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Catching the Sounds of the Haunted
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When ghost hunters (also known as paranormal investigators explore haunted places, they bring devices that will help them validate the presence of spirits (intelligent or residual) within its walls.

These equipment are categorized by the many theories of discovery ... sound, energy, visual imprints, and frequencies.

Catching the Sounds of the Haunted

The discovery of sound or noises that are created by Ghosts is one of the most original and popular strategies that investigators prefer. It could be the immediate feedback that is produced, or maybe the opportunity to have an actual conversation with Spirit is very appealing. Given this, the industry has developed some devices that have become the standards for most investigators. High on the list are ITC devices (or as commonly known "Spirit/Ghost Boxes").

Credit:  LiveSciFiTV

What are ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) Ghost Hunt Devices?

Ghost/Spirit Boxes, known as ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) by practicing Paranormal Investigators and industry researcher, is simply defined as a radio-like gadget that allows folks to speak with ghost through electronic fields

Paranormal Technologists defines it more scientifically based on a theory that ghosts can alter electromagnetic fields and put their voices on electronic and digital media. ITC devices are designed to scan radio frequencies (either linearly or randomly) and through a currently unknown process, voices from the dead are said to manifest and communicate with us in real-time

ITC uses electronic equipment with the anticipation of having audio or video contact with the spirit realm. Such electronic devices may include radios, televisions, computers, audio recorders, telephones, ghost boxes and more. 

Many in the field say that ITC is a modern version of historical techniques known as scrying, which is the ancient art of peeping into the future through Spirit messages or visions. Communications may present itself in the form of images, video or audio recordings.  (Credit: AngelsGhosts.com)

The Ancient Art of Scrying
Photo Credit: Amino Apps

Because this type of investigative technology in ghost hunting is growing by leap bounds, engineers continue to apply more skill and sophistication to these gadgets.  The market has surged with designers, interpreters and distinctive types of ITC devices.

The History of ITC

Although ITC is considered today to be "the fringe of ghost investigation, the history of ITC has been over a century, in the form of an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) was presented.  Here are two of the credited early launchers of these ghost hunting devices.

1910: Priest Roberto Landell was seen communicating with spirits through a small box. Landell would speak to the box and the box would answer back. The priest would not share any information regarding the box or the spirit voices that were heard. This event the industry’s classification of the birth of Instrumental Trans-Communication.

1920s: Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, was a contributor to the development of the ITC. Edison’s "Telephone to the dead”, as identified in his own records, was the most impressive device presented to the field.

Edison wrote:
“If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this earth. Therefore, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”    Credit: AngelsGhosts.com

In recent years, due to its sophisticated data collection, the use of the ghost box has also become more prominent in the ITC field than the early EVP recording devices.

George Meek and his Spiricom
Photo Credit: AngelsGhosts.com

1979: Fast-forwarding to the end of the ’70s, the industry surged into developing more sophisticated equipment with the introduction of the Spiricom. Introduced by George Meek and Bill O’Neill, this apparatus shook the paranormal scientific / research realm.

Four years later, over 20 hours of recordings containing the voice of deceased NASA scientist, Dr. Mueller, as well as schematics to the communication device were made available to the world.

Here are five of the smartest contributors to the field of IDC Equipment

There are many bright minds in the Paranormal Research Industry that have transferred their strong investigation expertise and their keen curiosity to build some of the most impressionable devices in the market. Here we showcase five gentlemen that have stood out among the crowd!

Jay W. Prather with IDC Devices

Photo Credit:  Castbox.FM

Jay W. Prather is the Owner, Founder, designer, and builder for IDC Devices paranormal investigative equipment. He is no stranger to the paranormal, and with over 30 years of experience working with electrical components and electronics, he has been creating personalized, paranormal equipment since 2010.

Jay W is not your typical equipment builder, though. His equipment is experimental and meant for seasoned investigators that focus on data, research, and correlation among different techniques used in an investigation.

Jay W is the creator of the IDC InterComm Box, sometimes referred to as the Jay’s Box as well as many more original designs. The InterComm Box remains the only truly random scan Ghost Box on the market. He concentrates on building equipment that will aid in monitoring the environment during paranormal investigations as well as ITC devices.

