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5 of the Most Haunted in New York USA: Phantoms of the Empire State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in New York are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Empire State!

Radisson Hotel of Niagara Falls

Grand Island, NY

Haunted Radisson Hotel of Niagara Falls

The story starts back in the early to mid-1800s, where there was a mansion owned by the first supervisor of Grand Island, John Nice. Unfortunately, the mansion on the site burned to the ground. Within that fire, a young girl, called Tanya, was said to have lost her life. The legend of the soul of a little girl present in this property exists today, validated by many. She is highly recognizable when you see her, with blonde hair and a white nightgown. 

Guests, maids, managers, and bellboys have all witnessed her playful spirit, and most of the activities have been documented. People usually report witnessing Tanya jumping on beds in empty rooms or running through the halls at night. With each renovation, and multiple hotels hanging their sign outside the buildings, the hauntings intensify. You may see her playing in the halls of the hotel, or even running around in the winter pool had been drained. When the staff goes to check after the report, small footprints are seen at the bottom of the pool! More chillingly, sometimes the child will appear suddenly at the foot of the bed! For instance, a guest named John K. awoke out of his sleep to see the little girl standing at the end of his bed. He immediately yelled at her and asked her what she was doing there. She ran into the corner and disappeared.  Various paranormal activities occur here as well. For instance, the elevator will open and close on floors where the buttons weren’t pressed. Yet no matter how many elevator repairmen come out they can never find anything wrong with it.  One repairman even said he saw a reflection of a little girl in the mirror outside of one of the elevators. Manager Scott Swagler has said, "Our housekeepers have stories about Tanya that could fill a book.“

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Shanley Hotel

Napanoch, NY

Haunted Shanley Hotel

The Shanley, built by Thomas Ritch in 1845, has had many names before it settled on what it is today. Its history is very vibrant, and sometimes very dark. For instance, in 1895, flames from a nearby house fire burned the hotel to the ground, later it was rebuilt. In 1906, James Shanley, an Irish immigrant and a prosperous businessman bought the hotel. The Shanley family knew all the "best people" and hobnobbed with President Roosevelt, his wife Eleanor. She was a frequent guest. Thomas Edison also loved to stay on the property. A curious mix of the rich and famous, gangsters and madams checked in and out of the hotel for many decades. This hotel has a secret room with hidden passages to the outside that have now been sealed off. Many think this was for the illegal sale of alcohol during prohibition. You have to read more of its history on our extended listing, for this is what makes this place sizzle!

The documented activity is dense. It is said that a man that fits James Shanley's description wanders around the establishment in the form of a misty apparition. A woman can be heard mourning, likely to be Mrs. Shanley. She could be crying over the loss of her three children and sister. A woman in a beautiful Victorian style dress has been seen on occasion. Visitors have reported seeing rocking chairs moving on their own, mysterious clock chimes, feeling unusually cold and hot spots, whistling, footsteps, piano music, voices, and even the sweet laughing of children. Many aromas of cooking when no food is being prepared, alongside perfumes and tobacco. Folks have claimed to see shadows and apparitions at the Shanley. Some are chilled by the feeling of being watched. And yes, you must sign a waiver of liability if you dare to stay overnight! Dare to?

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Rolling Hills Asylum

Bethany, NY

Haunted Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum first opened on January 1, 1827, originally called the Genesee County Poor Farm. It was built for the purpose to institutionalize folks declared "not able to fend for themselves". Many would say it was an unfortunate drop off place for the cast-offs of society, including the lunatics, paupers, vagrants, drunkards, and disabled folks. The property has evolved into many uses, an asylum, infirmary, a nursing home, orphanage, a tuberculosis hospital, and even a shopping center. Ultimately, the unclaimed dead were all buried on the property. Through all its faces this property has undergone, an estimated and unimaginable 1,700 have died here.

