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5 of the Most Haunted in Ireland: Phantoms of the Emerald Isle!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Ireland are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Emerald Isle!

Leap Castle

Roscrea, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Haunted Leap Castle

Dating back to the 13th century, Leap Castle was built over another ancient stone structure, occupied by druids who used the property for initiation ceremonies. In 1659 the castle passed by marriage into the ownership of the Darby family. Mildred Darby, one of the wild captain’s ancestors was a gothic novelist who regularly performed séances within the walls of Leap Castle. It was Mildred Darby’s supernatural practices that awakened an elemental presence of incredible dark magnitude.

In 1974 the castle was bought by an Australian historian called Peter Bartlett whose mother had been a Banon, an actual ancestor of the founders of Leap Castle, the O’Bannons. Bartlett did extensive restorative work for fifteen years and claims to have witnessed poltergeist activity through much of it. He contracted a white witch to drive the spirits out of the castle. The witch claims that the spirits vowed to not cause any more trouble but insisted on staying in the castle. Bartlett’s renovation efforts were tragically cut short when he died in 1989.  The castle is now owned by a traditional musician called Séan Ryan and his wife. The Ryans have been plagued with freak accidents since living in Leap Castle. One resulted in a broken kneecap that delayed the restoration of the castle. Once the renovation resumed, another accident left Ryan with a broken ankle. The castle’s malevolent history and creepy inhabitants didn’t stop the Ryans from conducting their newborn baby’s christening in the haunted Bloody chapel. Perhaps this spiritually joyous occasion has softened the known negativity within its walls.    

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Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham, Ireland

Haunted Kilmainham Gaol

Opening in 1796, the Kilmainham Gaol was the original county jail for Dublin, Ireland. Although it was quite a modern jail for its time, conditions were appalling. Prisoners came from everywhere and could be anyone, including women and children. The youngest prisoner is believed to have been only seven years old.  The most infamous story, however, is tied to the Easter Rising, which many feel have led to the intensity of hauntings here.

Arguably the most famous ghostly visitation also took place during this period of the Easter Rising. As part of the restoration efforts, a volunteer was painting the dungeon area. All of a sudden, an unseen force blew him across the room and pinned him against the far wall. It took several minutes, but the man was able to fight free and escape the dungeon. Other volunteers found the shaken man, who flatly refused to ever set foot in the dungeon again. Many people are convinced they are being watched. There are strange cold spots and unexplained noises, including footsteps, voices, and cell doors banging shut. Lights turn themselves on and off. Some people have even reported being pushed by unseen hands. And perhaps most frightening of all, Kilmainham Gaol seems to prey on children. Many children who come to take a tour suddenly freeze at the main gate, paralyzed in sheer terror. And the adamantly refuse to go inside. There are many historical documents housed in the jail and you might even catch a glimpse of a ghost or two.  

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Dublin Castle

New Ross Co.; Wexford, Ireland

Haunted Dublin Castle

Dating back to the 13th century on the site of a Viking settlement, Dublin Castle served for centuries as the headquarters of the British administration in Ireland. Since the Viking invasion until the Easter Rebellion, Dublin Castle was the nerve center for battles, military strategy, and the persecution of a nation. It has as a result been the site of atrocities and the spirits of those who met horrific and untimely deaths at enemy hands remain. 

When the Easter Rising took place in 1916, Commandant of the Dublin Brigade, James Connolly was seriously wounded. Captured, he was taken to Dublin Castle and kept for a week in a room now known as the James Connolly Room. Despite the wounds being mortal, James Connolly was dragged to Kilmainham Gaol where he was tied to a chair and executed by firing squad. His final days are imprinted firmly on the Castle and his presence is as much a part of Dublin Castle as the walls themselves. Here you will hear the moans and cries of those that were tortured as residual hauntings that keep playing and playing over. You may hear the poor widow, or maybe Roger de Fynglas. It is said that James Connolly continues to lurk in the very hall where he was tortured. It is hard to decipher what otherworldly source the disembodied moans that are heard are coming from. Many say they come from the phantoms whose capitated heads of invaders were mounted on the castle’s walls to serve as trophies. Perhaps, others suspect, they originate from the skulls decapitated corpses which lie buried beneath the castle.  

