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5 of the Most Haunted in Virginia USA: Phantoms of the Old Dominion!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Virginia are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Old Dominion!

Rosewell Plantation Ruins

Gloucester Courthouse, Virginia

Haunted Rosewell Plantation Ruins

The Georgian-style plantation house with a substantial brick frame was built in 1725 on the banks of the York River. It was home for a century to the Page family, known for throwing lavish parties even in the years following the Civil War.  The house burned to the ground in 1916, leaving ruins as they stand tall today. Its popularity has actually increased for a few local sites and is more famous for ghost sightings than Gloucester's Rosewell Plantation! This is certainly a hotbed for ghostly sightings! A mysterious lady is said to walk the front steps every night. There is another phantom lady that wears a red cloak, seen rushing into (what used to be) the rose garden. Spirits of slaves alleged to have been buried in the cellar walls are also rumored to appear. Minimally you will hear the sounds of working slaves.  Music can be heard playing, and some apparitions of phantoms that were once guests can be seen descending down invisible stairs.  You may also see boys with lanterns standing on the spot where the doorways once were.

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St Albans Sanatorium

Radford, Virginia

Haunted St Albans Sanatorium

St. Albans Sanatorium was constructed in 1892, first functioned as a Lutheran Boys School. It was reputed for being a rough and competitive school where bullying was not only condoned, it was encouraged. In 1916, Dr. John C. King acquired the property to fulfill his vision of introducing the nation’s first top-notch psychiatric hospital. Mental health patients were given electric shock treatments, cold hydrotherapy, and lobotomies as treatments, resulting in establishing more as a torture chamber than a hospital. Some of St. Albans Sanatorium’s most active rooms are where hydrotherapies were performed, and the bowling alley in the basement.  Here you will find the spirits of Allie and Gina Renee Hall. Allie is rumored to be the young daughter of one of the hospital’s patients, and Gina was a woman who was murdered near St. Albans Sanatorium in 1980.

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Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

King George, Virginia

Haunted Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

This southern plantation was established in 1670 as a tobacco plantation with 1,000 acres, with its mansion being built in 1791 for the Hipkins-Bernard family. Later in 1839, the Turner Family took ownership, expanding it even more. This historical Virginia Landmark is respectfully noted as the birthplace of President James Madison on March 16, 1751. There have also been other historically significant events that occurred here especially during the Civil War era. With all of its military history, it is no surprise that the plantation is extremely haunted. There is a strong mix of ghostly sightings that have been reported at Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast over the years. In fact, many of it came from the actual owner and innkeeper, Michelle Darnell. Since moving into the Belle Grove in 2013, she has actually seen a total of 23 full-body apparitions. Of these, most were Union Civil War Soldiers. There is also the Lady in White, whose first documented sighting was in September 2012 on the carriage side of the upstairs balcony wearing a long, flowing white gown and with long black hair. There is also Jacob who is a fun and sweet spirit of a young boy, making his presence known by playing with a ball. Other spectral entities include spirit cats, plantation slaves, and even members of the original Hooker Family. 

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Historic Cavalier Hotel

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Historic Cavalier Hotel

Construction began in 1926 in this luxurious hotel. It had its own train depot and was added as a nonstop train destination from Chicago. It was named The Cavalier after a local newspaper contest. One of the stories from the Cavalier is about a ghost cat. It seems a family's cat got out of the guest room and either fell or jumped into the pool. The little girl jumped into the pool to save her cat and both drowned. It is said that some guests see the ghost of a little girl walking through the pool area looking for her cat. Even stranger, mysterious feline paw prints have been seen on the back staircase. There is also a story that the elevators move from floor to floor with no one in them. Shockingly, this happened even when the hotel was closed for renovations.

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By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Haunted By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages

Built in 1789, By the Side of the Road Inn played a painful role during the Civil War. It was used as a safe haven of sorts while General Phillip Sheridan swept through Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, burning everything in this path. (This was called the "Burning of the Valley".) From this, the property became a makeshift hospital responding to some of the devastations that resulted.  Due to its interior brick walls, the property itself survived three attempts by Sheridan to set it on fire. Because of this, the building was used to shelter soldiers and homeless neighbors alike. There is a wide range of ghostly activity here, probably trickling from the Civil War events it endured. Doors will open and close on their own. Many hear unexplained disembodied footsteps. The apparitions of men in uniform have been witnessed by many. Sounds that cannot be explained are commonly heard. You may hear spontaneous and baffling knocks on the wall. None of the activity is said to be frightening, so this would be a perfect getaway for the light ghost enthusiast!

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