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5 of the Most Haunted in Mississippi USA: Phantoms of the Magnolia State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Mississippi are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Magnolia State!

Cedar Grove Mansion Inn & Restaurant

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Haunted Cedar Grove Mansion Inn & Restaurant

John Alexander Klein (a successful investor, architect, jeweler, cotton/lumbar merchant) gave Cedar Grove Hall to his 16-year-old bride, Elizabeth, as a wedding present in 1852. Here they had 10 children in this home, three of whom died. During the Civil War, John Klein was a confederate soldier, having to leave his family. Elizabeth was cleverly protected by her relative General Sherman. During the siege of Vicksburg, General Sherman relocated the very pregnant Elizabeth to the Union side so she could safely deliver a son, and turned the Cedar Grove Hall into a Union hospital which gave the home further protection.

With the profound history this mansion has absorbed that combines the legacy of a loving family, the loss of life upon children, the horrors of war, the scars left behind from a military hospital and lastly the dedicated restoration of this legendary majestic property, there is a good reason for spirits to continue to linger here. John Klein, although physically gone from his earthly home, continues to have a strong spiritual presence as the master of his mansion. You will smell the aroma of his pipe when questionable folks come near his Gentleman's Parlor. The other members of the family are present as well. The full-bodied apparition of Elizabeth's phantom may be seen walking down the front stairs. Disembodied footsteps have been heard going up the outside stairway. Many believe this may be the teenage son still trying to come back home. People will hear the sounds of children playing, other times the cries of an infant will be heard. Their daughter’s spectral image has been seen by both the staff and guests. She appears to them as lost, sad and a bit puzzled.  They will hear her going up and down the steps leading to the second floor towards her bedroom where she passed away. There are stories that can be read on our full ARTICLE about a woman that committed suicide in the mansion and spirits from the Civil War.        

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Rowan Oak

Oxford, Mississippi


Rowan Oak was built around 1848 by Colonel Robert Sheegog, was the former house of famous author William Faulkner. While Faulkner lived there, he would tell ghost stories to the children in his family. One of his favorite stories involved a girl named, Judith. Although the details of this story are debatable, it helped to explain the experiences Faulkner felt with the activity he witnessed.

This mansion is certainly a hotbed for the supernatural One popular story surrounds Judith Sheegog, the only daughter of the home’s original owner, Col. Robert Sheegog. Judith climbed out of her window and used a rope ladder in an attempt to elope with a Yankee Soldier. In doing so, she lost her balance and plunged to her death upon a brick sidewalk. Her phantom is seen commonly throughout the stories, as depicted in Faulkner's book, The Ghosts of Rowan Oak. There have been reports of William Faulkner himself lingering in spirit. Faulkner's phantom has been seen writing on the walls of his office, according to legend, and he roams the grounds scaring off University of Mississippi students who venture near the house at night.

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Anchuca Historic Mansion Inn

Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Haunted Anchuca Historic Mansion Inn

In the 1840's Victor and Jane Wilson, Vicksburg’s most influential citizens of their time were responsible for this incredible architecture. Mr. Wilson was one of the town’s most successful merchants, establishing coal and ice businesses. During the Civil War's Vicksburg Siege, it was used as a field hospital. The family also sustained tragedy just weeks after Vicksburg’s surrender to Union forces on July 4, 1863, losing two of their seven children their only son and infant daughter died. When Mr. Wilson died in 1865, Mrs. Wilson, distraught with emotional, physical, and economic ruin, sold the property. Joseph Emory Davis's patriarchal brother to the Confederate President Jefferson Davis purchased and lived here. Jefferson Davis did indeed speak to friends and neighbors from Anchuca’s front balcony, conceding defeat to the Union forces.

One of the phantoms that lives in this dimension is a young lady, said to be about 18 years old, called Archie. Archie was Richard Archer's youngest daughter, a lovely gal with a headstrong character. Her apparition has been seen in the parlor or the dining room, close to the fireplace, wearing a long brown period dress. Legend says that Archer forbade his daughter from marrying the love of her life, Josh Melvin, the son of Richard Archer's overseer. When she disputed with her father, she vowed never again to eat at her father's table. Until her father's death in 1867, Archie had all her meals served on the mantle above the fireplace in the parlor. Her saddened spirit continues to live on looking to resolve her broken heart, right beside the fireplace in the parlor! In the slave quarter, a strong presence is sometimes felt there by their guests. It is said a soldier died there when its space was used as a hospital. Unexplained activity and noises have been reported here.  There is also another apparition seen at the top of the stairs.      

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Kings Tavern

Natchez, Mississippi      

Haunted Kings Tavern

The oldest standing building in Natchez, circa 1789, King’s Tavern, is one of the area's most popular restaurants. It is also the most haunted. Its extensive history was partially revealed in the 1930s during one of the tavern's expansion. A space behind the fireplace's wall revealed the hidden skeletal remains were found of two men and one woman. A dagger was also found in the tavern, thought to be the murder weapon. The remains of the two men were never identified by name. The female was, and there is some suspicion of what led to this gruesome crime. 

There is enough evidence to identify the female's skeleton is that of Madeline.  According to legend, Madeline was the mistress of the property's founder, Richard King. She is one of the most active of several ghosts that haunt the tavern. According to local legend, Madeline disappeared sometime after Mrs. King found out about an alleged affair. Many believe that Mrs. King killed Madeline and hid the body in the tavern’s walls. The center point of the hauntings is located in the upstairs areas of the tavern. This used to be the inn. Witnesses have reported seeing a reflection suddenly appearing in a mirror. They will also feel warm spots a few inches above the bed as if someone had just been lying upon it.  Another phantom, that belonging to the naughty outlaw Wiley Harpe, also lurks in the tavern. He is accompanied, supposedly, by one of his victims. According to local stories, a mother with a fussy infant was staying at the inn. Harpe was annoyed by the constant crying that he grabbed the baby from the mother's arms and threw the infant to the ground, instantly killing him. Many folks have reported hearing the cries of an infant, coming from the upstairs. Upon checking, there is no one was upstairs. Some believe that Harpe’s spirit is still lingering at the tavern as well. Perhaps he is doomed with guilt?         

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McRaven House

Vicksburg, Mississippi 

Haunted McRaven House

Built in 1797, this antebellum was once called Walnut Hills. As the oldest standing structure in all of Warren County, this property is thick with history that has penetrated and remains stuck in its historic walls. Death during Childbirth, Civil War Tragedies, and premature death due to disease and infections are just some of the causes that are said to have led to the (at least) 11 buried bodies on the properties.

National Geographic magazine called the McRaven Home "The Time Capsule of the South", because of the concentration of historical episodes that have been purged into this property. With this spectral density, there is no question of why this has been named one of Mississippi's Mont Haunted House by many authorities. At least five occupants have died inside the house, and former John Bobb was executed right outside its premises. It's also very likely that a few Confederate soldiers died on the property during the time it was used as a field hospital. The ghostly activity is all over the house of this (almost) three-century house. The epicenter is thought to be in the middle bedroom upstairs, the room where Mary Elizabeth Howard died during childbirth at the age of 15. Many witnesses have reported seeing her phantom in the room she lost her life. In addition, she has been spotted on the staircase and in the dining room. Her ghost is believed to be responsible for the bedside lamp in this room to turn on and off on its own. In the 1980s when no one was inhabiting the home, calls were frequently made to local authorities claiming the lights at the cottage were turned on in the dead middle of the night, thinking there were intruders. Upon inspection, there was not a living soul there.  While handling Mary Elizabeth's wedding shawl, some people say it emits heat, while others claim it almost jumped out of their hands.      

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