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Malahide Castle

Co. Dublin Malahide, Ireland

Haunted Malahide Castle

King Henry II of England built Malahide castle for his dear friend Sir Richard Talbot in Malahide, Co. Dublin in 1185. The Malahide Castle ghosts are as much a part of the estate as the ancient woodlands and the elegant rooms. Reports of spooky sightings go back as long as the castle’s 800-year history; hardly surprising when you consider the tales of battles, bloodshed, and broken-hearts surrounding this medieval building.

The castle is mostly haunted by the castle's jester, the Puck of Malahide. Stories tell that the Puck had fallen in love with a prisoner, Lady Elenora Fitzgerald. The Puck was mysteriously stabbed to death outside the castle days later, and with his last breath, vowed to haunt the castle forever.  Puck continues to nurse a broken heart in the turret where he used to live. There have been many sightings of the jester, who has apparently been photographed several times. When the castle was sold in 1979, potential buyers claimed to see the ghost roaming the grounds and the castle itself. You may also have heard of the lady in white, who is said to be Lady Elenora Fitzgerald.  Her phantom’s apparition is said to wander the rooms and corridors of the castle.  There is also Lady Maud Plunkett. She appears to castle workers and guests as she did on the day of her marriage to a Lord Chief Justice. She is said to chase her husband’s ghost through the corridors of the castle. What a horrific after-life experience this would be! 

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Loftus Hall

New Ross Co.; Wexford, Ireland

Haunted Loftus Hall

In the 1780s, Lord Charles Tottenham and his only child Anne, received a stranger at the door on a stormy night, looking for shelter. They welcomed him into the house, the storm raged on for days. Anne eventually fell in love with the stranger. One evening, the four were enjoying a game of cards that carried a wager that the stranger lost to. The guest was enraged by his loss. Meanwhile, Anne realized she dropped the card to the floor, as she went to retrieve it, she saw the guest’s feet. They were the hoofs of the Devil. This further infuriated the Devil, and he thrusts himself through the roof within a ball of fire, leaving a large hole in the ceiling, which could never be repaired. The hole still stands today. Anne became pregnant and was concerned she may be carrying the child of the Devil. Once she gave birth, her parents murdered the infant, and buried it in the walls of the tapestry room, a priest was called to perform an exorcism on the house. Anne spent the last few years of her life locked away in the tapestry room, where the remains of her child were buried within the walls, and the skeletal remains of the infant were later discovered in the 1870s during the house being renovated.

Since her death, there is a corner of the room that is extremely cold to this very day. One of the early reports of a haunting occurred in 1790, soon after her death. The father of the Rev. George Reade was a guest at the hall. His sleeping quarters were found in the infamous tapestry room. As he drifted off to sleep, he claimed an entity leaped onto his bed, growling like a hound of hell. The curtains flung open and his bedclothes were violently torn from the bed. His suspicions of foul play on the part of his hosts were not realized, as he discovered his door was still locked, just as he had left it upon first entering the room. It's also said that Anne is sometimes caught in pictures, staring out at visitors. She is often seen walking down one large oak staircase in the present-day hall. Today, Anne Tottenham’s grave is located in Wexford in a local graveyard.  There is an entity here as well, for you see, unlike the surrounding graves it is completely cemented over. While Annie's room is extremely active, the most haunted room is said to be the Tapestry Room where the card game was played. Experiences include everything from significant temperature drops to EMF spikes to full-bodied apparitions. People have also seen Orbs and manifestations around the house. People will feel the touch or tugs delivered by unseen hands. Strange and unexplained voices and sounds will come through the staff's walkie-talkies as well.

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