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5 of the Most Haunted in Hawaii USA: Phantoms of the Aloha State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Hawaii are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Aloha State!

Hawaii’s Plantation Village

Waipahu, Hawaii

Haunted Hawaii's Plantation Village

From 1850 to 1950, Hawaii's Plantation Village housed immigrants from China, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, and Hawaiian sugar plantation laborers. Today, this is an outdoor 50-acre living history museum allows the visitor to learn the history of the workers' within the island's sugar cane farming.  The accounts and documentation of ghosts and otherworldly beings in this location are too numerous to deny. It is estimated that half of the 25 plantation houses are haunted. So hardened are the haunts here, every Halloween season the museum is transformed into a haunted house. Yet, actors or any of the staff are not allowed to work in the houses by themselves due to the haunted activity that takes place. All must work in pairs. The Portuguese family house is said to be haunted by a ghostly young girl from the plantation’s past. No one really knows her name, but she's playful and her apparition often appears to kids and mothers during the daytime hours. Her haunts are a result of a tragic past that can be read in our expanded listing. In the Puerto Rican house, folks have reported that a Japanese doll mysteriously appears outside of its case. It is here that some have felt the sensation of being choked by unseen hands. One worker claimed a ghost from the Okinawan home followed him home.

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Pounder’s Beach

Oahu, Hawaii

Haunted Pounder's Beach

Pounder's Beach, known also as Laie Beach Park, is a secluded beach on the north shore of Oahu. An old foundation of a former house remains here on top of a rock. Local tales tell of a housewife who once drowned here while trying to save her little boy. The mother's spirit is still searching for her child. People claim to hear the crying of the mother. Her troubled apparition has been spotted wandering the waters. Many others have seen her walking very aggressively looking for her boy, easily getting angry with people for not helping her with the rescue. Others have pitter-patter of the little boy running or heard the wales of his cries.

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Iao Theater

Wailuku, Hawaii

Haunted Iao Theater

Built by Manuel Gomes Paschoal and H. B. Weller, the Iao Theater is a Spanish Mission styled theater opened in 1928 as a movie and vaudeville house. Falling into disrepair, it was rescued, included as a National Historic property, and the home of Maui OnStage, a community-based theatrical organization. The local community theater group has reported various paranormal happenings.  There have been various reports of lights flickering, and unexplained voices throughout the theater. There have also reports of a misty, luminescent ghost sitting in seats throughout the theatre. Some claim this is a female apparition known as Emma, who is an unknown flapper and actress from the 1920s. Other phantoms have surfaced in the basement. Believing spectral images may actually be ghosts of Hawaiian soldiers, their presence is shown with cold spots, seeing shadowy figures and hearing voices. A not as friendly ghost with poltergeists seems to inhabit the dressing room. Here many have experienced seeing things fly off the shelves and creating chaos.

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The Volcano House Hotel

Volcano, Hawaii

Haunted Volcano House Hotel

The original Volcano House that sits at the edge of the Kilauea Volcano, was built in 1846. In 1904, when "Uncle" George Lycurgus purchased an interest in the Volcano House Company, expanding it from a small four-room inn to a full serviced hotel. He managed the hotel until his death in 1960, at the age of 101. He himself experienced a spectral episode. One time when he was at a campfire with friends, they all witnessed a stooped old woman with long disheveled gray hair hanging to her shoulders. Her dark features poke of pure Hawaiian ancestry, while her deeply wrinkled face reveals decades of life under the Hawaiian sun. She hobbled slowly toward the craters. Responding to a loud spoken invitation from Lycurgus to join him, she turned around and said "No thank you. I have work to do." With those words she disappeared into the crater. Despite efforts to find her, they never did. With word spreading, a historian knew the answer. "It was Pele!”  When these words were spoken, a fountain of blazing lava soared a hundred yards into the air. All ran to their horses, escaping the deadly fumes and scorching lava with only minutes to spare. They would never forget their personal supernatural encounter with Madame Pele, the legendary guardian goddess of Hawaii. Today, many have made a determination that this hotel is “Full of Ghosts”! A commonly experienced entity is that of an elderly woman. She is reported to roam in the guest rooms. There are also frequent reports of a ghostly white dog on the entrance road that heads up to the hotel.

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Hulihee Palace

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Haunted Hulihee Palace

Built by a governor of Hawaii, John Adams Kuakini, in 1838, the palace was used as a vacation residence for Hawaiian royalty. Abandoned to ruin in 1914, it fell into disrepair. The Daughters of Hawaii, in 1927, restored it to its current impressive and royal status. Today it serves as a museum run by the same organization, displaying regional period furniture and artifacts. Also on the Palace grounds is the Pohaku Likanaka, a ceremonial execution stone. Here human sacrifices were performed. Staff and visitors have reported the spectral vision of a small Hawaiian boy running around the grounds and palace. He has received the credit spectral experiences which include disembodied footsteps of a small child when the building is empty and cool drafts with no sources. Sometimes witnesses will see orbs and strange mists in the air (some being captured in photos), with an eerie sense of not being alone or being watched.

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