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A COVID-19 Message from Spirit: Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be
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This is huge, this is an awakening that is not only healing us and our planet but also raising our vibrations to a level that they have never been before.

It’s April of 2020 and here we are experiencing the first global pandemic of our time.  For the first time in history, the entire planet is experiencing the same thing, the same COVID-19 virus, the same thoughts, and the same rules.  Never in history has our planet been so connected, never have we had the technology to communicate across the globe during a pandemic, and never have we had so many light-workers at one time sending out healing and love to every person on our planet at the same time! 

COVID-19 Opens Communication Lines
COVID-19 Expands Communication through Technology and Lightworkers    Credit:  Unsplash Photography

The Awakening

This is huge, this is an awakening that is not only healing us and our planet but also raising our vibrations to a level that they have never been before.   On April 4th there was a worldwide meditation that was done across the globe at the very same time, imagine the amount of positive loving vibrations that come from that many people being at peace and sending healing and love all at once! 

Ascension Timeline / End of Corona Virus Meditation    Credit Paradigm Astrology

Each and every one of us is responsible to do our part to save lives and bring oneness, this is our new world, our new way.  We are moving out of the old ways and moving into a more loving and united existence on a Universal level. We are truly walking together into a new age and it’s up to all light-workers to stand strong through this evolution.  Together, and individually, we must take responsibility for staying out of fear and in a place of love.  We must be an example of social distancing to keep everyone safe, and at the same time stay united.  

Let It Be

Spirit has been working overtime in bringing me messages, often times my guides use music to get my attention and in February, before the pandemic hit the USA, I started hearing a Beatles song over and over, every single day.  “Let It Be” was written in 1970 by Paul McCartney, his own mother is the Mary that he sings about. 

Let It Be - The Beatles  -  Apple Records  Credit:  Flickr

This is the verse that my guides have been playing for me:

“And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted
there is still a chance that they will see
there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be. Yeah
There will be an answer, let it be.”

The strong message that I get from this is not just for me, but also for all of you, the whole world.  “Let it be” means just that, stop focusing on the how, the why, who’s fault is it, is it a hoax, is it the “event”, stay away from the fear, the anger, just let it be and focus on love and shining your light.  Every single light-worker must shine their light now! The next verse starts like this: “And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me, Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.”

Video:  Let It Be Lyrics and Song   Credit: Lyrics Find

Meditation Healing

Our world is in crisis, people are getting sick and some are even dying, we must do all that we can to keep this monster at bay.  Yet at the same time, crime is down globally, accidental deaths are down, people are learning how to be with themselves and with family, spouses are working together, we are learning how to erase borders, we are remembering how to rely on self, many are meditating and praying who never have before, we are uniting across politics and religion to help those in need. 

We are evolving and the world around us is changing.  Keeping your vibrations up and staying in a place of love and compassion is the key to getting us through this and coming out in a much better place, and according to my guides, that will happen, we just have to take responsibility.  When the brokenhearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. 

If you’re interested in learning about mediumship or working on your abilities, here is a little information on Mediumship from our book, Worlds Beyond Death.

Worlds Beyond Death
Worlds Beyond Death - Available on Amazon
Authors: Deb & Arjay DeRousse with Michel Kassett

Excerpts contributed by the Author of Worlds Beyond Death

Many people know that a medium is one who connects with the other side, some wonder if a psychic is the same thing, that answer is no.  A psychic does receive information, a download of what I call, ‘Universal knowledge’, and is able to possibly see a person’s past or future by connecting with that person on a soul level.  A medium receives that same information from the same consciousness, the soul self, yet has the inner knowing that this information is very secondary to what our true purpose is, for that reason, some mediums don’t even recognize the psychic messages they receive.

The Veil

That inner knowing tells us that our mission is to connect with those on the other side of the ‘veil’.  A strong medium has a knowing throughout their lives that there is a calling to help, a strong urge to connect the living with those who have crossed the veil. Many in this field will tell you that one must be psychic in order to be a medium, so all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. 

The Veil and Mediumship
The Veil and Mediumship    Credit: Unsplash

Every living being has abilities that they are born with.  We all have intuition, psychic abilities, telepathic abilities, and so on, but just like anything else, some are stronger, or more developed, on some of these abilities than others are.  We are all born with the ability to sing, yet some do it much better and find that it really is a part of their soul mission, the same can be said for mediumship, or any other ability that a person has.  If you don’t know what your abilities are you can meditate on it, practice different techniques with friends and family members, and connect with others in the field that you are drawn to.

