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Unearth these Celebrity Spirits in these Haunted Places
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Visiting and exploring haunted places is quite intriguing! Discovering the mysteries of why they are restless is in our human embedded code!

Let’s take that to the next level!  What if you were driven to go to a specific property because it’s haunted by the spirit of a famous celebrity?

Here are our top six picks of haunted places that legendary personalities’ souls have called these home in the afterlife!

Alcatraz Federal Prison     San Francisco, CA

Haunted Alcatraz Prison

Celebrity Phantom:  Al Capone

Al Capone has certainly made his presence known here! There is no denying this, since he was one of the first inmates to occupy the Rock. To stir it up, his cell is the only one Alcatraz that has been preserved with his belonging, immortalized as he left it. You might say, he’s a bit of Alcatraz’s forever favorite celebrity!

He’s made himself known by his disembodied whispers, apparitions and even the sound of spectral banjo music has often been heard coming from inside his old cell. Capone received a banjo from his wife which he played in his cell. His second hangout was the shower room, where he found comfort in being in. And yes, he played his strings there too. And, double yes, strumming of his banjo cords have also been heard coming from the shower room!

Alcatraz has much more hauntings than Capone’s!  Make sure to read about it on its listing page!

Baker Hotel    Mineral Springs, TX

The Haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells Texas

Celebrity Phantoms:  Bonnie & Clyde

The Baker Hotel is supposedly haunted by Bonnie and Clyde. History tell us that Bonnie and Clyde stayed at the Baker for several nights during their crime spree in Texas. Their preference at the Baker are two specific areas of the hotel, the Brazos Room and the Ballroom. Many feel their ghosts are still present because they are reliving their fond memories. Others they are attached to several objects the hotel owns, keeping their ghosts very active. The hotel, when it was active, displayed a poem that Bonnie wrote for Clyde and Bonnie’s 38 Revolver.  Are they looking for these possessions now?  

Evidence?  A video was once captured of a ghostly woman wearing a long old-fashioned gown walking from one pillar to the next in the hotel lobby resembles Bonnie. Unfortunately, this video has been made “private” recently.

If you want to read about the naked and bloody spectral female that runs up on the seventh floor, go to our listing!

Chateau Marmont     Los Angeles, California

The Haunted Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles California

Celebrity Phantoms:  John Belushi

The Saturday Night Live star and Blues Brother, John Belushi, died in Bungalow 3 at the Chateau Marmot Hotel in LA after binging on drink and drugs.

Today, guests in Bungalow 3 have experienced the feeling of being watched, especially when looking in the bathroom mirror. One couple have said that their son stayed awake all night talking to someone he called "the funny man." Years later, the boy saw a picture of Belushi and said that he was the funny man who had been in Bungalow 3.

But wait, this property has even more fascinating celebs that lurk its spaces!  Open up the listing and you will read about them!

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel    Los Angeles, California

Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California

Celebrity Phantoms:  Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift


This iconic historic hotel is the longest running hotel in Hollywood, and with that comes the ghosts!  No disappointments here, the Roosevelt is haunted by a multitudes of spirits, two that happen to be celebrities.

The first and probably the most iconic is the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. At the Roosevelt, sightings of Monroe’s spirit mainly in the suite she frequented; room 1200. Her ghost often would shock people by appearing in a full length mirror and it got so bad that they moved the mirror from the suite to the hallway in an attempt to not lose customers. Some guests wouldn’t be that upset to spend the night with her ghost, at least they can say they spent the night with Marilyn Monroe.

If you miss Marilyn here, no worries! This is not the only spot that Marilyn has been found in her afterlife. In fact, many claim that she is the hardest working ghost in showbiz! 

The second famous haunt is that of Montgomery Clift who prefers to keep his spectral activity in Room 928. This is where he stayed while filming "From Here to Eternity”. It’s reported that his ghost is responsible for furniture moving about around in the room and shifting occupants' luggage. Other hotel guests have seen him in the hallway rehearsing his lines for a movie or playing the trumpet.

Want to read more about the haunts of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, including tales about the headless phantom?  Go on over to its listing page!

Horse You Came In On Saloon   -   Pittsburgh, Maryland

Haunted Horse You Came In On Saloon in Pittsburgh, Maryland

Celebrity Phantoms:  Edgar Allan Poe

Established in 1775, the Horse You Came In On Tavern, is the oldest saloon in the USA!  Could it be why bar was the favorite drinking hole for Edgar Allen Poe?

Yes, it was! More importantly, it was the last place the author was seen before his 1849 mysterious death. His ghost has been seen walking down the street toward the saloon. In addition, Poe is known to sip cognac that bartenders leave out for him. Floating orbs of light also have been seen, attributed to his energies. Others have credited Poe for the chandelier swinging on its own. Sometimes, the cash register drawer will mysteriously keep opening without the staff initiating it.

We’ve left out some of the very creepy details, so make sure to hop on to their listing and read it all!

Oman House 
Beverly Hills, California

Haunted Oman House in Beverly Hills, California

Celebrity Phantom:  Sharon Tate!

What makes this property intensely haunted? Could it be that house is steps away from the site of the notorious Charles Manson's clan murders of Sharon Tate and her friends on August 9th, 1969? The house sits in Beverly Hills, just north of famous Sunset Bl. down the private drive from the murder site!

The property owner, David Oman, believes Sharon Tate is one of the restless spirits haunting his property. A witness claims to have seen a bleeding pregnant woman walking outside the house. The witness firmly believes this was Sharon Tate, the famous actress who was pregnant at the time of her murder.

Don’t miss out on the details about this extremely haunted property, known by many as the “Mount Everest of the Haunted”.  Read on…


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Rules for Public locations must be respected as posted on their properties/grounds, whether they are occupied or abandoned.   On recommendations on how to conduct yourselves with abandoned properties, please visit Haunted Places Around Me.



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