The Rolling Hills Asylum has earned the well-deserved distinction of being one of America's most haunted places. Shadow people, disembodied voices, and a multitude of other paranormal evidence have been uncovered there. There are estimated to be a few hundred ghosts lingering in the halls of the asylum. Some of the most famous include Roy, Emma, and Jack. The most famous of the ghosts, Roy is said to be friendly and over 7-feet tall. Emma was a nurse who worked in the asylum and is often seen. Legend says that Jack Banion was committed to the asylum on Halloween night, 1943. He escaped exactly 30 years later on October 31, 1973. He left behind a note on the wall, written in blood: “You’re all going to pay.” Jack was never seen

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Beardslee Castle

Little Falls, NY

Built by Augustus Beardslee in 1860, the limestone building was constructed in the style of an Irish castle. It has had two major fires, one in 1919 that almost destroyed the building. Stonework needed to be repaired and the oak-paneled floors and ceilings were completely redone. A fire in 1989 gutted the kitchen and the building was vacant for three years. After a two year restoration, the restaurant reopened in 1994.

The hauntings are intense here and go back many years. The most primitive source of hauntings is set to involve the usage of the land before the actual castle was built. A farmhouse on the property had a tunnel that stored ammunition. A Native Indian Tribe went at night to confiscate it, but unfortunately, the tunnel ignited, and the explosion killed the entire troop of natives. Other phantoms of the Beardslee are the family themselves. Captain Beardslee is said to roam the grounds carrying a bright lantern. They say that he is searching for his son, who died a tragic death, having been hit by a train. The ghost’s lantern is so bright and so real, that it actually has distracted motorists for decades causing many car accidents. This family mausoleum has long been rumored to be an incredibly haunted place, after being desecrated in the 1960s when one of the coffins was removed, opened, and left outdoors.  A Little Falls resident was later arrested after he was found in possession of a skull of one of the members of the Beardslee family.  There is also an associated suicide of a former owner, Anton Christensen, that hung himself upstairs. Regardless, his ghost has been seen by many employees roaming the corner proximal to where he killed himself.

There are so many stories, and we just provided a few. For more, go to our full detailed LISTING of this incredible property.  Regardless of the inspiration for the hauntings (Which there are many!), there is no debate that the manifestations are intense, frequent, and chilling. Employees and even guests have heard disembodied voices of the dead, all over the castle. Many have seen unexplainable lights that float, and shadows moving about after hours. You will hear phantom footsteps are associated with souls that were lost at one point inside the castle. Sometimes, even, a strange scream can be heard in the restaurant, disrupting peoples' meal indulgence. And of course, a number of ghostly apparitions are seen frequently in the building. This incredible property has become a staple of Central New York ghost stories.

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Allegiance Bed & Breakfast

Mount Morris, NY

Haunted Allegiance Bed & Breakfast

Reuben Wisner originally built the house in 1838, who was a local attorney, Union colonel, and a Baptist deacon.  Originally constructed in a Federalist Revival style, it later was updated to resemble a miniature White House. This property served as a stop and an overflow house for the Underground Railroad. The name of the inn honors Francis Bellamy, a 'local son' who authored our Pledge of Allegiance.

The inn's owners or staff have no reservation in sharing their stories, and even describing them by name. One phantom that lurks the property is Karen. She is the alleged granddaughter of Reuben Wisner. She sits at the top of the stairs and has also been seen going up the steps in a long dress and straight gray hair. One report stated that she was seen sitting on a guest's bed while they were occupying it. Another ghost, Ray, can be very chatty, so do expect to have a spectral conversation with him if you invite him to engage with you! Nevertheless, you could just sit back and watch the ghostly entertainment. For you see, both Karen and Ray have been seen and heard tossing objects back and forth to each other!  There are many more, so read about them on our extended article!  Be aware, you may even have the experience of having someone that you did not invite, snuggling up in bed with you. Best bet in interacting with a phantom here? Owners recommend the Dansville room, as this seems to be the favorite lurking spot for their ghostly guests.

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