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5 of the Most Haunted in Idaho USA: Phantoms of the Gem State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Idaho are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Gem State!

Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Boise, Idaho

Haunted Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Constructed in 1870, 20 years prior to Idaho becoming a state, The Territorial Prison (as it was once known) was first built as a single cell house near the city of Boise. It is also made of sandstone, thought to be a conduit for spiritual energy! The Penitentiary’s most famous inmates, Ray Snowden, referred to "Idaho's Jack the Ripper. Here he was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of a woman named Cora Dean.

Many of the supernatural claims are centered on the building known as 5 House, where Snowden was hung. Many claims circle around Snowden’s final agonized attempts to breathe. According to records, it took over 15 minutes for him to suffocate to death. Many have heard his desperate gasps throughout the building, particularly at the former location of the gallows. In addition to Snowden, many guests and tour guides claim that “sinister feelings, strange sounds, voices” and “dark entities” still lurk in the cellblocks of Old Idaho State Penitentiary, particularly near the former solitary confinement cells.

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B J's Bayou

Roberts, Idaho

Haunted BJ's Bayou

Since the building was first put up in 1892, the building's historic integrity and value, led local officials to save it and then add to the National Register of Historic Places. The property which is now B J's Bayou was condemned in 1976 after the Teton Flood.  There are a number of stories about the hauntings in this restaurant, including a man who was stabbed back when it was the Hotel Patrie. Other known spirits include apparitions of uniformed soldiers and a woman appearing in a long dress.

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Owyhee Tavern - Steak and Seafood Restaurant 

Boise, Idaho

Haunted Plaza Grille at the Owyhee

The Owyhee originate into the Boise Idaho market as a hotel. Back then, as a hotel, it boasted well-appointed amenities including a rooftop garden, a restaurant, dance floor with a live band, and bar. Until 1940, it was the area's hotspot. Today, it's a multi-purpose building with diversified businesses and services. Regardless, of its purpose, there has always been the source of spooky legends since its inception.

For a hundred years, rumors within local folks reveal a spirit that targets hauntings in the hotel's meeting rooms and Room 136. Some of the ghostly activities experience her are cleaning supplies getting replaced, voices, materials disappearing and reappearing the next day are just a few things. How to best catch a phantom here? Consider dining at its spooky in-house restaurant, the Owyhee Tavern - Steak and Seafood Restaurant, which has on its own many tales of haunts.

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Pete’s Tavern

Nampa, Idaho

Haunted Pete's Tavern

This old bar has a rich history and a pleasant atmosphere, but their menu is limited to only beer and wine coolers. There is a special treat in the back; a room called the Cave. This room is in one oldest part of the bar and was a speak-easy during the Prohibition days. The thick wooden door that opens into the room has the metal sliding peephole used to find who was trying to get in!

The Cave gets unexplainably cold. Many feel a presence around them. At times, an older male apparition appears when you least expect him, grumbling just one word. There is a female phantom with a distinctive southern accent that does not like her rear end pinched and she will tell you. Another ghost lady will whisper words, but usually very hard to understand.

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Shoshone Ice Caves

Shoshone, ID

Haunted Shoshone Ice Caves

Being the largest known lava tubes, this mysterious subterranean has its share of haunts, most probably related to the legend of a native Shoshone Princess called Edahow who was said to have been buried in the ice mass centuries ago.

Both visitors and staff at the tourist attraction claim they’ve heard footsteps and strange voices in these allegedly haunted caverns. Hushed voices exasperate, as reported by staff, when the attraction is closed and visitors have left.  Princess Edahow is said to haunt the caves frozen halls in hopes to be freed from her icy tomb

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