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5 of the Most Haunted in Alabama USA: Phantoms of the Yellowhammer State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Alabama are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Yellowhammer State!

Redmont Hotel

Haunted Redmont Hotel

Birmingham, AL

Opening in 1925, the Redmont Hotel is the oldest running hotel in Birmingham. In 1946 it was purchased by businessman and hotel magnate, Clifford Stiles, who turned the entire top floor into a penthouse apartment for himself and his family. In 1952, Alabama's most famous sons, Hank Williams Sr., stayed at the Redmont around New Year’s End when, numerous sources have determined, was his last night alive. Mr. Williams died of a heart attack being driven in his car to a show on New Year’s Day. The hotel underwent a restoration that began in 2014, bringing it back to its original luster of a luxury hotel. Yet, some of the details did not have to be restored. The souls that have called this home for decades have never left.

From the stories gathered, it appears the Redmont Hotel is haunted just about anywhere! Guests at the hotel have reported strange incidents that could not be explained. For instance doors ten to open and close on their own. Furniture and baggage get shuffled around with the help of mortal hands. Lights will also turn on and off on their own. An apparition of a female phantom has been seen on the ninth floor. The ghost of a small dog has also been spotted roaming around the hallways.  The penthouse that 1947 owner Clifford Stiles created to live in with his family is said to be haunted by Stiles himself.  Recent witnesses have also reported seeing the ghost of Hank Williams, Sr. He materialized in the room he actually stayed in the night before he died. There is no doubt this hotel will deliver a spectral experience.

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Auburn University Chapel

Auburn, AL

Haunted Auburn University Chapel

The Chapel is the second-oldest building on the Auburn University campus. It was built in 1851 as a Presbyterian church. During the Civil War, it briefly served as a Confederate hospital for wounded soldiers. For nearly 50 years it housed the Auburn Players Theater, the college's acting troupe. It was converted to the Auburn University Chapel, an interdenominational, multipurpose building in 1973. It is said that its use as a Civil War hospital may explain the ghostly activity in this property.

There are reports of folks seeing a ghost of a Confederate soldier. The theatre students from the past have identified the spirit as that belonging to Sydney Gimlet. The tale of Grimlett is something of a legend on campus, but nevertheless known by all.  It tells of Sydney was a British citizen that came to the United States to fight alongside Confederates in the Civil War. He joined the Sixth Virginia Cavalry. He was wounded during the Atlanta Campaign in the fall of 1864 and was sent to a Confederate hospital in Auburn. It is believed he died here.  The students also claim he is pretty active during rehearsals. They hear him walking on the catwalks or from the attic, but upon investigating, they find nothing to cause these noises. Other unusual happenings include hearing a piano playing and the disappearance of a photograph of two students who had an unusual apparition in the background.

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Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa

Mobile, AL

Haunted Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa

The original Battle House Hotel building was built in 1851. This was the site where the military headquarters of Andrew Jackson were positioned during the War of 1812. It also hotel served as a confederate hospital during the Civil War. In 1905 it burnt down. A grander replacement was built three years later in 1908. After decades of the hotel's declining, in 2001 the landmark hotel was brought back to its lustrous past. There have been several reports of otherworldly activity related to tragedies that occurred within these glamourous walls. Read about these here.

Some of the ghostly events occurring during renovations. For instance, several construction workers reported that their tools went missing. What was even stranger, when workers would come back the following day to continue their tasks from the day ago, all the work they did was reversed. It was like they never had done any work before.

Over the years, many guests and staff members have reported seeing ghostly figures and hearing strange voices. Faucets and lights have also been known to turn on and off by themselves. Many guests who stayed on the fourth floor have noticed dips in their beds upon settling in. When they looked, there was no one there. Staff also claim that they have seen an apparition frequently showing up during wedding receptions being held in the Ballroom.

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Fort Conde Inn

Mobile, AL

Haunted Fort Conde Inn

Fort Conde Inn was built as a home in 1836 by a wealthy plantation owner for his home. It is said to be the second-oldest house in Mobile. But the original purpose of the land dates back to 1711, where settlers built a fort and have seen its share of war battles. This inn has seen its dark days from the past, not always being as brightly beautiful as it is today. For you see, this area was once the red light district in Mobile.

Guests appear to have more experience on the second floor of this historic hotel. Those spend the night here claim to hear disembodied voices, while others experience doors that slam on their own. Another unearthly noise that is commonly heard is clawing sounds on the floor. Others have actually seen a ghost dog. The Cottages that are in the property next to the main inn are also very supernaturally active. A worker in the Antunez Cottage also reported that he walked into a room and came upon a Confederate soldier in uniform staring out the window. The soldier turned around slowly to stare at the worker. The worker ran with great fright, never returning to the property ever again. Other employees often see an old civil war soldier who liked to sit on the front porch of one of the old houses. It's almost like he is watching the Inn. She spoke of the ghost of a prostitute who could be seen through one of the windows.

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Rawls Restaurant & BnB

Enterprise, AL

Haunted Rawls Restaurant & BnB

The Rawls was built in 1903 by Captain Japheth Rawls and expanded in 1923, becoming a very significant property in Coffee County. And so are the hauntings! Captain Japheth Rawls, is said to lurk around the property’s cellar. Many waitresses have been startled by his sudden apparition. He prefers to hang out in the basement. His presence there could probably explain some of the strange activities that happen there. Witnessed have repeatedly seen a soda can randomly sitting in the middle of the basement. Yes, it is on the same spot where Captain Rawls’ spirit appears. After it is put back in their place, they will return to find a can once again sitting on the floor of the basement.

The "Lady in Red" will appear supposedly near the second story stairs where she was reportedly pushed from the balcony to her death. Other claims have been made of the hauntings at the Rawls. These included the sound of children’s laugher to disembodied voices.  The sounds of glass breaking of glasses, when there was no visible source. Other activities center on mischievous spirits that hang out in its kitchen, stealing utensils and even banging pots and pans.

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