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5 of the Most Haunted in Wyoming USA: Phantoms of the Equality State!
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The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Wyoming are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Equality State!

Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel     

Cody, Wyoming    

Haunted Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

This hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody, opening on November 18, 1902. He christened it with his daughter's name, Irma. Cody invited the press and dignitaries from as far away as Boston, quickly became the social center of Cody. After many tragedies and financial tribulations, including the death of 35-year-old Irma in the actual, the hotel and restaurant stand today as supernatural mega-plex.

This is a Wild West hotel where you will find friendly ghosts floating around its halls. Some may even hang out in a few special rooms at the hotel, or do mischievous activity in its dining room. Most special of all, you just might see a celebrity ghost, that of its original owner, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, or his daughter, Irma.  For best reserve either Rooms 35, 16, or 20. These are very active in spectral hauntings. Each has its own flavor of apparitions and ghostly interactions with guests that dare to stay in these rooms.  Room 35 you will meet a soldier in Calvary uniform with a sword, where he will play with water in the bathroom, move your personal belongings and even touch you with his cold hand while you are sleeping. Room 16 belongs to Irma, where her phantom apparition has been witnessed by many, along with other activities. Want to interact with the infamous Buffalo Bill's spirit?  You might see him wandering in the hallways late at night. One employee recalled hearing his spurs jangle in the bar when there was no one there. While eating at the hotel, you may be joined by spectral entities as well. Servers in the dining room have reported seeing guests sitting in the booths in the restaurant. But seconds when they return to the table to serve them, they are not there.

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The Sheridan Inn     

Sheridan, Wyoming    

Haunted Sheridan Inn

The Sheridan Inn was constructed in1883. Equipped with the first bathtubs and electric lights in this part of Wyoming, it was one of the finest hospitality offerings between Chicago and San Francisco. Buffalo Bill Cody actually owned the hotel from 1893 until 1901, managing the hotel that originated to meet the bustling railroad guests from until 1896. Later it became Cody's spot to throw his parties and bring in his friends! In 1901, a young lady called Catherine B. Arnold arrived from Virginia on a train with her parents. She was looking for adventure and thus, fell in love with the Sheridan Inn. At the age of 22, Miss Kate (as she was known) started working and living at the Sheridan Inn. She remained there for 64 years, working as a seamstress, desk clerk, housekeeper, hostess, and even babysitter. In 1968, Miss Kate passed away. Her last request was to return to the Sheridan Inn. To fulfill her wishes, since she was so beloved, her ashes were buried in the wall of the room that she occupied for so many years. It is located on the third floor. Yes, her presence is permanently there, in ashes and spirit.

Miss Kate's spirit remains here. She carries a friendly and protective presence at the Inn. There are so many reports of encounters with Miss Kate, especially as her favorite room was part of a renovation recently that turned it into part of the hallway. So much are the reports, that the Inn keeps a special logbook of its supernatural activity. Miss Kate’s favorite chair was placed next to the wall where her ashes were buried during the renovation. She is often seen wandering the halls of what was her earthly home. Some have seen her sewing on her turn of the century sewing machine. Sometimes, Kate will make her presence known by turning on and off lights on the third floor. You may randomly experience cold spots near the front downstairs windows or in the ballroom. Other times, many have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps throughout the old inn.     

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The Virginian Hotel     

Medicine Bow, Wyoming  

  Haunted The Virginian Hotel

The historic hotel’s construction began in 1901 and was completed in 1911. It was built by August Grimm, who was also the first mayor of the town of Medicine Bow. Upon its completion, it was the largest hotel between Denver and Salt Lake City. The hotel is thought to be named for the famous novel written in Medicine Bow, The Virginian by Owen Wister, which is considered to be the first novel ever written about the Wild West. 

