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Haunted Trails of Gettysburg: Not for the Timid

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Gettysburg Pennsylvania may, yet, have one of the most haunted trails in the country.

This is where to go if you dare to take in a true paranormal experience and perhaps see, feel or hear a ghost or two! You will be sure to take home a spooky story for sure!

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg The Campground
The spectral property of the Haunted Trails of Gettysburg, once provide refuge for Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War

Gettysburg Haunted Trails

Tucked away in one of the most haunted cities in the country, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, is a little known secret to many paranormal enthusiasts. There is a spooky eight acre trail within a (what used to be) a Confederate Camp. From what many have reported, the phantoms of confederate soldiers continue, post mortemly, lurk these grounds. For you see, they once fought, were injured and gruesomely died within this field camp and three confederate field hospitals that once occupied these sacred ground.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg - Aerial View of Campground
Arial view of the Haunted Trails of the Confederated Campground in Gettysburg

The Haunted History

This sprawling spectral property contains 8 acres of pure rustic delight, with wagon wheels and country views included. On the property there is a farm house that was built in the 1820’s, later expanded in the 1930’s.  During the Civil War, this property was a Confederate Field Camp, containing three confederate field hospitals.

Many artifacts have been discovered, expanding the evidence of what these ground were served to do. These include flasks, eating utensils, buttons, belt buckles and much more. There is also evidence (including abundant arrowheads and mounds throughout) of this land once being inhabited by Native Americans.

Need more history that are igniting the haunts? The property has graves. Two were specifically discovered for "Walter" and "Mary". Walter was a Confederate soldier who was buried on the property during the Civil War. Mary was a 2 day old baby girl.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg - Marys Grave
The grave of “Mary”, a two day old little girl, believed to bury in the grounds of the Gettysburg Campground

A Haunted Experience uniquely packaged

  • Explore: Haunted Trails of Gettysburg invite you to see, feel and do what life was like at a Confederate Field Camp and hospital during the Civil War. These grounds speak and teach history. 
  • Investigate: Communicate and interact with the spirits that remain and linger in these haunted trails and campground. On these spectral grounds, you will experience the battles they fought and the defeats they succumbed to in this very active property.
  • Share: After the investigation, huddle with your new found friends and share your haunted stories and experiences of evidence you may have captured.

The Haunts

The owners, staff and visitors have much to report about the ghostly evidence that have experienced and even captured. Impressive Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) have been digitally recorded. Shadows have not only been seen, but caught on images. Many will hear whispers, be touch and have that chilling feeling of being watched.


It is believe that Walter, the Confederate Soldier buried on the property, is very active. Visitors communicate with him in various settings inside and outside the house. Young Mary’s grave site is also another spot where unexplainable things happen. As a gesture of kindness, many visitors leave toys for her by her grave, and they will go missing. It is said Mary is known for not liking anything on top of her grave stone. Once a photo was taken during an investigation of what looks like a little girl behind a tree … next to her grave.

The stone cellar appears to be one of the stronger portals of much ghostly activity. For instance take a look at this still image taken during the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in September 2018.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg - Ghost of Confederate Solder
The Stone Cellar is a haunted hotspot. See image of Confederate Soldier’s ghostly apparition during the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

"The Haunted Trails of Gettysburg is home to much intelligent spirit and the number seems to be growing – as spirt has come to a point of  trust and  does sense the possibility of communication with our side of the realm.  Not all the spirits present are connected to the Civil War and there are even spirits of children that have manifest.  Pictures of materializations have been captured and overwhelmingly spirit demonstrates intelligence – emotion – love and hope.”

-----   James Wyrick from Keystone State Paranormal Society

The Haunted Trails of Gettysburg: A place to gather

Haunted Trails offers its guest a special spooky treat, one that you will not find anywhere else… Fire! After their paranormal investigations, they sit around the fire pit with their guests, sharing scary stories and experiences that occurred during their ghost hunts. This creates an amazing bond of unity and friendship. Memories are created and sealed forever with this southern hospitality.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg - Fire Pit
A gathering place to hear Ghost Stories and create new memories with new friends.

Experience the Haunted Trails of Gettysburg

Come and investigate the Haunted Trails of Gettysburg and see yourself. The property’s managers assure you, there will be no disappointment. They do hold both public and private events, including camp outs, reenactments and traditional ghost hunting expeditions. This is one journey you will not regret doing, in one of the most haunted cities in America!

Contact the Trails
Haunted Trails of Gettysburg
200 Sanders Road
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
Owners: Terry and Amanda Thomas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg Website


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