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Fun Halloween Facts
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As one of the most celebrated, fun and spooky holidays, Halloween takes the cake in all its charm. But, we bet you don’t know some of these Halloween-related fun facts! Haunted Journeys has picked the top ten!

  1. Halloween is the second highest consumer holiday in the United States, tipping the consumer scale to $5.8 billion per year!
  2. How strange is that Harry Houdini died on Halloween? Other famous celebrities that met their demise on the spookiest day of the year include River Phoenix, Frederico Fellini and Indira Gandhi.
  3. The world's longest haunted house is Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio. Measuring 3,564 feet long, the Guinness World Records has named it the world's longest haunted house.
  4. At one time, it was expected to perform dances, songs, prayers and plays for receiving treats. This was known as “mumming”!
  5. Worried about the leftover candy? No need! Dark and milk chocolates can last up to two year and hard candy is good for about a year. Just keep it sealed and in a dry, cool place.
  6. Did you know that Halloween tops Valentine’s Day in candy sales?
  7. Did you know that consumer studies in 2017 designated the worst candies to distribute as Cirus Peanuts, Candy Corn, Wax Coke Bottles, Mary Janes, Smarties, black licorice, Good & Plenty and yes, even the Tootsie Rolls got tooted off!
  8. Credit for the Black Cat superstition is owed to the Pilgrims. They actually disapproved of anything that had to do with witchcraft and some believed the legend that witches could transform into black cats.
  9. Jack-O-Lantern started with an old Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack who tricked the Devil over and over again. When Jack died, he was forced to walk the Earth with only a carved-out turnip and burning coal to help light his way.
  10. The biggest producers of pumpkins are Illinois, California, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. (According to National Agricultural Statistics Service.)

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