The staff and regulars of the Virginian do not ignore or even dismiss the hauntings in this century-old property. In fact, they affectionately refer to the spirits inhabiting the building as “Our Friends.” Because this hotel has been the gatherer for all in this noble city, it is not surprising that the phantoms of days gone by have gathered here as well!  In fact, many paranormal investigators have actually declared that this quaint little hotel is the most haunted of all in the State of Wyoming!   One of the more intriguing spirits is one that is referred to as the Woman in Beige.  The local legend goes that the woman in beige was waiting in the hotel for her fiancé to come from back east by the train. When he didn’t come, she was said to have thrown herself out of the third-floor window. She has never left. Some guests also report hearing a large crash coming from this end of the hallway, and what is known as the "Back 40” section of the saloon directly below it. Not sure if this is the same gal, but another claim of having seen an apparition of a female phantom that wears a white gown. Another spectral entity is that of young children who amuse themselves by playing in the sitting room on the first floor. One such child even scared one of the saloon regulars so badly, he reportedly went from grumpy and drunk, to stone-cold sober in an instant. Finally, the most prominent of the ghosts is that described as a chivalrous cowboy that displays a mischievous streak. He is called Hank. Hank is very popular at the hotel, often speaking of him very affectionately by nearly everyone in the Virginian. He has been seen as a tall cowboy with a period hat and duster. For some reason, he quite often enjoys pushing glasses off the table. One of his favorite places to hang out is, of course, the bar. There are too many stories to be told here since this absolutely one of the most haunted in Wyoming, but check out their ARTICLE to get the rest of them and what rooms to ask for when you get there and why!     

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Ferris Mansion Bed & Breakfast     

Rawlins, Wyoming  

Haunted Ferris Mansion Bed and Breakfast  

This impressive Queen Anne Style Victorian property was built between 1899 and 1903 by a member of Wyoming's House of Representatives (1873), George Ferris. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see its beautiful completion.  After an accident at the copper mine Ferris owned in 1900, he was killed from being thrown from a runaway carriage. He left his wife Julia alone to care for their 7 children, five boys, and two girls. Unbelievably, three years later more tragedy followed.  His youngest son, Cecil, was accidentally killed by his own brother when a gun he was playing with went off unexpectedly. The two girls died young as well, Edna was ten, and Delia May was one.  With all the deaths endured, Julia Ferris halted the completion of the mansion, letting go of some of the final touches to the home. Julia Ferris lived in the home until her death in 1931. 

The tragic stories that the Ferris has endured have culminated the spectral energy in this spectacular Victorian building.  As early as the 1940s, workmen that were converting the home into apartments witnessed much of the activity. They witnessed ghostly sightings that scared them into leaving for the day. Two men were said to die during the construction phase.  The apartment tenants also reported supernatural activity in this property. They reported strange poltergeist behavior with the appearance of full-bodied apparitions. It is said that young Cecil Ferris was one of the spirits of two boys that have been witnessed. An older woman, believed to be Julia, was seen wearing a long white period nightgown, appearing mysteriously in every corner of the mansion. She is drawn most to the kitchen area. All this spectral activity was enhanced when the building was returned to its magnificent original property in 1986 when it became its bed and breakfast.   

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Wyoming Frontier Prison

Rawlins, Wyoming    

Haunted Wyoming Frontier Prison

The cornerstone of the Wyoming Frontier Prison, at the time known as the State Pen (and sometimes Old Pen), was laid in 1888.  Upon opening in 1901, the final count of inmates incarcerated during its 80 years of operation was about 13,500 people, 11 being women. The concept of reform at this time was to break the spirits of hardened criminals and force conformity, with the hope that the criminal would conform to society’s rules. Wyoming Frontier Prison at Rawlins was equipped with 104, dark, cramped cells in its cell house, but with no electricity or running water, and an inadequate heating system. Hot water wasn’t available in the cells until 1978. Two inmates even died of the cold. In 1912, A Block, the oldest part of the prison, has a particularly grim history where an inmate was lynched. Offenders met their deaths in other ways. The prison houses gallows, an electric chair, and a gas chamber (installed in 1936). These facilities were contained in what was called the Death House. Five inmates were executed in the gas chamber and nine others were hanged. A total of 200 died within the prison walls due to execution, suicide, inmate violence, and natural causes.

The complexities of horror ignited with a very violent, oppressive prison history, has generated an above level of negative energy. These troubled, restless, and angry spirits are still there today. So heavy are the haunts here, several celebrated paranormal investigators have targeted this prison as a "must do & dare" investigation locations. One of them were the stars of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. To read more about the gruesome details of the haunts here, go to our Article on the Wyoming Frontier Prison. Apparitions are frequently reported to be seen out of the corner of the visitor's eyes. In various cells throughout the cell blocks, phantoms are felt, and at times disembodied voices are heard. An angry, crazed presence is said to threaten anyone who dares to enter certain sections of the prison. The reflection of an apparition of a man wearing a brimmed hat has been seen in the room where men were once horrifically executed by the feared hanging/strangling contraption. Some sensitives have felt an increase of pressure on the chest and a feeling of anxiety as they climbed the steps to the death house.   

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