Watch the Video: IDC State of Affairs

Credit: Jay W Prather

 Tim Woolworth with ITC Voices 

Photo Credit: Mid-Michigan Paracon

Tim Woolworth has spent his life reading, writing and pursuing paranormal knowledge. Most of his findings are located on his website, ITCvoices.org, and ParanormalStudy.com.

ITC Voices is a site dedicated to ITC; where Tim has codified most of the ghost box knowledge known, proposing novel theories.

With his consolidated ghost box (ITC) knowledge, he has written more theory on ghost boxes than anyone living. With this, he has been featured on multiple TV and radio programs. His industry articles are shared the world over, in such wide spectrums that Ghost box designers and software ITC makers look for his advice and input.

William Pimblott with Mastercraft and Supernatural Ink

Photo credit: Facebook

With over 25 years of experience, MasterCraft builds unique custom ghost boxes, spirit boxes, and ITC devices. Their design is based on the theory and practical application of electronic circuit design. The circuits are all engineered and hand-wired in the USA using high-quality electronic components and materials. Each ghost box is based around a core unit, and the circuit is designed, based on the desired function. MasterCraft does not use prefabricated kit based sweep circuits.

Proprietor of MasterCraft, William Pimblott, has had a life-long involvement in the paranormal starting at a very young age. Witnessing countless personal paranormal activities and events has led him down the path of paranormal research, instrumental trans-communication, and device theory functionality.

KD Stafford  With Supernatural Ink

Photo credit: Facebook

KD Stafford is an avid and respected paranormal investigator, with a decade in the field founded by a lifelong interest in the supernatural field. He has taken this expertise and launch of specialization in designing experimental equipment of all types for use in the so-called “Fringe Sciences”, used in the paranormal field. I’m also an avid paranormal investigator with nearly a decade in the field and a lifelong interest.

Brenden Black with Phantom Engineering

Photo Credit: Facebook

As the designer of the Phantom Clear Speech (the PCS), Brenden has introduced a new device based on "Universal Ghost Box Clarification and Echo Multisystem". It is based on the ability to isolate vocal frequency while muting white noise static. This innovative, unique communications tool has contributed nobly to the advancement in paranormal research. With its unique design, it works with any ghost box containing an audio output jack or with the supplied onboard internal sweep circuit.

Watch the following demonstration video for the full detailed description, functionality, and procedure of use.

Phantom Clear Speech Demonstration  

Credit: Phantom IDC Engineering

Debunking ITC

It's only fair to also look into the possibilities that IDC not delivering true Spirit communication. For this reason, debunking (finding a more natural or "non-ghostly" reason for capturing an unexplained sound) is called for.

Like most ghostly evidence, ITC data can be debunked. Many times, it is the perception of your mind's matrixes that sometimes gets in the way of true Spiritual Communication. Making it "fit" with your expectations, is a natural human reaction that we have to be aware for. Be prepared to be a "third party" mind in translations of ITC Data.

It’s also important to have what paranormal investigators call a "cool-down period." Walk away from your data and review it the next day. You will be amazed by how this leverages perception from true ghostly evidence. Providing time refreshes the data, thus becoming more objective. Also, you will evolve to be more of the analyzer (as opposed to the gatherer).

Also be aware, that some of the available digital equipment in the market is so sensitive, it records conversations from outside your immediate area that you are not even aware of. Be sure to scope your inner and outer spaces for this possibility.

The Future of ITC

ITC is here to stay, for it has created a new evolution of data that strongly could confirm intelligent Spiritual Communication when analyzed with the whole process of the paranormal investigation.  It's interactive and awing experience will secure its spot in every ghost hunter's toolbox.

Want the opportunity to meet these bright minds of Paranormal Investigation? Join up with them in Middle Point, Ohio when they take on the Haunted Middle Point School.  You will be able to see the latest in ITC technology and see it in action as they explore an unknown but most haunted location in Mid-Ohio.

To add to the awe of this event, Tennessee Wraith Chaser, Doogie McDougal will be joining them in the Ghost Hunt.



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