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Six of the Most Haunted Sanctuary Places on earth!
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Why are sanctuaries or places of worship some of the most haunted in the world?

Whether they are churches, synagogues, monasteries, mosques or even ancient abbeys, there is no doubt that these can be some of the daring places to go for a scary ghost hunt. Could it be the intense spiritual exchanges that occurred within these sacred walls? Are lost souls in these true “sanctuaries” (a safe haven), afraid to move on for whatever reason?  Or perhaps, content visiting spirits just prefer to be in these hallowed spaces more than anywhere else? 

Let us explore six of the most haunted sanctuaries in the world.

Aquia Episcopal Church
Stafford, Virginia

Aquia Episcopal Church

This sacred historical site is said to be one of the most haunted churches in Virginia. Legend says that the church and its associate graveyard (which has graves dating back to 1738) are both home to paranormal activity that has taken place for over 200 years.

We wrote a bit more on this place!  A must full read! 

Auburn University Chapel
Auburn, Alabama

Auburn University Chapel

Once used as a Civil War hospital, Auburn University Chapel is today host to a community theatre troupe. This haunted history verifies reports that a Confederate soldier named Sydney now lurks his forever sanctuary home.

Yes, here is another one you should get more of the haunted details! See our full article on it! 

Carmel Mission Basilica Museum
Carmel By The Sea, California

The Carmel Mission Basilica was founded in 1770 by Father Junipero Serra. It became the headquarters of the entire mission system in California. Haunted reports include unexplained sounds, apparitions of the spectral figure of Father Serra and the ghost of a young Indian boy has also been seen inside the mission.

It's too bad we left out the best part of this story. Why don't you continue on and read "the rest of the spooky story"?

Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Exeter, Rhode Island

Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

There are stories of the paranormal dating far back into history, a category that Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery falls into. Creepy (and almost unbelievable) tales continue to linger on about a vampire that was thought to stalk local people in the late 1800's. This vampire has an amazing twisted story that taunts the haunted here. No kidding!

So trust us, these stories on this list get creepier and creepier. This is one  that we just HAVE to make you go to and read more about. No kidding, again!

Revesby Abbey
Boston, England

Revesby Abbey

This abandoned 18th century property, has creepy and eerie corridors, rooms, tunnels and secret passageways to provide a small glimpse into what life would have been back when the Monks ruled these halls. It has a “Downstairs Downtown Abbey” feel to it for sure.  Are the restless spirits of the monks still lingering in these spaces?

If you have the spine to spend the night at this abbey, be prepared for anything at this is truly a terrifying property. It is fast gaining a reputation as being one of the most active buildings in Britain.

Participating in the 2018 World's Larges Ghost Hunt, the ghost hunting team, Cambridge Ghost Hunters captured one of the three apparitions caught world wide during the event. This is an incredible image!

Two phantoms caught embracing at the Revesby Manor!

Let's take you to the Abbey's actual description page so that you can indulge on a bit more!

The Abbey Monastery
Canon City, Colorado

The Abbey Monastery

This historic building originally served as a monastery when it was built in 1924, abandoned in 1984. All the earthly inhabitants left, but the spirits that still call this home. None of the hauntings of this property are predictable, for reasons that aren’t easy to explain. Maybe you will have a chance to go explore and find a purpose for the haunts! 


Ready for more thrills?  

Watch this video that presents even more haunted sacred places!

Credit: Matthew Santoro

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Places that are listed in our articles or in Haunted Journeys catalog require permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the owners and/or authorities. You will stand the risk of you being prosecuted for trespassing if you proceed without permission.

Rules for Public locations must be respected as posted on their properties/grounds, whether they are occupied or abandoned.   On recommendations on how to conduct yourselves with abandoned properties, please visit Haunted Places Around Me.





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