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5 of the Most Haunted in Arizona USA: Phantoms of the Grand Canyon State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Arizona are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Grand Canyon State!

Copper Queen Hotel

Bisbee, AZ

Haunted Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company decided in 1898 that visitors, dignitaries, and investors needed somewhere to stay while conducting business in Bisbee, so they built the Copper Queen Hotel. This historical hotel is considered the longest continuously operating hotel in the state of Arizona.

The Copper Queen Hotel receives so many stories and claims of ghostly interactions amongst their guests and employees, they actually keep a journal at the front desk! Here are some of the most active! The most recognized phantom is Julia Lowell, who died in her 30s. Stories reveal she was a prostitute who made the mistake of falling in love with one of her clients. Rejected and crushed, she committed suicide. Her presence is felt often on the second and third floors. Playfully, she has also been seen dancing provocatively at the foot of the staircase. There is also an apparition of an older man seen wearing a top hat and cape. He is described as tall, with long hair and a beard, seen in the rooms on the fourth floor on the southeast corner of the building. There is a little boy, Billy, who is heard and seen throughout the hotel. It is said that he is a child who drowned in the San Pedro River. People hear footsteps and childlike giggling in the hallways and objects being moved in their rooms. Sadly, he tugs a cord about how he lost his life. Many hear him crying when they run the water in the bathtub. He has also appeared to folks wrapped in a towel. 

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Ghost City Inn

Jerome, AZ


The Ghost City Inn was built around 1890 originally as a boarding house for lodging mine management personnel. Although the building has served as a boarding house for most of its life, it has had other uses, which impacts its history. Today it serves as an eclectic and very haunted inn. You would think with a name as they have, ghosts would be the principal delight in this southwestern historical inn. Although ghost hunting enthusiasts will not be disappointed.

Many agree, if given a choice, most looking for a spooky experience would select the Cleopatra room. Here you will meet a playful female spirit who rarely allows her presence not to be noticed. Here, your doors may slam shut. You may even hear her whispering some secrets. Another male spirit has been spied in the hall outside the Verde View Room. Overall, guests have reported disembodied voices, doors slamming shut on their own, apparitions, and other anomalies.

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Big Nose Kate’s Saloon

Tombstone, AZ

Haunted Big Nose Kate's Saloon

The Big Nose Kate's Saloon of today first got its start as the celebrated and high-class Grand Hotel in September 1880.

Declared one of the finest hotels in the state, the building was built on top of a silver mine shaft, which runs throughout under the town. There was a basement saloon, a basement bedroom, a first-floor lobby, dining area, a second floor with an elegant parlor, and 17 rooms for the guests as well. The Grand Hotel did not survive a devastating fire that occurred on May 25, 1882. Only the two bars in the basement survived, which is what still remains in business!  The rest of the building sadly collapsed into the basement. Today, regardless of the hard beginning, Big Nose Kate's is the oldest bar in the State of Arizona. It also the center of spooky activity in the chillingly-named town of Tombstone!

The most notable of the multitude of phantoms at the Saloon is the ghost of an old miner named Swamper. He started out as a miner, and then for many years he was the hotel's janitor and handyman. He lived in the basement, where it happens to have a lot of strange activity today. Lots of folks believe that he hid silver in the building and he is actively trying to make sure it stays secure. Many of the ghostly activity does center around the basement, but the Swamper does get around upstairs as well. He has photo-bombed many photos taken by patrons of the bar. His apparition has also appeared roaming the halls, stairways, and of course, the basement.  Other haunts include the mannequins that are placed on the false balcony falling over on their own or maybe just see them move a bit. There are disembodied footsteps or even muted voices heard coming from the basement, even though no one is there.  Sometimes the ghosts will be playful and yank folks’ hair, touch them or walk right by then, felt by the person. And yes, some of the ladies do get pinched!

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Red Garter Inn

Williams, AZ

Haunted Red Garter Inn

Established in 1897 by August Tetzlaff, a German Tailor, The Red Garter Inn was part of the plan to cash in on the expected silver and copper boom that was anticipated coming from the Grand Canyon. The initial use of the building was a saloon on the first floor and a convenient brothel with a parlor on the second floor. A murder allegedly took place on the stairs of the inn and led to a crackdown on bordellos throughout the city. It closed up both the saloon and brothel. Late the building became a rooming house and a general store. Since 1979, there has been restoration to the site as the Inn and the Red Garter Inn and the Grand Canyon Coffee and Café. The Brothel is gone!

When the renovations got started in 1979 guests and staff began to report signs of ghostly activity. These included sounds of disembodied footsteps, doors mysteriously slamming, and strange “clunking” noises heard throughout the building. Some of the guests have even felt their beds shake while they are in it, or an unearthly person touching their arms. Many believe the primary phantom responsible for all this activity is that of a young girl. She is called Eve or Eva, as identified by various psychic mediums during séances. Eva's apparition is that of a Hispanic girl with long dark hair, often spotted at the top of the stairs. She wears a white nightgown and is holding something in front of her, which no one has been able to identify. She has actually been identified from old photos that are still there. One is very mysterious, though. In one, she stands in front of a mirror but does not seem to have a reflection. 

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Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome, AZ

Haunted Jerome Grand Hotel

Originally constructed in 1926, the Jerome Grand Hotel was formerly the United Verde Hospital, closing in 1950 but was maintained fully furnished for approximately 20 years. The furnishings were removed in the 1970s and ’80s, by live-in caretakers. After the suicidal death of the last caretaker in the 1980s, the building was boarded up. Larry Altherr purchased the building, renovating to its grandeur hotel status. He still owns and operates the hotel today.

When the owner first moved into the property in 1994 and started working on it, for the first month he felt almost as though he was not welcomed. Fortunately, as the renovations continued on, that feeling started fading and eventually went away. Some say this was all the phantom of a nurse that created all the havoc! Many claimed she was upset with the removal of the desks they worked out of. When the restaurant area was remodeled, the original desks were relocated within a few feet of their original placement. All the trouble subsided! You will hear many accounts of spectral activity in this historical building. You will hear the phantom sounds of activity found within an old hospital. Many hear keys attempting to unlock doors, perhaps those belonging to the old ward. Items will move around in the rooms, on their own. Apparitions are also frequently reported here.  Go to the property’s detailed listing and check out the gallery of ghosts caught on camera!

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