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How to know if you have Psychic abilities?
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Ask a Lightworker:  How does one know if they have Psychic abilities?

We asked Jessica Potter, an intuitive psychic medium and owner of Star Love Clarity, some intriguing questions that only a lightworker would know!

How to know if you have Psychic abilities?

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I believe everyone has them. It’s that gut feeling you get about odd things like people, a place, a feeling, or a knowing with no logical reason. For instance, you take the long way to the store because you just felt pulled to go that way and later find out there was a car accident. That’s your Intuition working! That little subtle prompt of “I don't know why but I feel this” or “I should do that.”

That is your intuition kicking in and your Psychic abilities talking.

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If everyone has it, why isn’t it more well-known?

Sadly, most of us just don’t use it often due to the way society is, our belief systems, or religious upbringing. It’s not something that is taught in schools, at least not in schools in the United States. An example of this can be seen with my personal experience. I was actually a late bloomer with my gifts and realizing I am a Medium. Growing up in a religious family, I was taught not to talk about that stuff that it didn’t matter. I had quite a few experiences that happened to me from a young age like balls of light in my room at night, knowing things about my dad when he was at war, or talking to imaginary friends. Looking back, what childhood experiences with spirit stand out to you?

A Personal Experience

Jessica’s Personal Experience as a child

One substantial experience happened when I was 13 years old. We were visiting family in South Carolina. My uncle had a heart attack in his house while we were running errands with my aunt. My mother rushed us over to our papa’s house, so that my aunt and she could continue onto the hospital to meet the ambulance. I was sitting at my papa’s house and remember hearing wind chimes, but I noticed there was no wind.

Then, I heard my uncle’s voice loud in my head saying to tell my aunt everything is going to be ok; she needs to know everything will be ok! Tell them I love them all and I love her! It’s all going to be ok. After, I looked at the clock and noticed it was 5:05 P.M. I knew my uncle had just passed away. My mom called my papa soon after to have us come to the hospital. Later that evening I found out they had pronounced him as passing away at 5:05 PM. Even with experiences like this, I didn’t know it was Psychic Medium abilities.

I honestly didn’t question it until I was in my early 30’s when I recognized those weird coincidences became more frequent. I started having premonition dreams or random thoughts cross my mind and later would find out it was true. I would be in the middle of cleaning and think… hmm, I wonder if my cousin is going to get pregnant soon, even though she wasn’t trying. Then immediately think that was random, why would I think that? Then the following day I got a text saying she found out she was pregnant and it was a big surprise to them because they weren’t planning on having kids.

When my daughter started seeing things like the balls of light I did as a child is when I started taking classes to learn more. Even in those classes when we’d have to practice I would laugh thinking my partners going to be getting ripped off because I don't have anything come through. Well, I was wrong and ended up surprising myself with the random things I got. Still, even then I had a hard time believing I had Psychic abilities and wrote it off to coincidence. On TV and in the movies they make it out like it’s so vivid and clear and you can’t question what you are seeing. When in reality it can be very subtle and seem like an odd thought. Sure you can have very intense and vivid encounters but most of the time it’s a gentle image or feeling that comes through.

How does one understand Psychic/Mediumship Abilities?

Understand if you have psychic/mediumship abilities

The best way I’ve learned to understand Psychic Abilities and Mediumship Abilities is understanding Energy and vibrations. Einstein taught us Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be changed from one form to another.  Looking at things in this way we see everything is made up of energy, and energy contains atoms. Each atom carries a vibration signature or unique pattern. Energy as a whole is a formation of these atoms coming together. Everything from physical things, sounds, water, food, animals, plants, trees, and even your emotions carry an energetic signature with is a certain vibration contained around each. We naturally programmed to pick up on vibrations and energy in our bodies. We all have those receptors built into us to feel and decipher things. Most police officers, soldiers, firemen will tell you stories of where those gut feelings saved their life. Some vibrations are stronger than others and easier to sense than others.

Ikea is one of many who did a fascinating experiment with two plants and how energy near them affects them. One was spoken to with loving words while the other was bullied and told words of hate. The one loved bloomed and grew healthy while the other plant wasn’t thriving and was wilting away. If plants are sensitive to vibrations and responding to them don’t you think you as a human being could be as well? Some may choose not to explore or even dismiss those messages. Not everyone likes to be tuned into every little thing energetically going on around them or their emotions. Some may not be wired that way to notice little things going on around them.

For others, you can be too aware of things going on around you. You may have been told or asked many times as a child. Why are you so sensitive?  Are you even listening? (Or…) Why are you so weird? There are those who are just more sensitive and most of the time don’t have an explanation as to why they feel a certain way. You might be more emotional in churches, get physical pains around someone who’s injured, feel the urge to cry randomly, or hate when people argue around you. If you are one of these people then you are a better channel for energy.

Which means, SURPRISE, you have Psychic abilities!

Discover your Psychic Abilities


Written with love by, 
Jessica Potter
Intuitive Medium
Owner of Star Love Clarity and Soulstar Tribe
www.Starloveclarity.com ★
Facebook for Jessica Potter Intuitive Medium
★ Instagram @StarLoveClarityJess


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