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Dreaming of Ireland
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Many of us dream of Ireland. A few make that dream come true.

Realize this dream, with your heart and soul. 

According to dream interpreters, to dream of being in Ireland represents a mindset that prefers to permanently feel good before all else. When dreaming of the Emerald Island, you are embracing a feeling of having had a wonderful life, one that should never cease. Those that dream of Ireland, tend to always be looking at the bright side, reflecting on emotions of being immersed in a state-of-mind that ensures that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest possibility. (1)

Dreaming of Ireland - Mysterious Adventures Tours
Dreaming of Ireland - A Wonderful Life Should Never Cease

For some, dreaming about Ireland is more than this joyful deep-seated state of mind. It is about going back home to their ancestral roots. As the old Irish saying says, "Irish blood always comes home." For one special person, this dream is becoming a reality. His name is Ted Van Son, a dear friend of mine.

Ted is not alone in wanting to go rediscover his roots. It's been said that over 70 million people (2) worldwide have claimed to have Irish descent. What makes this dream special is that Ted does not want to do this alone. His hope is to bring a gathering of his closest friends to share his experience of the day he retraces his ancestral steps.

What makes this voyage especially mystical, is that Ted is a very seasoned paranormal investigator. Not only does he want to visit the land of his ancestors, he wishes to talk with its spirits.

Dreaming of Ireland - Mysterious Adventures TOurs
Dreaming of Ireland - Irish Blood Always Comes Home

For this reason, Ted helped to curate a most perfect journey, on a most special day. In preparation for Summer Solstice in 2021, he is packing his bag and making his dream a reality ... along with 24 special friends.

A Tribute to The Quiet Man

A Quiet Man - TedVanSon - Ireland - Mysterious Adventures Tours

In the sojourn's beginning, Ted will pay tribute to a film that is very endearing to him. "The Quiet Man" dates back to 1951, introducing Americans to the beauty of Ireland. This was John Ford's greatest movie, which starred John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, and Barry Fitzgerald. It was set and filmed in beautiful western Ireland, centered in the village of Cong on the Mayo-Galway border. Ted's journey will take us there.

Later his travels, he will engage with the most historically rich landmarks in Ireland, consisting of abbeys, castles, stately manors, megalithic stones, and even ruins. All have one commonality. Phantoms roam these precious spaces.

Haunted Spaces in Ireland

Powerscourt House - Ireland - Mysterious Adventures Tours

For instance, there is the magnificent Powerscourt House and Gardens in Wicklow, Ireland. Wicklow, in itself, is saturated with the supernatural, containing some of the most haunted properties in the Emerald Island such as the Wicklow Gaol. The Powerscourt House, partly constructed using the walls of a medieval 13th-century castle, is no exception. There have been many claims of paranormal activity here, including cited apparitions. People have experienced different things. One time, a Paranormal Investigation team, Irish Ghost Hunters, heard a voice shouting 'go away' during the preparations. Another team member claimed to have been scratched in the face during an epic investigation in 2013. 

Leap Castle - Mysterious Adventures Tours

Another amazing place that will offer a paranormal investigation, led by the skills of Ted VanSon Jr., is the famed (but dreaded) Leap Castle. This 13th-century castle is also known as the "Bloody Castle" because of the gruesome murders that took place there in 1532. During Ted's tour, you will find out why!

Documented hauntings include the Red Lady. Her apparition is said to lurk the castle with a bloody dagger in her hand. Could she be still looking for revenge from where she met her demise, for she is seen as to be searching for someone ... something. Her disembodied footsteps can be heard from the main floor above.

There are also two children that very exuberantly call this their forever home. The castle is also allegedly haunted by a sinister elemental spirit, called "It". He is said to be a small creature with a decaying face. Horrifically, when you see It, you will smell a decaying corpse. 

Ireland's Summer Solstice

Megalithic stones, tombs and passages
Summer Solstice in Megalithic Sites in Ireland

The epicenter of Ted's journey, of course, will center around June 21st, one of the most metaphysically enchanting days of the year in Ireland. The Summer Solstice brings much power, capturing an incredible light from the sun that flowing upon megalithic sites. It will be like no other experience Ted and his friends have ever encountered!

Considered one of the most metaphysically powerful days of the year, the importance of the Summer Solstice ties back to the reliance of ancient Celtic society on agriculture and crops. This dependency and appreciation for the sun brought people closer to nature and furthered the understanding of the environment. This incredible tradition occurs even today, so prepared to be wowed by the energy expelled on this day!

Summer Solstice In Ireland
Summer Solstice in Megalithic Sites in Ireland

The celebration of the Summer Solstice in Ireland is intimately tied to its ancient landmarks. Ted's tour will make sure there are no disappointments here. Led by a seasoned Irish lass, Mai Hernon, Ted, and his companions will head out early in the morning for dawn’s celebration at either (weather deciding) the Carrowkeel or Carrowmore Megalithic Cemeteries. Be ready for a very exuberant and spiritual experience!

Be Part of Ted's Dream and Journey

Join us on the exuberant experience, witnessing Ted's joy in realizing her life long dream of visiting his ancestral roots accompanied by his beloved kinfolk, those he cares most for.

Ted VanSon's Ireland Trip - Mysterious Adventures Tours


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