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5 of the Most Haunted in Kansas USA: Phantoms of the Sunflower State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Kansas are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Sunflower State!

1889 McInteer Villa     

Atchison, Kansas    

Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa

The McInteer Villa is one of Atchison's most unique residences.  Built in 1889-1890 for John McInteer, an Irish-borne pioneer businessman of Atchison, KS.  His fortune was made manufacturing high-quality harnesses and saddles and investing his wealth in real estate.

It is rumored that the former resident of the house, Isobel Altus' (Goldie's) spirit still resides here. Her apparition has been seen dressed in black. Since the home sits across from what was the Franklin school, years ago children would reportedly see her apparition when they would pass the house walking to and from school. To make things a bit creepier, an original rocking chair still sits at the very spot where she was found dead (for over 24 hours) with the pistol sitting on the table next to her. The rocking chair has been witnessed to rock back and forth on its own. Many passersby describe seeing her sitting in her rocking chair watching the world.  There is a majesty of haunts in this property. We’ve have listed many more on our ARTICLE page about the Villa. Most of them classical haunts. You may hear the unexplained sounds of doors slamming throughout the night, or hear disembodied footsteps walking down the hallway on the second floor.  Some feel uneasy on the second floor, as though they are being watched by unseen eyes. Items tend to be moved from one location to another.  Creeks of doorknobs slowing turning and lights turning on and off are often experienced.  There will be dramatic changes in temperature. And the echoes of disembodied voices of a female have been heard. Recently an accompanied male voice has been heard within several rooms on the second floor.  The door to one of the sitting rooms upstairs opens on its own and a shadow figure has been spotted as well.  There is a scent of a powdery woman's perfume and the hint of cigarettes has been reported.

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Drury Plaza (Broadview) Hotel     

Wichita, Kansas    

Haunted Drury Plaza (Broadview) Hotel

Constructed in 1922, the Drury Plaza Hotel (formerly known as the Broadview Hotel) was built by George H. Siedhoff, to serve as the classiest downtown Wichita’s hotel. With guests like Al Capone, it was also known for being a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era.

As with other grand hotels with decades of history, The Drury Plaza Hotel has many spectral entities. The main player of these phantoms is Clarence, who committed suicide after killing his wife in a jealous rage. He is by far the most active spirit lurking the hotel's spaces. You would think he was more of a sad and distressed spirit, but he is not!  Actually Clarence is quite a prankster. He likes to move personal items around the bathrooms. He has made calls to the desk from rooms that are empty or not have a logical connection. He has also shown himself to psychic mediums in the hallways, validating that he is quite happy that the hotel is his forever home.  The hotel has a gorgeous crystal ballroom. It appears that it attracts the spirits as well, for multiple times folks have seen people from the 1920's dancing! One of the strangest hauntings in the hotel comes in the sounds of wings flapping down a long hallway, even though the hallway is empty. The kitchen staff has also reported their fair share of supernatural visitors. Rumor has it that once when the kitchen staff was working they suddenly heard a loud clicking sound. It was a soap dispenser – empty and no longer in use- clicking away with no one standing nearby.

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Beaumont Hotel     

Beaumont, Kansas   

 Haunted Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel started in 1879 as a stagecoach and railroad stop for passengers who were traveling between Wichita and Fredonia. They included the weary pioneers, cattle barons, and frontier socialites.  In the early years, the hotel was actually used as a brothel. The story has it that the original owner would provide food and drink downstairs to patrons while his wife would provide other needs upstairs.  With poor judgment, she became attached over time to one particular customer; a young local cowboy named Zeke. With rage her husband, who in turn shot and killed Zeke.

Zeke, losing his life due to falling in love with one of the Beaumont's (then) Brothel, has not left. People report seeing a figure of a cowboy at the top of the stairs. Many believe this is Zeke. He is also credited for moving chairs behind the doors so that guests will have a hard time opening doors. Also, the sounds of loud bangs and spurs jangling have been reported numerous times. Another common report is that clock radios go off in the rooms at the same time around 2-3 am. Folks also have reported that objects tend to move on their own without explanation. It is not clear that this is all Zeke, for it could be any of the spirits that dwell in this property. Paranormal Investigators have concluded that the Beaumont Hotel appears to be home for at least 5 spirits!      

