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5 of the Most Haunted in South Dakota USA: Phantoms of the Mount Rushmore State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in South Dakota are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Mount Rushmore State!

Adams Museum

Deadwood, South Dakota

Haunted Adams Museum

The 1893 Queen Anne Victorian Adams Mansion was built by entrepreneur Harris Franklin for his lavish family home. After passing through two Franklin generations, in 1920 W.E. Adams and his wife, Alice purchased it. Within five years later, four unfortunate deaths occurred in the family, including his wife, two daughters, and one infant. After remarrying, W.E. died in the home of a stroke. After 50 years of being abandoned with all its original contents still there, the property was purchased by the State and turned into a historical museum.

After Adams died, his widow Mary heard his spirit walking on the second floor and it is said that is why she suddenly closed the house and moved. The museum’s staff claim W.E.'s phantom still remains there. His presence is subtle and sometimes playful. His full-bodied apparition has been seen by staff and visitors. One museum staffer recognized his presence with the aroma of his cigar as she walked through the second floor. Witnesses have encountered a shadowy man standing at an upstairs window and have heard unexplained voices whispering conversations among themselves. Whistling and disembodied footsteps have been heard on the steps and in rooms and throughout the house. Outside, neighbors have seen a shadow of a tall thin man pacing back and forth in front of an upstairs window, when all staff and visitors had left.  

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Alex Johnson Hotel

Port Townsend, Vermont

Haunted Alex Johnson Hotel

On October 3, 1927, just one day before construction began on Mount Rushmore, Johnson began work on the hotel that would bear his name. The doors opened to his masterpiece on July 1, 1928.

The historic Hotel Alex Johnson has long been known as one of the most haunted hotels in South Dakota. In fact, their own website pays tribute to the three spirits that haunt this incredible hotel full of history and mystery! The most popular and reported ghost story of the Hotel Alex Johnson is that of the Lady in White. During the 1970s, it was reported that a young bride committed suicide by flinging herself out of the window of room 812. Today, guests claim the young bride wanders the halls of the eighth floor in a white gown, searching for those responsible for her death. It has been reported that the window of room 812 is often found open in the morning and that dresser drawers are taken out, turned upside down, and put back in place. Some guests have reported seeing the apparition of Alex Johnson himself. It is thought that since his death in 1938 he has stayed on the premises to ensure operations are still running smoothly.  The third phantom is that of a little girl, which prefers to be on the eighth floor. She is said to knock on their door, night after night, only to disappear in the hallway. She’s also been heard giggling down the hallway.     

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Historic Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

Haunted Historic Bullock Hotel

Built in 1895 by Seth Bullock, an early sheriff of Deadwood, and his business partner Sol Star, it is the oldest hotel in Deadwood.

According to many reports, Seth Bullock continues to play host at his beloved hotel strange occurrences have occurred both staff and guests. There's quite a bit of activity in Bully’s Restaurant and Seth's Cellar. Here glasses and dishware have been known to fly off tables. In the kitchen, appliances turn on by themselves. Visitors and staff hear footsteps on the stairs and hallways when no one is there. His presence is felt inside several of the rooms and in the hallways of the second and third floors. Others have heard whistling which accompanies the sounds of footsteps in the hallways when no one is there. In both the second and third floor rooms, guests have reported strange occurrences with photographs that produce strange anomalies. Guests have reported seeing the full apparition of Seth in their rooms, in the middle of the night. The guest rooms are full of activity, where showers turning on and off, alarm clocks go off, and unplugged televisions turn themselves on. There's even an antique clock, that hasn't functioned in years, that chimes of its own accord. Many guests have reported hearing their name called out by a male voice when no one is present, or have been tapped on the shoulder by unseen hands. Many people who have supposedly had contact with Bullock's ghost say that they were never harmed, but merely touched or called out for.

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Sica Hollow State Park

Sisseton, South Dakota 

Haunted Sica Hollow State Park

There is a Legend about Native Americans that dwelled on this land. Sica means "evil" or "bad". This alone is a deterrent and should be considered for many reasons. Early visitors here have had edgy experiences, including witnessing streams that appear to be flowing blood red.

The earth's historical and elemental energy, many believe, have contributed to intensified supernatural activity in these grounds. Visitors have reported hearing drums or war whoops. Others have spotted distant campfires that can never be found. Many have witnessed seeing a bear-like (Bigfoot-type) creature in these spaces as well. Ghosts of Indian braves have also been seen. What other State Park would offer a "Trail of the Spirits"? 

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Historic Fairmont Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

Historic Haunted Fairmont Hotel

This 1895 Victorian, the Fairmont Hotel served the saloon and brothel of this town during the gold rush in the late 19th century in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Because Deadwood SD was located in an Indian Territory, it was considered an illegal territory, launching off its wild and lawless reputation. The Fairmont Hotel was built to offer low brow entertainment for the working man, including drinking, gambling, and use of the ladies for intimate conduct relief. From here, much darkness ruled history, including suicides and murders.

Apparitions are very common here as well, while others experience the feeling of being brushed against their skin or hair. Unexplained Noises have been heard, including doors slamming and disembodied whispers and footsteps. You may see the apparition of a tall man with a mustache. Screams from a female have been heard here as well. Could this be the phantom that Dead File's Amy Allan identified as the "grumpy man"? His name is Henry, and apparently he is still angry that his hooker girlfriend died of syphilis.  Another fella that you may find him is Jack McCall, who was the man that shot Wild Bill Hickok in the back of the head in Saloon #10 next door. It seems that his spirit has floated into the Fairmont next because that was the place he likes to hang out when alive. For a sure bet of having a spooky night, ask for a room on the third floor, the former brothel. This is where much of the ghostly activity has been reported. Here is where you may run into Maggie, the spirit of a prostitute that committed suicide by plunging from a third-floor window. Here you may spot her apparition or orb. You may even be touched by her ghostly gestures. She also has been known to open and close doors on the first floor, startling the patrons while enjoying some food or drinks.

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