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Chilling Haunts of Brownella Cottage

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Brownella Cottage in Galion, Ohio is quite possibly the best kept secret in Ohio for its history and hauntings.

Clearly, it is on the top of the list as one of the 10 most haunted spots in Ohio. Galion, Ohio is a small town with a big heart nestled in Central Ohio about an hour from Cleveland and Columbus respectively. It all started with the chilling history. 

Haunted Brownella Cottage in Galion Ohio
The Brownella Cottage is known by many in the paranormal field to be one of the most haunted in Ohio  -  Credit Mansfield News Journal

A Chilling History

Bishop William Montgomery Brown   Credit Gutenberg.org

Bishop William Montgomery Brown (1855-1937) was known as the “Bad Bishop.” He was an Episcopal Bishop and author. Best remembered as the first Episcopal Bishop to be tried for heresy since the Reformation, a tragical life followed. Historically, Bishop Brown was the first bishop of any denomination to be convicted for his heretical teachings. 

After Bishop Brown was deposed, he was later accepted into the Old Catholic Church and became a bishop within that denomination. Brown wrote,

“I no longer believed in a personal God ,
nor in a six-day creation,
nor in a lateral heaven or hell.”

He rejected the historical Jesus. He began to accept Marxism, Socialism and Communism as is apparent in the pictures in his study of Stalin, Lenin and Marx. 

 Haunted Brownella Cottage - Bishop William Montgomery Brown
Bishop William Montgomery Brown   Credit Anglo Catholic Socialism Website

Remnants from the Dark History in the Haunted Brownella

A communist Scythe and Hammer symbol is embedded in the concrete walkway between the house and his study. Bishop Brown, however, was very philanthropic and gave much to the community, even contributing generously to the hospital in Galion. Brown authored books such as Communism and Christianism” (1920). But, finding no publisher would publish his books, he began self-publishing.

Bishop William Montgomery Brown and his wife, Ella, lived in the “cottage,” which was a wedding gift from, and funded by, his mother-in-law, Mary Scranton Bradford. They had no children.

The Bishop died in 1937 on Halloween Eve. He was embalmed in the house, and the doors were shut and locked for nearly 50 years.

A Sprawling Haunted Estate

Cottage is a misnomer, as this is a Queen Anne Gothic revival building with 15 rooms and 5 porches. It is one of a complex of buildings, which include the following:

  • The “Cottage,” which was built from 1885-1887;
  • The Bishop’s study, which was formerly St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church;
  • The Carriage House;
  • Grace Episcopal Church.

The complex was added to the National Register in 1980.

The Restoration of 50 years of Trapped History & Haunts

Interior of the Haunted Brownella Cottage in Gallion Ohio
Original furnishings and collections remain at the Haunted Brownella Cottage – Credit: Richland Source

After the Bishop’s death, the doors were shut and locked for nearly 50 years. The Galion Historical Society now owns the building. Incredibly, the property maintains the original 1887 personal furnishings and collections that once belonged to Bishop Brown, his wife, and his mother-in-law. Today, the house and property are open as a museum. When available, the house offers stirring ghost tours which are run by Cathy and Barry Moneysmith.

History and Haunts Ghost Hunting Team
History and Haunts Ghost Hunting Investigation Team

The Haunts at Brownella Cottage

Watch History and Haunts Video “Ghosts of Brownella Cottage – Galion, Ohio”

History & Haunts founder, Annie Tarpley, met Cathy and Barry Moneysmith on a tour and ghost hunt in 2013 that they host for the Galion Historical Society.  They became close friends and are now part of the History & Haunts team.

On the very first night of the History & Haunts team investigation, one of many investigations at the “Cottage,” Annie had her necklace ripped off her neck just as the team went lights out. At that time, she and Bishop came to an “understanding” that he would not invade her space. It is common to see apparitions of Bishop in the house, feel a ghostly hand on a shoulder, or experience light anomalies in the Church. Footsteps are quite common when investigating the buildings. Even a ghost dog’s clicking of toe nails can be heard. 

Many nights, electronic voice phenomenons (EVPs) can be caught with clear distinction as is witnessed by ghost troupes that come to visit. Shadow figures come and go throughout the complex. You might even capture these ghost figures on your camera or video. There are many layers to the ghostly visitations at Brownella Cottage, some being passing spirits of a possible train accident that occurred in Galion, some may be visitors to the church, carriage house, chapel or study, and others are unknown and still a mystery.

Ghost Hunting Evidence at the Haunted Brownella Cottage
The Brownella Cottage is a Ghost Hunter’s destination for incredible evidence of the afterlife  Source: Richland Source

What is known for sure is that Bishop and Ella Bradford Brown still linger in this, their home, along with Mary Scranton Bradford and many other spirits.

Dare to Visit this Haunted Historic Gem

If you visit Brownella Cottage in Galion, Ohio, do not be surprised if you feel someone is watching you or that a ghostly figure will follow you around the complex. Truly a gem to be investigated for the ghostly haunts or a trip to just see this beautiful home for its historic value!

A Special Paranormal Event at the Brownella Cottage

On September 14, 2019 a very special investigation will be conducted by Brian J. Cano. Cano is a world renowned researcher, veteran parapsychologist and skilled paranormal investigator. He is most notable for his appearances as a regular on Haunted Collector and film SCARED.  He is also a current contributor to upcoming Travel Channel show called Paranormal Caught on Camera.

Brownella Cottage Event with Brian Cano
Take part in a paranormal investigation of the Brownella Cottage with Brian Cano

A Night at the Brownella Cottage & Galion Historical Museum will be hosted by the History & Haunts team and will surely be an exciting night not to be missed. Event begins at 6 p.m. with a brief history of Brownella Cottage followed by Cano’s always interesting lecture. The group will then split into groups and will be able to investigate the four buildings along with Brian J. Cano and the History & Haunts team. The investigation and night will wrap up at 11:59PM. 

Haunted Journeys absolutely recommends this premiere event …. If you dare!  

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