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The Sallie House     

Atchison, Kansas   

The Haunted Sallie House 

Looking at it, you would not think this simple framed house was nothing out of the ordinary. Between 1867 and 1871, this house was built and occupied for over a century by one family, The Finleys. In 1993, renters Debra and Tony Pickman moved in with their newborn son called Taylor. Immediately things began to happen. It initiated with a very strange but not threatening activity. The family dog would bark into, what appeared, as thin air. There were a few incidents with electronics that were unexplained. Then the activity increased and escalated to actual poltergeist active. Their toys would rearrange themselves into a circle.

Over time, small fires would break out in the house. Soon enough violent spectral behavior targeted Tony, attacked unforgivingly by unseen hands. He endured substantial scratches and bruises on his arms, abdomen, and his back. These attacks were almost predictable, preceding them with a sudden cold spot appearing. There put up with these horrific experiences for about two years, until they abandoned the property to protect themselves. With some metaphysical and investigative exploration, it is generally believed that a small phantom, a little girl called Sallie was the root cause of this explosive activity. According to legend, a doctor who once lived in the home performed an appendectomy on a young girl named Sallie but began the surgery before the anesthesia took full effect.  Sallie screamed and soon died on the operating table at the hands of her doctor in the 1900s. Since the home had been occupied by a single female resident for 40 years prior to the Pickman Family moving in, it has been suggested that Sallie picked on Tony specifically because he was a man and reminded her of that Doctor!

Today those that dare do explore the Sallie House have reported seeing full-bodied apparitions and objects flying through the air. Items will move on their own. These misplaced or lost objects will suddenly reappear in the same spot originally place, or in a totally strange location. Others have claimed to hear furniture moved or dragged that is unseen by the living. Unexplained thumps, thuds, knocks, and scratches are heard. EVPs (digital voice recordings) have captured voices of unseen men women and children. Many have experienced extreme smells. Some physical attacks have been encountered by investigators, by significantly reduced than when they first were sustained by Tony.

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The Eldridge Hotel     

Lawrence, Kansas    

Haunted Eldridge hotel

This historic hotel was erected in the mid-1800s by his namesake Shalor Eldridge, a prominent anti-slavery businessman, and citizen. After two prior hotels were built and burnt down by pro-slavery radicals and members of the Confederacy, Eldridge rebuilt again, and each time stronger and more majestic! As he once quoted, “From ashes to immortality.”

His immortality has taken a staple in the supernatural activity of this hotel. Eldridge House's original cornerstone is located in Room 506. For this reason, Eldridge's apparition has been seen in this room. When guests rent this room, they are in for some spectral experiences! People who book his room will feel his friendly presence. They may run into cold spots and or hear disembodied voices. Small handprints are found on the mirrors in this room, as well. His likeness has been clearly seen by staff and guests alike. Many have reported that he tries to help by opening sealed bottles of water in guest rooms in the middle of the night. This is Eldredge's hospitality still at work in the event that the guest gets thirsty. He will even turn on air conditioners, in case the room is too hot. If a guest’s bag looks suspicious, he has been known to shake it. He probably also keeps an eye on visiting spirits. It is said, for kicks he likes to leave breath marks on recently cleaned mirrors. (Or is he testing the skills of his housekeeping staff?)   The candles in the main lobby are sometimes fired up without help from the living.  His favorite chair is down in a basement storage room. Even so, his full apparition has been seen sitting on it.   Besides the spirit of Col. Eldridge, many other spirits roam this hotel, and we have detailed some of their activity in our ARTICLE about The Eldridge. Room 506, is one of the original cornerstones behind one of its walls, also serves another purpose, like a portal between the spirit world and our world, making it easy for spirits to visit and /or stay. The multitudes of spirits present in so many ways!

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