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5 of the Most Haunted in New Mexico USA: Phantoms of the Land of Enchantment!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in New Mexico are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Land of Enchantment!

Herzstein Memorial Museum   

Clayton, NM

Haunted Herzstein Memorial Museum

Originally constructed in 1919, this historic building flaunts its original kitchen and stained glass windows from the days it served as a Methodist Episcopal Church.  This museum has an extensive display of antiques and artifacts which is believed to provide the vast spectral energy experienced here.

The museum is not shy and quite open about their ghosts.  One of them is an older lady, defined as "sassy". She was validated by a paranormal investigation team in 2015.  She has made herself known with the sounds of her disembodied high heels heard in the kitchen. Other evidence that has been detected includes unexplained noises such as stairs rattling with no one on them. There is also poltergeists knocking objects over.  A child ghost is also active. His sweet voice came through on an EVP (Digital Recorder).

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St. James Hotel & Restaurant 

Cimarron, NM

Haunted St James Hotel

Originally called the Lambert's Inn, it was built by Henry Lambert in 1872, the personal chef to President Lincoln. The St. James Hotel, sitting right on the Santa Fe Trail, was the scene for numerous intense shootouts during the Wild West days in the Southwest!  The evidence is pretty obvious that the Hotel was in the midst of the action, with 22 bullets wedged on the dining room's ceiling.

This is a hotbed for the supernatural, having sustained over 26 murders. All these souls are still wandering through the hotel!  And this historical hotel is not shy about it!  The most active area has been identified as the second floor. Here you will hear stories of feeling unexplained cold spots. Folks will also smell the aroma of a cigar burning in the halls, even though smoking is prohibited at the hotel! A previous manager once saw the apparition of a pleasant-looking cowboy standing behind her in the mirror on the front of the bar.  Room 18 is so haunted by a malevolent spirit, called T.J. Wrights. Let it be understood, he does not like the company. A previous owner was actually pushed down while in Room 18.  Keep in mind, there are strong rumors that when the room was rented, several mysterious deaths occurred there. They are just protecting you!  For a more calming experience, ask for Room 17. This is where most of the sightings of Henri's second wife, Mary Elizabeth, are reported. Then there's the dwarf-like old man nicknamed the "Little Imp" due to his trickster activity.  The site is packed full of ghost stories, so make sure to go to our listing to get all the spooky details!

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Hotel Parq Central

Albuquerque, NM

Haunted Hotel Parq Central

This is not just your everyday haunted hotel. Before the transition to these luxurious accommodations, the original building, built in 1926 was the Santa Fe Hospital serving the railroad employees. Later it was converted to a psychiatric hospital. Even when it served as a hospital, the patients were stirred and frightened by the haunted at that time!  The impact was so horrific, that many of the patients, upon discharge from the hospital, continued to have nightmares about the hospital haunting them for a long time.

Today, visitors have witnessed the apparition of a woman that waltzes around on the third-floor wing. Guests have reported the same heaviness as felt for decades. Some even have heard unexplained shuffling and whispers while in the safety of their beds. The stairwells are hot spots too, hearing shuffling up and down the stairs with whispers of voices when there was no living person present.  You will also have a heavy feeling in some parts of the hotel, and an overwhelming sense that you are not alone.

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La Fonda on the Plaza  

Sante Fe, NM

Haunted La Fonda on the Plaza

The La Fonda Hotel opened in 1922 by Fred Harvey, although, official city records show that this beautiful hotel was actually built on the same exact site of the city's first inn in 1607.  Not only was this the first inn established in this vibrant city, but many would also say it is the oldest hotel corner in America! Perched on land that has sustained violent gunfights and public hangings, there is no wonder that it is one of he most haunted in the State of New Mexico, if not, in America. 

There is a story of an unsuccessful salesman that just gave up his trade and life at the hotel. He committed suicide by jumping into the hotel's well. The well is inside what is now the hotel's restaurant, La Plazuela. People have reported a phantom appearing before them, then approaches the location of where the old well used to be and then appears to jump into the floor before disappearing. There is also a phantasmic story of Judge John P. Slough. One time a guest, after enduring hours of footsteps walking back and forth late into the night, called the front desk to report his inability to fall asleep peacefully. The hotel sent an employee to check out the situation. When he arrived near the guest's room, he saw a man in a long, black coat walk into a stairwell and suddenly disappeared. Many say this could be the phantom of Honorable John P. Slough, who was said in 1867 to get into a deadly argument in the hotel's lobby.  His signature description was a long black coat. Numerous guests have reported seeing his ghostly apparition lurking the hallways and, of course, lobby. There are MORE stories to be shared, so make sure to hop on over for our detailed listing for this property.  

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New Mexico State Penitentiary   

Santa Fe, NM

Haunted New Mexico State Penitentiary

A horrific riot, which took place on February 2 and 3, 1980, in the state's maximum-security prison south of Santa Fe that turned out to be the most violent prison riot in American history. 12 guards were taken hostage, and the inmates took complete control of the prison. 33 inmates were killed by other prisoners, with some being tortured and mutilated because they had previously acted as informants for prison authorities. In fact, there are hatchet marks still there (so photo below in gallery), reminding all of one brutal beheading that took place. Others were dismembered. An additional 200 more of the inmates were injured.

The accounts start in 1981 and have continued into the present day. They have been seen by corrections officers as well as members of the New Mexico National Guard. The most notable of the reported phenomena is the observation of a human-shaped shadow.  Unexplained noises can be heard, including loud cell door slamming shut. This is where it becomes chilling, almost disturbing. These doors originally ran on electricity and could be closed or opened one after another. After the prison shut down and the electricity was cut off these doors could only be opened or shut manually-- cranked with metal wheels that are very hard to turn--some of them are even rusted.

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