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5 of the Most Haunted in Wisconsin USA: Phantoms of the Badger State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Wisconsin are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Badger State!

Karsten Nest Hotel   

Kewaunee, Wisconsin 

Haunted Karsten Nest Hotel

Records show that in 1836, the city of Kewaunee was chosen to be the site of a trading post, because of its natural water harbor. This inspired a large hotel, called the "Steamboat House" to be constructed in 1858 on this very same spot the Karsten sits on today. In November 1911, the city's mayor William Karsten then bought the hotel, unfortunately losing it completely to a fire in 1912. It destroyed the hotel in four hours. He was able to rebuild a grander building. He lived here, occupying (what is today) Rooms 205 to 210. In 1940, Karsten died of a heart attack. Oddly, three weeks after he died, his beloved grandson, Billy, died at the age of 5 from Meningitis.

The current owners will tell you that Mayor is still around with his grandson, 5-year-old Billy. He is said to run up and down the hallways. You'll know that he's around when children are at the hotel. He loves playing with them. Another hot spot in this spectrally saturated cavity is Room 310, where a housekeeper, named Agatha worked and lived in for more than a decade. Agatha is the most active phantom of the bunch. You will know she's around when you smell the scent of flowers, with no explanation. Her apparition has appeared to various staff members and guests. In fact, one story is told by a worker who looked up to see her standing behind him as he was cleaning a mirror. Guests who have stayed in her room have heard strange knocks, faint crying, and other unusual sounds.     

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Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast   

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Haunted Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast

This brick home was built in 1910 by George Brumder, an immigrant from Germany, for his eldest son. In 1927, brothers Sam and Ed Pick bought the house, known to have ties with Al Capone. It was strongly rumored that the property was involved in the business of bootlegging prohibition, offering a speakeasy in the basement ballroom, complete with a separate entrance.

The Brumder Mansion is said to be home to three known spirits. Guests and employees have had experiences at the bed and breakfast. One night, in the Gold Suite, a person heard a voice telling her to get the dog out of the bed. The mirror in the bathroom of the same room lifted off the hook and was thrown into the bathtub when no one was around. The George’s Suite, it is believed that Brumder's son, George Fr, could be the spirit that causes objects to go missing and reappear without explanation. Disembodied footsteps and humming are heard from outside its door. The third spirit is believed to be a young child. It is said to haunt the second and third floors. Some guests have reported the feeling of someone jumping on the bed.

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Retlaw Hotel   

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Haunted Retlaw Hotel

The Retlaw Hotel has been operating since 1922. Retlaw is Walter spelled backward, giving credit to Walter Schroeder for his instrumental work in the hotel's creation and commissioning. It has been confirmed that at one point the hotel had many underground tunnels beneath it, perhaps used for illegal gaming and/or in speakeasy activities. Many thought John Dillinger was the mastermind behind this. Today these tunnels have been closed off due to safety.

The hotspots for this grand hotel center on Room 717 and the Ballroom. Please READ our article to get the details on these incredibly spectral areas. Throughout the hotel, guests and the staff have reported events such as disembodied voices, footsteps. They also experience unseen bodies bumping into people. There are also strange humming and whistling noises heard with no explanation. Items have been thrown at the kitchen staff, by an unseen entity. Unexplained movement and activity with the elevators. Unseen bodies have been reported to have bumped into guests and staff. Apparitions are frequently reported as well. The specter of a redheaded woman in a white bathrobe has also been seen disappearing into walls. She also has been reported that she will disappear down a hallway when people notice her. A man's full apparition is also seen walking through many parts of the hotel, leading to speculation this may be the spirit of Walter Schroeder.

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Old Baraboo Inn   

Baraboo, Wisconsin 

Haunted Old Baraboo Inn

This 150 plus year-old historic inn served as a tavern and brothel, conveniently located across from the railway station, connecting this sleepy town to crime-infested Chicago. Originally, it operated as a boarding house, a honky-tonk saloon, and even a brothel. In the past, there have been many known criminals and renegades that have made themselves at home in this property. In fact, the basement has a section that was an execution pole, with bullet holes still holding memories to its ugly past. Among the hundreds of souls that passed through these walls when alive, one of the most famous was Al Capone.       

There is a theory that the jukebox is a portal for spiritual energy is a hard pill to swallow, even when a medium is backing it up. Many have round this to be a tough challenge to show the invisible forces that may or may not turn people away from the inn’s admittedly creepy basement. The owners have clearly defined that there are four separate haunted spaces in the property. They include the front tavern, the back tavern, the second-floor brothel, and the dreaded basement. More DETAILS of these experiences found in our article about this property. The staff and its patrons have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, lights being turned on during the night, and dishes, cups, and utensils flying off racks — untouched by human hands.  Sometimes, the spirits were playful when one dared to enter the basement’s cooler, and unexpectedly the door closed leaving them in complete darkness! Apparitions, shadows, and voices have been chillingly captured digitally, for the unbelievers and skeptics to review! And yes, old “Scarface” is a significant contributor.

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Pfister Hotel

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Haunted Pfister Hotel

The magnificent Pfister was built and opened in 1893 by Guido Pfister and his son, Charles. Unfortunately, Guido died before seeing the project completed. Charles, with much passion took it to its completed grandeur.

The famed Pfister Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the country, and some would arguably assert in the world. The claim to fame with the supernatural activity found at the Pfister Hotel was when major league baseball players have stayed here while playing against the Milwaukee Brewers and some have had interesting experiences. One said he heard, knocking someone knocking on his door, got up and answered it and no one was there. Another said the air conditioner and the television switch on and off by themselves. When he was sleeping, he was awakened by pounding noises from behind his headboard. He was so scared that he took a bat with him to bed for protection. He was only able to sleep for two hours during his three-night stay.  Reports of the hauntings experienced by staff and guests of the hotels have been plentiful. An apparition of a smiling elderly man is thought to be the spirit of Guido Pfister or maybe his son Charles. The phantom has been seen walking the halls by several people.  Guests and staff have caught an entity of this good-natured, portly gent standing on the hotel’s grand staircase, observing the lobby, watching the living go about their business at hand.  He has also been spotted in the Minstrel's Gallery as well as the 9th floor.    

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