemakers—it began popping up in scary movies, usually opening the door to evil spirits hell-bent on ripping apart co-eds.

Suddenly, outside of the theatre, the Ouija board denounced by religious groups as Satan’s preferred method of communication; in 2001 in Alamogordo, New Mexico, it was being burned on bonfires along with copies of Harry Potter and Disney’s Snow White. As recently as 2011, 700 Club host Pat Robertson declared that demons can reach us through the board.

Christian religious groups still remain wary of the board, citing scripture denouncing communication with spirits through mediums as unbiblical. The Catholics shortly chimed in when Catholic.com called the Ouija board “far from harmless”.

Dark Mystery #6: The Devil battles Science

C.S. Lewis proposed in his classic, The Screwtape Letters, that one of the demons’ most important jobs is to get people to disbelieve in them. In fact, this is how he captures your soul!  Is Science fortifying the power of demons?

12 Things You Might Not Know About the Screwtape Letter   MENTAL FLOSS

Secular science has bought into this, with much gusto. Science continues to disclaim the existence of these make-believe evil forces. Skeptics societies carry on a vigorous practice debunking psychic phenomena: table turners, levitators, faith healers and the like. They usually succeed very well showing how the tricks are done. It would be a logical fallacy, however, to extrapolate from “these phenomena are fake” to “all spirits are fake.” 

The demons would love science to believe that, wouldn’t they? Ref:  Can Science Study Demonology?

Dark Mystery #7: Famous Demonologists contributing to the field

Can those that have been successful in presenting and demonstrating their research with Demons make an impact social-culturally?  Can they impede the tract that science has taken against their studies?

There is no argument, the one of the best-known experts on Demonology for their investigations of thousands of cases and their close work with clergy are Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed’s nephew, John Zaffis has also taken the flagship responsibility in keeping their work alive.

The pursuit of Demonology can be dangerous work, especially when it involves participation in demonic possessions.  But the supernatural community depend on their work to keep us rooted and prepared to face the devil … one day.

Such a student in modern demonology is Dave Juliano.

Dave Juliano

Whether or not you are involved in cases that may involve negative or demonic entities, Dave Juliano, a 34 year veteran researcher of the paranormal, firmly believes one should know the basics of demonology, because one never knows when something might suddenly pop up.

Dave Juliano   -   Paranormal Researcher, Investigator and Author

Juliano feels that information about the darker side of the paranormal is important for people who have no inclination whatsoever to handle any kind of case like that. It may be even more important for them simply because you want to be able to see some of the warning signs and know exactly when a case that comes in is something that you should probably get a consultation for or handed off entirely.

Juliano states, “It’s a basic safety issue in my mind. For the minority of us that to handle that negative and extreme cases, I feel this is still important because we always need to be learning more and sharing experiences with other people in the field.”

The more information we can get concerning experiences with the darker entities, the better prepared we may be. Juliano requires all members of his team, including ones that have been doing it for many years, to take this class every single time he gives it because once can never hear this information enough times. His presentation on demonology is always evolving because it’s based on his personal experiences as well as the cases that he has dealt with in past and current cases.

Juliano continues, “My goal is to try to keep as many people safe by giving them enough knowledge to know when to seek assistance with the case and also to open channels of communication between people who are working in the paranormal field and come across or handle the negative and demonic cases.

“I also want to keep as many clients as safe as possible by helping you understand the many different dynamics that are at play in a negative case. The emotions and mental well-being of someone that contacts us is extremely important.

What is most dangerous of all it that darker entities and situations can weigh heavily on the people who are targets. People with pre-existing anxiety, depression and other issues can be even further compounded by these experiences. Darker spirits that are at play could be intentionally manipulating those issues.

Juliano claims that no one is an expert. All he is able to do is share is his experience and what he has witnessed in his 34 years within the paranormal field.

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Learn from the experience and expertise that Dave Juliano has developed in his life-time commitment to study and practice of the paranormal.   This event will be one that is eager to reveal its powerful dark mysteries and presence should not miss.

Jean Bodin wrote in 1580...

“It is certain that the devils have a profound knowledge of all things. No Theologian can interpret the Holy Scriptures better than they can; No lawyer has a more detailed knowledge of testaments, contracts and actions; No physician or Philosopher can better understand the composition of the human body, and the virtues of the heavens, the stars, birds and fishes, trees and herbs, metals and stones.”


Watch this chilling tale of proof about the Jersey Devil

with Dave Juliano


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