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Most Terrifying Haunted Spaces at the Ohio State Reformatory
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There is no doubt that the Ohio State Reformatory, located in Mansfield, Ohio, is one of the most haunted places in the world, and certainly in the USA's Midwest. 

Could we dissect this mega and epic spectral property in the center of northern Ohio to identify the most terrifying, phantasmic activity? We've gathered the archived experiences from those that work there, as well as those that have dedicated long hours investigating this most haunted property.

Here is such a list of the 8 MOST GHOSTLY ACTIVE AREAS at the Ohio State Reformatory!

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#8: East Wing on the First Floor.

The Shower Area of the Ohio State Reformatory.   Credit: Mark E. Schrull

The East Wing Floor area offers the eighth-most-haunted space, which includes the Toilet Room and the East Showers. This section has recently offered intensive activity. Rarely does a night go by without someone actually experiencing and seeing a few shadow people.

#7:  Third Floor

Administration Office -  Credit: No Home Just Roam

If you dare to go to the Middle Administration offices, you may encounter shadow people, audible voices, disembodied footsteps, and yes … the notorious feeling of “not being alone."

#`6: The Sub-Basement

The Basement Stairs  -   Credit: Trig Photography

Take a chance of exploring the sub-basement and you may experience and capture some pretty haunting evidence. It’s so creepy, that it had become (by choice) “off limits” by workers and residents even when OSR was still in operation.

#5:  The Chapel

The Chapel at the Ohio State Reformatory  -  Credit: YELP

Could it be that sanctuary spots tend to be most haunted due to the grief and desperateness sustained throughout the years in their walls? Could it be that when the staff resident or maybe a guest came here to plead for mercy or a miracle that it left its intense energy behind? You bet! For those that are skeptics, this is where you will have a change of heart! Recently, it's reported that the ghosts have been getting rather "grabby" and physically interactive!

#4:  West Attic:

How horrific and terrifying can a space be when a well-known paranormal celebrity encountered one of his worst experiences, and now refuses to go back into the West Attic? That’s exactly what occurred when he grabbed his scarf and walked right out!  (Wonder who the "Chip off the Block" could be?)

#3:  Admin Basement

Here, at the Administration Basement location, you will meet and mingle with two entities. One is not so bad and the other ... stay away from.

#2:  Cell Blocks (East and West)

East Cell Block – Ohio State Reformatory  Credit: Yelp

East Cell Block – Ohio State Reformatory    Credit: Haunted Hamilton

This is the one haunted section of OSR that has driven grown men to tears and put them on their knees! Here is where multiple remnants of horrific murders and suicides occur, leaving imprints of dark hauntings.

#1:  And the most horrific of all:  Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement at Ohio State Reformatory   -   Credit: TripAdvisor

“The Hole”   Credit: Trig Photography

We’ve prepared you for the worst of them all, we hope. Better known as “The Hole,” the Solitary Confinement area was a horrible prison inside another horrific prison. Many men took their own lives while being trapped in this despicable space. Those that want to hear (or experience) it can share the prisoners' agony. 
Explore on your own!

In June 2019, the first Para Cryptid Tours and Events Annual Women’s Para-Retreat Weekend took place in Mansfield, Ohio, and OSR was one of the crowning points of their multiple ghost hunts! 


Watch this Video that covers the amazing haunts of Ohio State Reformatory with much relevance to its history!


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