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5 of the Most Haunted in Georgia USA: Phantoms of the Peach State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Georgia are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Peach State!

The Marshall House

Savannah, Georgia

Haunted Marshall House

The Marshall House is the oldest hotel in Savannah. It was built in 1851, used as a hospital in the mid-1800s during yellow fever epidemics. It also housed Union soldiers during the American Civil War. The Marshall House closed in 1957 but after renovations reopened in 1999. During renovations, human remains were found under the floorboards.

Guests claim to see the ghosts of Union soldiers, but they also report hearing and seeing apparitions of children in the hotel—some of which tickle the feet of sleeping guests. Visitors hear Taps playing, having their pulse checked by invisible nurses in the night, and seeing uniformed men roaming the grounds.

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Ballastone Inn

Savannah, Georgia

Haunted Ballastone Inn

The house was built in 1838 and was eventually sold to George Anderson, a local merchant. After the property exchanged many hands, much additions were done along the way. In fact in the late 1920's the property went from a boarding house to a bordello. In the '40s after WWII, the house was converted into 18 properties. In 1969, the Girl Scouts of America purchased it as their corporate administrative office. Finally, in 1980, the old building was sold and the new owners converted it into a modern bed-and-breakfast inn, with extensive restorations in 1997 to its current antebellum glory.

With all these historical imprints, so vast in usage and lives impacted, it justifies incredible spectral energy. Not to mention, the property was originally built directly over a former cemetery!  Some say the ghost of Sarah Anderson, the wife of the original owner, has never left. Her ghostly apparition has been seen entering the front door many times. But she does not stay put in this area, she has also been spotted in the hallways of the second floor. One of her favorite things to do is ride the elevator from floor to floor (although they were put in after her physical departure).

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17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant

Savannah, Georgia

Haunted 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant

After the American Revolution, Savannah was a small village with a few hundred frame buildings, sandy streets, horses and wagons, and a simple, yet prosperous life.

Three ghosts are thought to haunt the Inn. Anna was the bride-to-be in an arranged marriage but fell in love with a seaman in the 1800's. Legend says she threw herself from the third-floor balcony onto the brick courtyard as his ship's sails left her sight down the Savannah River. Some say her angry husband-to-be pushed her - we'll never know for sure. Her presence is felt in room 204. Guests and employees have told of strange events occurring in that room. The spirit of a boy they call Thaddeus is seen on the ground floor of the restaurant and tavern. It is said he leaves shiny pennies lying on the tables, bar and desk. The third phantom is said to lurk the kitchen area of the Inn. Employees hear the clinking of metal bracelets, which is sometimes followed by pots and pans being tossed about or spice jars being thrown at unsuspecting kitchen workers.

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Central State Psychiatric Hospital

Milledgeville, Georgia

Haunted Central State Psychiatric Hospital

Opened in 1842 as the Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum this was once a thriving mental hospital.  By the 1960s the hospital’s population swelled to 12,000, way over its maximum capacity. It was badly understaffed leady to much neglect and tragedies.  It is observed that over 25,000 patients are buried in 6 cemeteries within the property. In 1994, the hospital closed down due to a combination of factors, including the expensive cost of running such a large hospital system and claims of patients being abused.

After many repurposing failures, today it is home to over 200 crumbling buildings engulfed by the ghosts of its past. Several reports of voices, strange sightings and occurrences revolve around the spooky ground, especially the empty grounds where the remains of the patients are buried. The sound of a screaming woman coming out from the corner of the Old Power House basement where workers had to go down to shovel ashes twice a night. Shadows have been spotted moving from cement posts. Sometimes he boiler turns on and off on its own. In the Pathology Building where dead bodies were examined to learn about their mental illness, there were noises heard in the basement when no one was there. The dormitories are another place where cries and screams have also been heard by maintenance workers.

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Pirates' House

Savannah, Georgia

Haunted Pirates' House

This tavern, built in 1734, is the oldest structure in Savannah. For many years this tavern was a dangerous place to enter, where Privateers (Pirates) used the tavern to lure and shanghai unsuspecting patrons to supply their pirating needs. The building remained intact through the centuries but fell into disrepair after World War II. The planned demolition was salvaged by a group of women led by Mrs. Mary Hillyer which restored the property.

A rough Privateer is known at the establishment as Captain Flint who has made himself at home on the second floor and basement. His apparition is witnessed quite often by the staff. Generally reported spooky stories include seeing shadow people and other apparitions lurking in the dining rooms of the restaurant. The staff has reported having the sensation of someone watching them when they are working alone and they turned to see a seaman standing there. The distinct sound of boots on the plank floors can be heard.

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