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Brian Cano Investigates Old Baraboo Inn
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Brian Cano will be appearing at the Historic Old Baraboo Inn in Wisconsin on Sat., April 27th!

Brian Cano ghost hunts Old Baraboo Inn

Old Baraboo Inn is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Old Baraboo Inn with Brian Cano, Para-Psychologist and Star of SyFy Channel’s Haunted Collector!  The old Honky Tonk Saloon, Back Gangster Bar and the old secret second floor Brothel is sure to sizzle with evidence with the special techniques Brian Cano will teach you with his famed THE METHOD™.


This will be Brian Cano’s first stop in the Midwest since his year-long sabbatical from his paranormal celebratory tours, so make sure to give him a warm welcome!

MARY MARSHALL (“Paranormal MD™”) JOINS UP:  Brian Cano will be joined with seasoned paranormal investigator, metaphysical sensitive, author and para-Psychologist, Mary Marshall, to assure an experience you will never forget!

Pam Crisci, Psychic Medium, is also special guest star borrowed from the successful Ghost Hunts USA. She will be helping the scientific investigative process on a very spiritual level. 

The Saloon will celebrate with its GHOST BOMB, a celebratory “Juice” that is sure to fire up the night! There is even package that includes Dinner with the celebrities and a pajama party into the wee hours at the old brothel! 

Packages start at $35/per person!


Anniversary Package: $35  

1-4:30 pm  Meet/Greet with Ghost Bombs and photo opps with Brian – 1pm-2:30pm and “The Method” Workshop: 2:30-4:30pm
From 1PM-2:30pm: Meet/Greet and grab a photo with Brian! (Make sure to make it viral in Social Media!)
Become an ace Ghost Hunter by participating in Brian Cano's THE METHOD Workshop (2:30-4:30pm). His effective and very simple investigative best practices (and use of equipment) have been proven time after time. 

VIP Anniversary Package: $89    

1-4:30pm and 6:30p-10:30 pm Add Paranormal Investigation from 6:30-10:30pm … Four hours of Intense Investigation!
Includes all the perks of Anniversary Package PLUS a full Paranormal Investigation (from 630p-10:30pm) of the Old Baraboo Inn in three different areas … 1. The Honky Tonk Saloon, #2. The Gangster Back Bar and #3 The Upstairs Secret Brothel!

ULTIMATE VIP Full Anniversary Package: $129   
Includes all the Perks of the Anniversary AND the VIP Anniversary, plus a bunch more!  Full dinner with Brian Cano “Round Table” gathering at 5PM before the hunt AND a Naughty Pajama Party upstairs in the Upstairs Secret Brothel starting at 11PM until 1AM.


Doors Open at 1PM for Meet and Greet.
Make sure to plan on getting Ghost Bombed with Brian Cano and Mary Marshall!
Age 21 and over. Hold Harmless Waiver required

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