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Hauntings of Poasttown Elementary

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Could decades of spiritual imprints of the children and educators that once developed their dreams and hopes in a proud elementary school still be speaking through phantom voices? Yes, and it’s one of the most haunted places in Ohio.

Right north of a Cincinnati, Ohio, in a city of Middletown Ohio, lies a federalist themed historic large building that used to be the safe haven for teaching the youngsters in this blue collared and American-proud town, Poasttown Elementary. Darrell Whisman, growing up here and an actual alumni of this noble school, made sure this precious property would never meet the bull-dozers of historical reconstruction. He took it under his care, only to find that many were happy he did. Not just the living within his community but the dead that still lurks this property. Today, since 2001, Poasttown Elementary has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators.

Hauntings of Poasttown ElementaryDarrel Whisman’s Posttown Yearbook Photo
Credit: WCPO

The History

The school was dedicated in 1937 running a dedicated academic service until its closure in 2000. Chillingly, what adds to the tales of the children and teachers are several tragedies that occurred not far from where this spiritual portal exists today.

Hauntings of Poasttown ElementaryPoasttown: An educational historical landmark in Middletown Ohio
Credit: WCPO

The Train Tragedies

From the late 1800’s, trains coming in, out and through Middletown were very active. Keep in mind, this was the main form of transportation for commuters and freight. Unfortunately they were also very dangerous and unsafe, causing many horrific accidents. As this was the case on n July 25th 1891, when staff from the National Cash Register Company were on their way back up to Dayton from their company picnic. What normally would have been a time of fun and celebration, turned tragic. Their passenger train collided with a freight train, causing four deaths and over 50 injuries. Unfortunately this was not isolated.

Train Wreck in Middletown Ohio near Poasttown Elementary
Credit: PoasttownSchool.com

On July 4th, 1910 another dreadful train accident occurred when an engineer of the Big Four passenger train ran off schedule after a detour. With this chaos, an oncoming freight-filled train was unable to avoid what would be a massive collision. All passengers in the 2 cars closest to the engine either died or were seriously injured. Altogether, there were multitudes deaths at the scene of the accident and countless others who were severely hurt. With no hospitals in Middletown at the time, many came to (what is today) the Poasttown School property, serving as a makeshift triage. Relief trains were sent out, and the passengers who survived were taken to hospitals in other nearby cities. In the end, there were a total of 36 deaths.

The intensity of haunts at Poasttown

This haunted property is not fit for every paranormal enthusiast that cannot withstand the spiritual complexities within its walls. The air within this collegiate halls often feel heavy. There is a sense of always being watched, at every turn that leads to another hallway that seems to be cluttered … filled with energy as never experienced before.

You will hear what sounds like desks being drug across a floor above you, yet there is no one up there! Footsteps belonging to children followed by whispers and giggles coming from the children that still call this their safe home. Apparitions are part of the expectations there, coming in all sorts as full and shadow figures. There are black floating masses, white mists and strange glowing lights floating through the rooms. Once even a gremlin like creature was found! Wrapping it up, paranormal investigators have obtained the most amazing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings) and visual evidence that undoubtedly support this is one very special haunted place.

No regrets guaranteed! As Darrel Whisman, the owner says, “When you leave, you believe.”

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