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5 of the Most Haunted in Minnesota USA: Phantoms of the North Star State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Minnesota are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the North Star State!

Palmer House Hotel

Sauk Centre, Minnesota       

Haunted Palmer House Hotel

Constructed in 1901 by Ralph and Christena Palmer, The Palmer House was considered very modern for its day. Replacing a blemished hotel that stood in its place, the Palmer House was promising its town an actual first-class hotel. Sinclair Lewis' novel Main Street was inspired by this town, his boyhood home. Prior to its existence was another building that was burned down just the year prior in 1900. It was called the Sauk Centre House. Legend tells us that it was a fierce frontier brothel. It had a record of hosting abused and murdered women. Although long gone, some of its bad juju energy may have precipitated the beautiful Palmer House.

Here you will meet their phantoms with disembodied voices, possibly see their spectral apparitions, and even witness children playing in the hallways. Yes, they even claim to have their own poltergeist in the bar area!  The most active of their phantoms live in Room 11. Guests have reported feeling unseen hands stroking legs. You may feel a nudge or two when staying in this cozy room. Here people have sensed extreme cold spots and a constant sensation of heaviness when entering the room.  Room 17 is another hotspot for the hotel. It is said that guests can sit in one of the two high backed chairs facing the bed, but you can't sit on both at the same time. It appears that "Lucy" will not be happy for it will force her over to the bed. And she doesn't like it. Rumors of this story tell of Lucy who was a prostitute working at the Sauk Centre House. Lucy is said to dislike men, for she probably has some history in dealing with them. She reacts to male guests by slamming the room door so hard it rattles the pictures on the wall. It is also known to rapidly drop the room's temperature, to almost frigid.  A newlywed couple staying in Room 17 also had a weird experience, when the bride woke up suddenly to see a tall and thin man, dressed in roaring 20's era threads, standing at the foot of the bed. And, no, it was not her new groom!  There are so many other haunted stories associated with this hotel, make sure to read them in our ARTICLE.  For instance, you may also want to check out Room 22. It is home to a bitterly spiteful entity called Raymond. He is said to be Lucy's pimp. In this room, you will hear unexplained noises from the room above, but stirringly, there is no upper floor.    

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Chase on the Lake

Walker, Minnesota 

Haunted Chase on the Lake

According to historical records, prior to the grand expansion of the Chase Hotel, the original hotel was called the Pameda Hotel. Its basement was used as a temporary morgue for dead soldiers during the 1898 Battle of Sugar Point. Then in 1922, the proprietors Bert and Louisa Chase redesigned the Pameda to become the incredible Chase Hotel. , an incredible hotel designated to be the future of Walker, with appointed grand and modern details. Unfortunately more dark history would follow, where you can read its details in our ARTICLE about the Chase on the Lake Hotel.

Among the building’s many spirits. Some say they are the soldiers who died in 1898’s Battle of Sugar Point, considered the last conflict between the U.S. Army and Native tribes. The soldiers’ bodies were stored in the hotel’s basement until they could be transferred to Fort Snelling or buried. This is where one of the most haunted parts of the hotel is today, their basement bowling alley. The front desk staff will tell you secretly, "Oh... This place is soooo... haunted!"  They will unanimously point to one of the hotbeds in the building ... the grand staircase and the bowling alley.  Other employees have revealed stories of phantom children playing in the hallways, unplugged phones ringing, and the grandfather clock in the lobby spitting its key from its lock. In addition, the jukebox will start to play without explanation. Some investigators have heard the spirits of a stable boy and aggressive characters from its lumberjack and Prohibition years.   

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Wabasha Street Caves

Saint Paul, Minnesota       

Haunted Wabasha Street Caves

The Wabasha Street Caves brings forth a very startling history, for back in the 1930's the caves were used as a speakeasy. This was the center of all the bad boys and girls, rumored that the toughest folks frequented the Caves, including John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Ma Barker.

The staff at the Wabash Street Caves are quick to point out that with the high density of phantoms in their property, they have earned to be one of only three sites to be haunted enough to qualify for the National Register of Haunted Places. At any given time, the claim, the caves will have 25 to 30 ghosts. It's dark and criminal past clearly makes its presence noticed in these caves. From the remnants of gangster dealings, you may hear faint music that has no source. Many have cited seeing men doing mob business in the cave. A good place to catch these phantoms would be the Fireside Room (a side room off the main cave), for this is where the hub for the mob was located. This is where the shooting of the card players occurred. A sighting was reported of one of the card-playing gangsters glaring at the cave's visitors, walking past them, and disappearing into a cave wall. Folks have reported seeing the spectral apparitions of a shadowy couple, and woman, on the dance floor. People will see them from the corner of their eyes, and when they turn to catch them they simply disappear. Other sightings are of a spooky woman in the bar area, and the apparition man sitting in the audience near the main stage. Some see a man wearing a Panama hat.   

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St. James Hotel

Red Wing, Minnesota     

Haunted St. James Hotel

The St. James Hotel was erected in 1874-1875. It's proximity to the steamboat docks became a bit of a historical misfortune for them. At one time, the hotel was used to serve as a makeshift mortuary for 98 people who drowned in a paddle wheeler capsizing. It is also built over a Native American Burial Ground.  These stories, many believe, are the root causes of their extreme hauntings.

If you ask to book the most haunted room, chances are you will be directed to Room 310. This is Clara's room, for it belongs to the phantom of Clara Lillyblad. She owned the hotel for 40 years. Steamboat docks. Guests will meet Clara's ghost sitting in the chairs in their rooms. One poor man left the hotel at 2:00 a.m. one night after reporting seeing her floating above his bed. Others have reported difficulty moving her favorite dining room table. The basement at the St James Hotel is said to be another hotspot. This could be contributed by the fact that the St. James Hotel was apparently built on Native American burial mounds. People have seen the head of a Native American man hovering in the basement area. It is relentless, for it will not disappear until you leave his space.  Others have seen an unexplained white mist lingering there.  All of the floors have not been spared by a phantom that lurks throughout the entire property. It belongs to a worker who fell to his death during the construction of the hotel. He also has been seen on the grand staircase of the hotel, identifiable by his iconic overalls.  When folks approach him, he fades away.   

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Historic Calumet Hotel

Pipestone, Minnesota       

Haunted and Historic Calumet Hotel

Dating back to the 19th century, the historic Calumet Hotel was built to serve as a railroad stopover for the railway industry. Unfortunately, the hotel endured two fires that started in the kitchen. One was in 1886 and the other in 1944. Both endured a loss of life, which many believe are part of the hauntings of this majestic hotel.

Rooms 207 and 308 are the most haunted of all. Room 207 is said to have a spirit that has been known to ring reception asking for various articles. When room service brings over the items, the room is locked and there is no one inside. On the other hand, Room 308 has its own style and specter. It is said in this room that Chris E. Herschberger from Illinois died on from a fire at the hotel, February 14, 1944. Guests staying in room 308 have reported that the lights flicker off and on, the TV turns on or off on its own, strange noises and the uncanny feeling that someone is in the room with them. The reports are not limited only to room 308, but the reports are more common from guests staying in that room. The rest of the hotel is not spared of haunts. Many have seen a lady in a bright dress lurking the halls and vanishing right before your eyes. The dining room's piano will start to play on its own terms, with unseen hands tapping on its keys.  There is also a gentleman in a period suite that is seen lounging around before disappearing when approached by staff or guests. Some have heard the piercing sounds of a little girl crying in the night near the laundry room in the basement.   

Discover more about this property by reading the details in our extended listing HERE.      

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