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5 of the Most Haunted in Iowa USA: Phantoms of the Hawkeye State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Iowa are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Hawkeye State!

The Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca, IA

The Haunted Villisca Ax Murder House

The Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa was the site of one of America’s unsolved murder scenes that happened sometime between June 9 & 10, 1912. The horrific murder scene revealed the eight bodies of people bludgeoned to death inside the Moore residence. It included the Moore Family and two house child guests.  Today, it remains an unsolved mystery and a solemn reminder that evil deeds can happen in the most unexpected places and circumstances.  There is so much unexplainable paranormal activity here that it sends chills down the visitors who come to experience this place. A house with such darkness and gruesomeness has no choice but to leave spiritual remnants behind. This is just a summary, so please read the ENTIRE STORY found in our listing.

There are consistent reports of children’s voices that seem to be whispering.  At times, the children will actually be heard laughing or playing with toys in the empty rooms. Objects move and all on their own. Doors will also open and close, and sometimes even slamming with no explanation.  Disembodied footsteps will be heard, including voices from the dead. Apparitions and shadows have also been reported. Sometimes these shadows seem to quickly come into view and, just as sudden, disappear. 

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Squirrel Cage Jail

Council Bluffs, IA

Haunted Squirrel Cage Jail

The Jail was built in 1885 and in continuous use until 1969. The Jail is a one-of-a-kind structure, as never constructed before. It was one of 18 revolving jails built in the country. It is the only three-story of this type ever built.  There are many souls that live in the establishment that have made it their permanent home. How intense can the hauntings be if a former jailer admitted that he did not want to stay on the fourth floor? He just didn't want to deal with all the strange goings-on up there. He reported hearing people walking around on a floor that had nobody on it. There have also been reports of witnessing full-body apparition on the fourth floor thought to be another former jailer.

Museum staff has experienced doors that opens by itself, strange lights, and peculiar noises.  A few years ago, a woman working on a project in the building after hours was shocked to see a little girl with a very mournful expression. She was dressed entirely in gray and was actually inside a cell whose bars were locked. There would have been no possible way for anyone to get in or out.

This historical property is sure to not disappoint the paranormal enthusiast promising some chills and creeps!

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Farrar Schoolhouse

Maxwell, IA

Haunted Farrar Schoolhouse

Farrar Schoolhouse's opened its doors to the community on April 1, 1922, with an orchestra playing with celebration. On May 3, 2002, a band returned to play with a banquet bestowed to hundreds that sadly came to say goodbye to the 80-year-old schoolhouse which was to close.  Today sitting across a 150-year-old cemetery, the Farrar Schoolhouse has resurfaced as a tribute to the almost century-old stories of its history through the haunted.

In this old academic setting, it is common to hear disembodied voices, hear doors slamming on their own, and even shadow people lurking within the building. A small phantom boy has been spotted standing motionless on the stairwell. Another child has been captured on an image sitting on the edge of the auditorium stage.  Prepare to hear phantom voices of children talking, whispering, and even laughing. These have been captured by EVP Digital Recordings. Unseen steadying hands provided protection to one of the owners that once lost balance on the stairs. This prevented a potentially catastrophic fall.

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Edinburgh Manor

Scotch Grove, IA

Haunted Edinburgh Manor

On this very same spot, previous to Edinburgh, a poor farm was in operation from 1850-1910. Over 150+ documented deaths have been recorded on the property. , all buried in a chilling cemetery far back on the property. The poor farm was shut down and demolished in 1910. In 1910, Edinburgh Manor was constructed, to serve as a house for the incurably insane, the poor, and the elderly. Highly chastised and scrutinized, the blistered property remained open until just recently in 2010.  Were restless souls left behind these walls?

One unsettling note, today the property remains intact, as it was left abandoned (what seems to be) overnight in 2010. Furniture, personal belongs, and even paperwork was left basically untouched. Be warned, from the beginning, this is not a property for the faint of heart. One of its spirits called "The Joker" is known to be violent, throwing plates across the room and attempting to choke visitors.  There is actual poltergeist activity in this space.  Sometimes you will see him creep in the dark shadows of its rooms. Most frightfully, some visitors have felt his hands around their neck obstructing their airway and unable to breathe.

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Mason House Inn & Caboose Cottage

Keosauqua, IA

The haunted Mason House Inn & Caboose Cottage

The Mason House Inn was built in 1846 by Mormon craftsmen, was an inn was purposed to serve as a hotel for the steamboat travelers. Time provided other usages that would deepen its historical roots. It was used as a hospital three different times, including a "holding hospital" during the Civil War and another time as a tuberculosis sanitarium. During the civil war, it was also a station on the Underground Railroad.  The Mason House has withstood six major floods. With three of the inn's owners having died in the inn and its role as a hospital during the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, it is reasonable to believe that the property is a supernatural wonder. 

The owners have declared that there are at least five spirits, each with their own history and behavior. First, there is Mr. Knapp that was once stabbed in the heart in Room 7. Those brave enough to stay in this room may hear disembodied footsteps inside the room. Other times you will see the ghostly imprints of its occupied bed that was freshly made.  The second ghost is the Old Man, seen as a gaunt figure with white hair that prefers the second floor. He will appear in mirrors, quickly disappearing when guests do a double-take. He is seen just as a head, with his body a fog. You are likely to see him in Room 8. George, number three, is a little prankster boy. His apparition has been seen on the staircase's landing, playing tricks on guests. The fourth spirit is that of Fannie Mason Kurtz that died at the inn at the age of 84. Unfortunately, her body was not discovered dead on her rocking chair by the fireplace for three days! Her phantom has been acknowledged many mediums and psychics. The last, the firth ghost is the phantom of an old lady that appears in a white nightgown. She usually roams the third floor, in the south bedroom.  She is known to be the spirit of Mary Mason Clarke that keeps in Room 5, which is used as a storage room. Guests staying in the room right beneath Room 5 will hear her footsteps, activity of movement, and even a squeaking sound of an old rocking chair. What a paranormal Disneyland it would be to visit and stay at this inn, with its nine themed rooms ready to welcome you!

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