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5 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois
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Are cemeteries truly haunted? Do our imaginations designate these tombs as perfect locations to explore the most haunted?

Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted Cemeteries

Many paranormal investigators claim that cemeteries are the last place most spirits want to roam for the rest of their spectral existence. We respectfully conclude that cemeteries CAN be some of the most haunted places on earth. Ghosts who haunt cemeteries seem to be a different sort of entity than those that haunt their earth-bound homes of the past. Many of these phantoms seem to be attached to the cemetery in some way, excluding events that occurred during their lifetime.

Graveyard ghosts have certain commonalities. They appear to be gripped to the burial ground because of events that occurred after their deaths. Others ghosts seem to be looking for eternal rest that escapes them in a location where their physical remains are buried.

Burial grounds that have been unmarked, disrespected, robbed, falsely labeled, tampered or even destroyed are associated with haunted attachments and activity. These spirits are connected to the place which contains their remains in an attempt to protect or even return the tomb to its original hallowed state.  

Haunted Illinois

Most Haunted Illinois

The Prairie State is one of the best kept secrets for local legends and historical hauntings. From naughty gangster hangouts in old speak-easy establishments, civil war battlegrounds, slavery hide-outs, victims’ mass graves, gambling cellars, assassination sites, Native American soil or just old homes that were loved intensely, Illinois offers a unique flavor that you will not find in the rest of the country. With such intensities, we decided to focus on one of Haunted Illinois’ prize possessions … Haunted Cemeteries!

We will start with the Queen of ALL Cemeteries…

Bachelor Grove Cemetery

Haunted Bachelor Grove Cemetery

The Bachelor Grove Cemetery was established in 1840 in Midlothian, Illinois. The Englishmen who used this cemetery left it abandoned when the settlement moved east. Falling into disrepair, the cemetery was vandalized regularly and the pond there was even rumored to be a dumping ground for Chicago mob hits. Many different paranormal occurrences have been reported over the long history of this very spooky place.

The "White Lady" or "Madonna" of Bachelor's Grove is a common paranormal story associated with the cemetery. Her apparition has been see walking the grounds with an infant in her arms, especially when there’s a full moon. Another strange report is seeing ghost cars on a nearby road. Devil worshipers were common here in the 60’s and 70’s, leading some to believe that there are some evil elements in this cemetery.

The "White Lady" of Bachelor Grove Cemetery

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Credit: Travel Channel and AfterDeathParanormal

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Bethania Cemetery

Haunted Bethania Cemetery

Enter the cemetery and you will know the feeling of the presence of the spirit world with many of the graves going back in to the 1800's. It is often confused with her famous neighbor, Resurrection Cemetery, but do not dismiss this one!

It is one thing to be confronted by the ghost of an elderly woman, but to do so at the gates of a cemetery and be cursed out by her is another!  This is what has been reported at Bethania Cemetery. Good luck getting past her!

Dare to watch this video of the Haunted Bethania Cemetery?
Credit: Julia Robertson

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Resurrection Cemetery

Haunted Resurrection Cemetery

Since the 1930s, several men driving northeast along Archer Avenue between the Willowbrook Ballroom and Resurrection Cemetery have reported picking up a young female hitchhiker.

Resurrection Mary was a young Polish girl who was killed in a hit-and-run as she was hitchhiking early in the 1930s after leaving a nearby ballroom. She is reputed to be buried at the Roman Catholic cemetery in a white dress and dancing shoes.

Resurrection Mary   Credit Pinterest

Her apparition appears as a young woman, dressed somewhat formally in a white party dress and is said to have light blond hair and blue eyes. There are other reports that she wears a thin shawl, dancing shoes, carries a small clutch purse, and possibly that she is very quiet.  When the driver nears the Resurrection Cemetery, the young woman asks to be let out, whereupon she disappears into the cemetery.

Dare to watch this video of the Haunted Resurrection Cemetery?
Credit: The Motion Devotion

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Woodlawn Cemetery (Showmen’s Rest)

Haunted Woodlawn Cemetery (Showman's Rest)

Showmen’s Rest is a section of Woodlawn Cemetery where remains from a 1918 circus-train wreck were buried in a mass grave. Between 60 and 110 employees were killed when another train conductor fell asleep, causing his train to strike the circus train.

Many of the victims’ names were not known, so some of the markers are identified with curious names, such as "Baldy", "Four Horse Driver", "Smiley" and, of course, the undeniable "unidentified male".In a twisted horror ending, the last life claimed from this horrible accident was that of John B. Warren, the Showmen's League president. He died a week after he attended to the funerals of those killed in the train wreck. He was buried alongside of them.

Today, the section continues to be used for burials of circus showmen. The cemetery is rumored to be haunted. Locals say the sound of phantom elephants can be heard at night.

Dare to watch this video of the Haunted Showmen’s Rest Burial Ground?
Credit: David Moskow

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Alton City Cemetery

Haunted Alton City Cemetery

Established in 1842, this city cemetery is located in one of the most haunted little cities in America, Alton Illinois. Could this be the reason this cemetery as associated with plentiful ghost stories.

One story is about a nine year old little girl called Lucy Haskell. She usually appears near the Hayner/Haskell monument.  Another phantom is that of a woman dressed in black that appears near the Grandview Mausoleum. The third spirit is that of Elijah P. Lovejoy, who was a minister and publisher by trade, and an abolitionist by spirit. Lovejoy was shot at a pro-slavery riot in 1837. His ghost is said to lurk near his monument and occasionally is detected with cold spots.

Dare to watch this video of the Alton City Cemetery?
Credit: WTVP

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These properties are part of our Legendary "Free Treats" Series. As public locations they are open to all, but some may have hours of operation or other rules. In addition, decades of ghost stories have encouraged some people to vandalize memorials and other cemetery property. If you do plan to visit any of the cemeteries listed above, please be respectful, observe their rules and make sure you’re not trespassing!

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Places that are listed in our articles or in Haunted Journeys catalog require permission to visit or investigate. Many of these places are patrolled by the owners and/or authorities, and stand the risk of you being prosecuted for trespassing. Rules for Public locations must be respected as posted on their properties/grounds.  For recommendations on how to conduct yourselves with abandoned properties, please visit Haunted Places Around Me.

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