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5 of the Most Haunted in Indiana USA: Phantoms of the Hoosier State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Indiana are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Hoosier State!

Randolph County Infirmary

Winchester, IN

Haunted Randolph County Infirmary

The Randolph County Infirmary was built in 1899 and its mission was to serve poor and indigent people of Winchester, Indiana, and surrounding areas. Spirits from the past abound in this place, as they do in many of the infirmaries, asylums, and so-called "poor farms" of that era. In simple terms, the infirmary served as a homeless shelter, foster home, psychiatric ward, and even rehabilitation center. Death followed for many of those people seeking refuge here — accounts of tuberculosis, accidents, old age, and suicide were common. Then there are also stories of mistreatment and abuse at times. There is even a cemetery on-site, with fifty-plus unmarked graves. The ghostly activity here is "off the charts," and the creepy, crumbling structure only adds to the experience.

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The Fowler Theatre

Fowler, IN

Haunted Fowler Theatre

The Fowler Theatre was built in 1940 and it continues to be the pillar of the cultural life for its city. The plot of land was acquired by tearing down the easternmost third of the old Fowler Hotel by Dimosthenes “Dick” Vlastos, who was the manager of the Dreamland Theater, just one block east. It was designed to be a movie palace, serving as one of only six theaters in the country chosen to premier Gone with the Wind. In 2001 The Prairie Preservation Guild, a nonprofit organization, was formed to save the theater. During renovations, volunteers and crews reported strange noises, shadow figures and even a phantom cat roaming the halls. Several have seen the apparition of a gray-haired man wearing a tan raincoat and fedora. Many suspect this is the original owner, Dick Vlastos, confirmed when comparing these captured images to his legendary photographs left behind.

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Crown Point Jail & Sheriff’s House

Crown Point, IN

Haunted Crown Point & Sheriff House

The Crown Point Jail and Sheriff Office certainly have a very colorful history! Visitors are charmed by the Second Empire style architecture and many get the chills when they see the cell from which John Dillinger, one of the FBI’s “most wanted” gangsters, escaped from in 1934. Built in 1882, the sheriff's house and jail were the county’s first permanent buildings dedicated to this purpose. This must be a naughty town, for in 1910 the jail facility was inadequate and the first of a series of additions were built. A new jail was built in 1974 and in 1989, the old sheriff’s house and jail were placed in the National Register of Historic Places. Since then this incredible place has surged into a well-deserved restoration mode. But with this, the restless spirits do make a presence. And they certainly do here! Over the last two decades, stories have emerged about haunting there, including apparitions seen in cells and corridors. Strange phenomena have imprinted into videos and still images taken at the jail. Doors open and close on their own and lights urn on and off as well. Oh yes, let's not forget about the disembodied footsteps and voices heard by volunteers and visitors alike.

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Willow’s Weep

Cuyuga, IN

Haunted Willow's Weep

Constructed in the 1800s this phantom-rich house was built in the shape of a cross that faces east. That in itself is strange, but there is nothing else that is common to this house declared to be one of the "notoriously haunted properties in America." The house sits on a crossroads and has a list of ghastly deaths that have occurred within its walls. The land itself is documented to have a strong Native American connection. There was a major battle very near where the house sits today. To add to its mystery, there are ancient burial sites around the area and two rivers converge in the tiny town of Cayuga, Indiana.

A strange book was found buried beneath the old floor that deals in Necromancy and other occult practices. The former owner declared that the house is very dangerous and feels that it tried to kill her and her husband on numerous occasions and many Paranormal Investigators have been attacked in the house and have recorded many EVP's. Fearing for their lives they sold the house and moved far away.

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Thornhaven Manor

New Castle, IN

Haunted Thornhaven Manor

Built on fertile farmland around 1845 by Simon Powell, considered one of the wealthiest men in the area and also an abolitionist. Indeed, the prominent families who lived here were pillars of the community. Some were civil war soldiers, one dying in battle defending the north, and some were victims of one of the most diabolical murder conspiracies in the history of Indiana. There have been around four deaths involved with the people who lived in the house. Read about them HERE.

Many say that the hauntings that permeate this historic building are related to the strange lives and deaths that occurred here. Others believe there had to be something else about the land that caused all the misfortune. Renovations have caused an increase in activity throughout the house, and the mystery is becoming more complexed and chilling. The house is said to hold many spirits, and one of the most prominent ones is Simon Powell's youngest daughter. She died at the age of two. Often time you may hear someone walking upstairs while (what seems to be) dragging something on the floor. Often times it mimics a wooden crutch or cane. Other reported activity includes strange sounds of furniture, such as a chair, being dragged upstairs on the second floor. Disembodied footsteps are also common upstairs. Some have reported seeing a shadow that blocks a light source in the Servant Quarters. A thermal imaging figure was once captured seen through a window outside.

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