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Unleash the Spirits in the town of Bryan Ohio

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Not very much is known about haunted Bryan, Ohio. This may be the SOUL reason restless spirits are the centerpiece of an upcoming paranormal events and star studded ghost hunt!

City of Bryan in NW Ohio is somewhere one hour west of Toledo, near the Indiana and Michigan borders. This small hidden treasure is speckled with historical properties, offering refuge for phantoms of its past.

Here are Haunted Bryan Investigations' Founder Austin Maynard's TOP haunted picks in Bryan Ohio!

Grain Elevator (circa 1920’s)

Haunted Grain Elevator in Bryan Ohio
Photo Courtesy of 
Haunted Bryan Investigations

1920s Grain Elevator: Built in the early 1900s, this facility spent several decades in operation before OSHA and workplace safety laws existed. Before the facility was built, the property and the surrounding area saw a few dark incidents take place, specifically along the tracks.

This place is EXTREMELY ACTIVE.  Activity is literally all over this building. This is a haunted property that will NOT disappoint. This place is not huge, so easy to hear and see everything Therefore, great care and precision ghost hunting has to be used. It is reported that there is an entity inhabiting these haunted rooms said to be darker. It is best known that it likes to touch and (even) scratch the living sharing his space.

So far, mediums have picked up on a few things inside, including a supposedly darker energy that has shown to be quite aggressive at times. At an event in November 2018, "Hunt the Town" they needed to shut down access to the Grainery due to multiple unexplained "happenings", including a healthy young girl collapsing out of nowhere. Aggressive preparation is needed to handle whatever might lurk inside. Upcoming event will used more intensive skills to battle this!  Only the bravest may enter this facility, and the event managers do require an additional waiver to be signed before entering this location! (Keep in mind, participating at the Grainery is 100% optional.)

As noted, this property will be also be featured on a ghost hunting event in August 2019 starring the infamous Tennessee Wraith Chasers!

Sheriff's Department and Jail (Circa 1869)

The Haunted Sheriff's Department and Jail
Photo Courtesy of Haunted Bryan Investigations

This 159 year old facility is full of energy! 

This 160 year old facility is filled with energy and darkness. From the paint peeling off the cell doors and walls to the pitch black solitary confinement cells, this place is off the charts creepy. Filled with the energy from former inmates, riots, emotions, and maybe some brutality over the last century and a half, this place has proven itself to be fully capable of communication.

This haunted place ranks with amazing poltergeist activity, experienced several times with Haunted Bryan Investigators team. The Solitary Confinement hallway is intense and has made people dizzy and feel mentally off. Many believe it is haunted by an old Sheriff who resided in the home next door. In addition, a few remaining long-term inmates remain in this supernaturally rich space, now finishing their extended phantom sentence.

There is also the spiritual store "The Hidden Spectrum" stationed inside base camp, filled with crystals, jewelry, books, and spiritual relics from Europe, Nepal, Thailand, the Vatican, and more!! Could this ignite the already embedded energies in this place packed with phantoms from a dark era in history?

This property will be also be featured on a ghost hunting event in August 2019 starring the infamous Tennessee Wraith Chasers!

Niederaurr Building (Circa 1883) 

Haunted Neidelmauer Building (Known today as the Karate Dojo space) 
Photo Courtesy of Haunted Bryan Investigations

1883 Neidelmauer Building: This building, built in the early 1883, was originally a 3 story building until a fire destroyed the third floor in the early 1900s. This location has seen many organizations and businesses throughout the years, including a doctors office, several retail stores, as well as a meeting place for the Oddfellows. It was also rumored that the upstairs was used to be a temporary cold storage area for the morgue, prior to the establishment of Bryan Hospital. The original architecture included a third floor, unfortunately demolished once from a fire. 

Currently a karate dojo, this place sees a LOT of raw energy and emotion every day, and the owner reports footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, disembodied voices, and even his desk chair is always found moved when he comes in the next day! We have not fully been able to figure out who or what might be there!

Although there is no factual data that verifies the intensity of the energy that permeates this building, it cannot be argued that this place is very spectral. Many suspect that it fed by the energy created by the Karate ceremonies and practices that occur in this space on a daily bases. The basement has been known to be active, with spirits who mock investigators. They have been known to move things. The current owner has captured a door closing on its own, caught on his security camera. In addition, his desk chair is always found in a different spot than when he left it the previous night.

This property will be also be featured on a ghost hunting event in August 2019 starring the infamous Tennessee Wraith Chasers!

Bryan Carnegie Library (Circa 1903)

Haunted Bryan Carnegie Library
Photo Courtesy of Haunted Bryan Investigations

Built in 1903, the Bryan library was the site of the 1946 murder of librarian Emily Abernathy. Local resident James Engle strangled the librarian, confessed to his crime and served 30 years of a life sentence before being released on parole, and living out his remaining years right here in Bryan. He passed away within the last decade.

For years, there have been rumors and stories that Emily may have tragically passed, but some say she may not truly be gone...

This property will be also be featured on in event in August 2019 starring the infamous Tennessee Wraith Chasers!

Father John's Microbrewery (Circa 1895)

Haunted Father John's Microbrewery (Circa 1895)
Photo Courtesy of Father John's Micro-Brewery

As a former Methodist/Episcopal church, this haunted property was built on a former graveyard. Today the spirits live with spirits, since it is now is an active pub/microbrewery. The current owner bought it to save the place from demolition, turning it into a brewery. He filled the entire place with spiritual and religious artifacts from different cultures around the world. Who knows what kind of energy each item holds! This place also features an adjoining haunted Bed and Breakfast, said to be inhabited with the spirit of a woman and a little girl. To make things more interesting, there is an actual tomb, complete with casket and all! This place is CRAWLING with energy and spectral activity!

Haunted Father John's Brewery, a heavenly, devilish brewing company in Byron Ohio
Photo Courtesy of Father John's Micro-Brewery

The property certainly deserved to be featured in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in 2018!

This heavenly, devilish Brewing Company will be also be featured on a a VIP Gathering in August 2019. 
Meet and mingle with the infamous Tennessee Wraith Chasers!

Haunted Bryan Ohio is getting noticed by Paranormal Investigators around the Country
Video Production Credit to Hamiltucky Paranormal 

Haunted Bryan Ohio is very proud of it's history and heritage. On top of that, it's intense spirituality makes it a perfect place for a haunted journey. Join our Haunted Journeys Tribe get notifications of gatherings in this unique and very worthwhile visits! 

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Contributor: Austin Maynard
Founder of Haunted Bryan Investigations
Contact Information: 419-575-1164


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