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5 of the Most Haunted in Louisiana USA: Phantoms of the Pelican State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Louisiana are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Pelican State!

The Myrtles Plantation

St. Francisville, Louisiana

haunted Myrtles Plantation

Originally named "Laurel Grove" it was built in 1796 by General David Bradford. The Myrtle Plantation stands as one of the oldest and classical example of a Southern working mansion. The property went through many historical event challenges. Multiple ownerships were exchanged, and a fair share of young tragical loss of life from illness and turmoil pertinent to its time. In the 1970s, Frances Myers, writing as Frances Kermeen, wrote a book about the Myrtles Plantation, naming it as the most haunted house in America. There are a variety of legends and mysteries surrounding the Myrtles. They merit to be revealed for they have been known to be incredible influencers in its hauntings of (at least) 12 phantoms. Many feel that the spectral energy is intensive because it is reputedly built over a Tunica Indian burial ground.  A ghost of a young Native American woman has been reported being seen in the property outside in the gazebo. Ten murders have been reported to have occurred in the house, including William Winter, an attorney who lived in the plantation in the 1870s. He was shot by a stranger. Staggering into his house, he died on the 17th step of the stairs. To the present day, visitors, as well as employees in the hotel, still hear his dying footsteps right on this spot.

The most famous legend is that of Chloe, a slave of Plantation owner Woodruff. When their (forced) love affair took a bad turn, Chloe lost one of her ears for eavesdropping about the rumors. In revenge, Chloe poisoned her master's wife and children. The other slaves, afraid that Woodruff would find out what Chloe had done when he returned, took the matter into their own hands. They grabbed Chloe and hung her from a nearby tree. When she finally died, they cut her body down and threw it into the river. According to legend, Chloe’s spirit lived on. Images and videos of a slave girl wearing a turban have been captured.  In addition, the young daughters killed by Chloe also are very active in the property. Our main listing for The Myrtle Plantation displays these photos. Whether these legends and mysteries are validated with historical records (or not), there is no denying that the magnificent plantation does hold an incredible spectral dynasty of phantoms and their activities. The Myrtles Plantation certainly gives off vibes of eeriness and unexplained mystery.

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Cottage Plantation (Ruins)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Haunted Cottage Plantation

Abner Duncan built the Cottage Plantation for his daughter and her husband (Frances and Frederick Conrad) in 1825. It was a thriving sugar plantation but, unfortunately, this property endured much devastating tragedy and misfortune. In 1859, the steamboat Princess exploded and burned near Conrad Point, sending bodies and cargo flying in all directions. Conrad and his slaves did all they could to help the victims and survivors out of the water. By this end of this tragic event, 70 people were dead and many others were wounded. During the Civil War, the Union troops occupied the plantation, brutally held Conrad, and his secretary Angus Holt prisoners. Conrad died in New Orleans, and Mr. Holt returned to the plantation after the war. It was found abandoned used once as a Union Hospital for the yellow fever epidemic, where many died.

The Cottage Plantation finally met its last offense. The house was destroyed by fire in 1960 and all that remains are the brick pillars and a couple of walls. But these remnants of time are what continue to hold the spectral energies of its lost souls. The supernatural activity of this burdened property started almost immediately after Holt died. There were reports of doors opening and slamming by themselves and sightings of apparitions on the grounds. These shadowy figures were often seen, but when investigated the place was found to be empty. While the plantation house served as a museum in the 1950s, the rumors of phantoms still persisted. Visitors reported hearing sounds of singing and strange music in the house and on the grounds.  Other reported encounters with Mr. Holt's phantom. Today, the remaining columns that rise from the foundation remnants, you will see a pale apparition of Mr. Holt’s phantom.

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Bentley Hotel

Alexandria, Louisiana

Haunted Bentley Hotel

The Hotel Bentley was constructed in 1907 by Joseph Bentley, a wealthy eccentric, who legend says built the hotel simply because he was turned down for a room in the former Ice House Hotel. The Bentley Hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Joseph Bentley is said to have remained at the hotel. He seems to like the fifth floor, but the restaurant's waitstaff has seen sightings of his phantom.  The adjacent Mirror Bar, with its own incredible spooky feeling, is said to play host to Bentley. Several other mischievous ghosts are said to haunt this place. A spirit of a young woman who fell to her death in an elevator shaft. Although her body was never recovered, she is said to be also wandering the halls of the Bentley Hotel.   Another soul that prowls the hotel is the spirit of a man who fell over the grand staircase railing. Figures have also been seen peeking from the mezzanine railings above the center of the grand staircase.  Some of the common paranormal activity include strange unexplained sounds, singing, disembodied footsteps, and a thumping noise on command.

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Oak Alley Plantation

Vacherie, Louisiana

Haunted Oak Alley Plantation

Built in 1837-39, the Oak Alley Plantation is a delight to historical and mystical eyes! With the plantation's massive oak tree's fingers extended, they seem to protect a path leading to the secrets of the past—secrets that still appear from time to time through its hauntings. Staff and visitors have experienced unexplainable spectral activities confirming this plantation's hauntings.   An employee claimed to have seen empty chairs rocking in unison, and things moved from table and desk tops. Both she and another employee attest to baffling sounds including a child crying and the sound of horses. Several individuals have claimed that they have seen an apparition slender female with long dark brown/black-colored hair. Many have reported catching a glimpse of her lurking in the rooms, or lingering in the widow’s walkway. She has also been seen taking her phantom horse for a ride around the building!  Others have been chilled by a hearing the distinct sounds of an invisible horse and carriage coming up the alley. This Southern Plantation is a true spectral experience that should be witnessed.

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T’Frere’s Bed and Breakfast

St. Francisville, Louisiana

Haunted T’Frere’s Bed and Breakfast

Originally part of the Comeaux Plantation, this Acadian Colonial home from 1880 was built by Oneziphore Comeaux. Amélie, sister of Oneziphore, lived here with him as well. Unfortunately, a short time later, she died there from a fall at the age of 32.  She drowned in a well in the back of the property. Some say she accidentally fell in the well when she (also) was struck with fever. Others say it was suicide. Yet others believe it was murder. Because the Catholic Church labeled the death as suicide, she was not buried on sacred ground. The owners and guests who have stayed at the bed and breakfast that sits on 70-acres have reported ghost sightings and unusual happenings. Most believe to be the ghost of Amélie. She appears as a small framed lady in a rose-colored dress, wearing her hair parted down the center and back in a bun. She only speaks French.

Other paranormal activity includes disembodied footsteps, doors moving on their own, the banging of pots and pans and lights and TVs turning on and off on their own. One guest was woken by a scratch on the bottom of her foot, followed by seeing the figure of a woman's figure. Sometimes you will hear Amélie gasping, as she probably did dying in the well. Others, especially children, have seen a phantom baby. Could this be the child she lost prior to her death?

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