Vibration and Frequency

Everything is vibration and frequency.  Human beings vibrate much slower than soul energy or those beings that exist in higher dimensions, we have a dense body that keeps us vibrating at a lower level, a tree vibrates even slower, yet is very much a living thing.  People who do mediumship work, or are highly spiritual and enlightened, vibrate at higher levels than some of the other humans on this planet.  These vibrations enable a medium to connect with higher vibrational beings, such as spirit. 

Vibration and Frequency  -  Credit: Pixabay

This may lead others to believe that a medium is constantly seeing and hearing spirits around them.  That is not the case, we could not exist in this realm if it were.  At times a spirit/soul being is able to lower their own vibrations enough to catch us off guard.  When a medium suddenly gets a message or sees someone on the other side out of the blue, it’s because spirit has worked hard to make that happen by lowering their vibrations to come closer to matching ours.  On the norm, (if there is a norm for mediums) we tap into what we call “the zone” in order to really connect. 

When one does this, it’s by using the mind (the soul or higher self) rather than the brain, which is the physical organ. This is the same concept as going into a deep meditative state.  Often this is done without too much effort on the part of the medium, it’s just something that we do almost automatically. 

Meditation: Entering the Zone

Our brain waves change when we meditate or enter “the zone”, where we increase our vibrations and become more “light-bodied”, and this is the state where a medium is more closely matched to the vibration of alternate realms of existence.  I’m sure you have heard people say that when they meditate they sometimes feel like they are floating or weightless, this is being in our light body and comes with deeper brain wave states.  In this state, we are connected more with our spiritual being than our physical being.  I will show you what I mean about brain waves. 

Entering the Zone of Meditation  -  Credit:  Flickr

Brain-Waves States of Meditation

Gamma State:   This is the state of a very active brain and is good for active learning. Gamma state is the best time to retain information, you are probably in this state right now.  

Beta State:  Where we function for most of the day, Beta State when we are in our alert mind state of the prefrontal cortex. This is the state of mind that we use when we work or plan.

Alpha State:  Brain waves start to slow down.   We feel more calm, peaceful, and grounded. We often find ourselves in an “alpha state” after a yoga class, a walk out in nature, or during any activity that helps relax the body and mind. We are in a lighter state of awareness.  

Theta State:   We're able to begin meditation. This is the point where the verbal thinking mind transitions to the meditative visual mind. We begin to move from the planning mind to a deeper state of awareness with more intuition, more capacity for wholeness, and complicated problem-solving. The Theta state is the state in which a medium connects with visions and higher realms of existence.

Delta State:  Tibetan monks who have been meditating for decades can reach this in an alert, wakened phase, some mediums do as well and enter an alert Delta state when doing readings for others. Most people reach this final state during deep and dreamless sleep. 

A person who channels spirit or messages from higher realms of existence also goes into either the Theta or Delta state in order to receive information, contact, and messages. 

When doing readings for others, I believe I go between Theta and Delta, I need to receive messages and at the same time, I must repeat the information to my clients and help them to make sense of what is being said.  I can only speak for myself because I realize that I don’t always fit in-to the ‘norm’ when it comes to my life, my path, my methods of receiving information, or my abilities. 

My Wish

Much of my life I have wished that everyone could see what I see and hear what I hear, I believe this is the number one reason that I have worked in the paranormal field for so many years.  Why do I want others to see and hear what I do?  Of course, when I was younger it was so people wouldn’t think I was insane if I let on that I connect with spirit, but for the last twenty years or so, my main reason has been to eliminate fear with knowledge, to empower every person on this planet with the knowledge that life does not end with death. 

If Mediumship is the ability to connect with those who have crossed to the other side, the other side must exist…. right?  If the other side exists, and I know it does, doesn’t that mean they are alive?  If the energy of a person can show us what they looked like in life, or tell us stories about their lives, and even clearly show their personalities, does that not mean that they are in-fact alive? 

Much love and many blessings to all,
Deb Johnson DeRousse ~ Spiritual Medium


With thanks, Haunted Journeys credits and acknowledges Deb's good work, as contributed to our articles. 

Deb Johnson DeRousse

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Ascension Timeline Meditation – English Guided Audio  -  Credit: We Love Mass Meditation


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