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Haunted Places Near Me!
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So you want to take an excursion to find the most haunted places and not spend to much time on this spooky road trip?

"What Haunted Places are near me?"

Haunted Journeys can help you with this! Imagine, there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of haunted historical sites, inns, restaurants, bars, parks, roads, museums, old sanitariums and historic prisons!  In fact, many are totally accessible and public. This means, all you need are simple ghost hunting gadgets, an open mind and at least half a gas-filled tank to get there! But how do you see them all? How do you know what haunted place are near you?

Pull up our map of hundreds of Haunted Places by clicking on map below! 

With this map, Haunted Journeys offers you a road trip navigator of the most haunted in America! Zoom into your location, point and click to get you started on your exploration of the spookiest places around you!  (Who knows! They may be walking distance to you!) 

Haunted Places Map found in Haunted Journeys

Going to Haunted Abandoned Places

Going to abandoned haunted places or taking in urban explorations may be exhilarating, but could be a bit risky. Remember, be safe, smart and a good citizen when visiting these haunted properties! Here are the seven cardinal rules in visiting these iconic spectral properties. Special emphasis is drawn to abandoned properties that appear safe to explore!

  1. Ask Permission:  There's a good chance that every property is owned by someone, and they will not be happy to see you poking around without their permission. Take time to research and request permission to wander inside. Watch for "Private Property" signs and other indicators that you may not be welcomed.

  2. Know the Dangers: There will always be hazards and risks in urban exploration of properties that appear to not be inhabited. For instance, you may fall through a rotten floorboard, or maybe there are critters (or displaced people) that call this their home. There may be harmful radiation gases or even unstable structural conditions. Be aware and be smart.

  3. Target "Open to the Public" properties: Some of the most beautiful parks, roads, streams, lakes and even public cemeteries, are open to the all. Keep in mind, however, that even visiting public, sanctioned abandoned sites is not 100% risk free. Take time to research and prepare well.

  4. Leave Souvenirs behind: Part of the eerie charm of exploring is taking home souvenirs from haunted places to add to your collection. Respect these properties and leave them intact. In fact, many in the paranormal field believe that some of these may carry spiritual attachments that are best left behind. 

  5. Avoid going solo and venturing on your own:  There have been many story of ghost hunters having gone off on their own and gotten seriously injured, some even lost their lives. There is no better assurance to have a buddy that can help you, a working and fully charged cell phone. Another perk in having a buddy? Who will confirm that you really did see that dark figure?

  6. Bring the right equipment and dress smartly:  We are not just talking ghost hunting equipment, but stuff that will be of assistance, in case you need it. For instance, you should always have a flashlight for dark and creepy places. Hand cleaning gels will help you provide a cleanse to dirty hands. Face masks are vital to avoid breathing in contaminants that may be in the property. Where proper shoes, long pants and maybe long sleeves. This will avoid scratches and cuts of exposed skin. It may even prevent you bring back nature's critters such as ticks. 

  7. Don't tamper or destroy the property:  Don't leave your marks and be respectful of the property. Avoid "I was here" graffiti or tearing down fences or clipping locks to get in. If you have to do that to get in, you don't belong there.  

Any more comments or things you would add to this list? With a comment below, we welcome your suggestions and we will update this list. Send us more haunted properties or cardinal rules to follow for abandoned places.


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