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Most Haunted Hotels in the World
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Dare to stay in the world's most haunted hotels.

Have you ever considered staying in a hotel where things will most definitely go bump in the night? We’ve put together a list of the most haunted hotels in the world. The paranormal run-ins have all been alleged by staff and guests alike, so if fancy a night sleeping with one eye open, check out these otherworldly haunts.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado USA

Haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado

The hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining after he stayed in there in 1974 is known for having paranormal activity. Built in 1909, it is believed that the owners F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora are known to make an appearance. Most commonly seen in the Billards Room or making the piano in the music room play, the hotel is proud of its ghostly heritage. It offers nightly ghost tours and guests can stay in the most haunted hotel rooms.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA USA

Opened originally as a ballroom in 1827, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel has also been used a school, orphanage and medical ward for a yellow fever epidemic. It’s said that the ghosts of children and nuns can often be seen and heard, as well as a phantom dancer in the ballroom. If you are interested in all things spooky you can book ghosts and spirits walking tour in New Orleans which makes a stop at the hotel.

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio Texas USA

The boutique Emily Morgan Hotel is located right across from the Alamo. At one time it was a medical facility which had a morgue and a psychiatric ward. Reports of unexplained noises and the feeling of being touched are pretty frequent. The most haunted areas of the hotel are the seventh, ninth, eleventh, or twelfth floors.

Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Haunted Omni Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Omni Parker House is steeped with old-world charm. An ideal place to stay to enjoy a taste of Boston’s political past, the hotel originally opened in 1855. Guests have reported seeing the hotel’s first owner Harvey Parker in their rooms enquiring about their stay and the smell of whiskey and sound of laughter from room 303 after a businesswoman died there. In fact, Stephen King’s short story 1408, was based on the paranormal experiences in room 303.

Langham Hotel, London, England, UK

Haunted Langham Hotel in London, England

The Langham Hotel is one of the most historic hotels in London, built in 1865 as one of the original luxury hotels it is a frequent haunt of celebrity royals and the odd ghost. From a German Prince, soldiers, a doctor who murdered his wife and even Napoleon III who lived there in his final days of exile have all made an appearance. The most haunted rooms in the hotel are said to be room 333 and if any travellers are feeling brave they can opt to stay there.

The Marshall House, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Haunted Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia, USA

The Marshall House is the oldest hotel in Savannah. It was built in 1851 and housed Union soldiers during the American Civil War and also acted as a hospital three times. During building renovations, workers found human remains under the floorboards. Ghostly apparitions have been cited throughout the hotel, including hearing children in the halls, water taps turning on by themselves and doorknobs being turned with no one on the other side. 

The Hay-Adams, Washington D.C. USA

Haunted Hay-Adams in Washington D.C., USA

The Hay-Adams hotel was built on the land of the former homes of John Hay and Henry Adams. Marian Hooper Adams committed suicide on the site in 1885 and her spirit is known to haunt the hotel today. Staff and guests say they can hear a woman crying, disembodied voices and doors opening and closing by themselves.

Hotel Provincial, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Haunted Provincial, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The Hotel Provincial in New Orleans previously was a medical facility that treated wounded Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Their spirits are said to possess the hotel, with staff and guests reporting seeing apparitions of distressed soldiers, doctors and pools of blood. If you don’t feel brave enough to spend a night at the hotel you can check it out on one of the many ghost-walking tours in the city.

Stay on Main Street (formerly the Cecil Hotel) Los Angeles, California, USA

Haunted Stay On Main Street (formerly Cecil Hotel) in Los Angeles, California

Possibly one of the most infamous hotels in Los Angeles, the Cecil Hotel opened in 1924 as a hotel for LA’s elite businessmen in Downtown LA, now it’s based a stone's throw from skid row. After the depression, it hit on hard times and is known for a litany of sinister events. The Black Dahlia is reported to have been last seen at the hotel bar, there have been numerous murders and suicides spanning the 40s, 50s and 60s and it has once been home to two serial killers. It was also the unfortunate location where young student Eliza Lam disappeared in unusual circumstances in 2013. The hotel unlike others we have mentioned does not discuss its history and recently changed its name to try and shake its sinister reputation.

Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland, UK

Haunted Ballygally Castle in Northern Ireland

The Castle was built in 1625 and is steeped in sinister history. The first owner Lord James Shaw and his wife Lady Isabella lived there until her death when she reportedly fell or was pushed from the top of the castle. Her ghost is known the haunt the hotel, knocking on doors and then disappearing. If you fancy a fright, stay in the ghost room, which is situated in one of the oldest parts of the castle.


Written by Stuart Cooke, Marketing Manager at MyBaggage.com a luggage delivery service that’s had the privilege to deliver to some of the world’s scariest hotels.

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