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Multiple Ghost Hunts Unleashed For One Night in a Single Haunted Town!

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Imagine ghost hunting an ENTIRE TOWN, in a single spooky night! That's just what happened on May 2019 in Antioch, Illinois with Hunt the Town™

We present the town of Antioch, Illinois, which is no ordinary town! It holds a remarkable amount of history! Hunt the Town™ showed its event guests just how haunted this history can be. For the first time ever, the Supernatural Investigation Crew and US Paranormal Research (Paranormal Investigation Teams from the Wisconsin/Illinois area) joined efforts to offer an investigation that reached across five of the most haunted places in the downtown area of this spectral town!  

A horse carriage mounted on a truck chassis hauls tourists in front of the Grice Hotel  ~  Credit: Chicago Tribune “A History of Antioch”

History awakened the dead on this night, by stirring the souls that were waiting to tell all. Finally, their legacies returned to life! Through the guidance of some of the most respected celebrity and seasoned paranormal investigators, the public experienced their silenced voices from the past.

PM&L Theatre

The PM&L Theatre originally opened in 1914 under the name “Crystal Theatre.” In 1962, a local theatre troupe began to rent the theatre and fell in love with the brick building, and by the 1980s decided to make the northern end of Main Street their permanent home by purchasing it. Throughout the decades, the troupe has reported many strange incidents. Most recently, Supernatural Investigation Crew, one of the event hosts, visited the theatre to review claims of hearing little girls giggling in the back row of seating and apparitions appearing in photographs.

The Haunted PM&L Theatre  ~  Credit: EnjoyIllinois.com

The Antioch School House

Just a bit farther north on the same road sits the next location, the Antioch School House. The school house sitting on the property was constructed in 1892 with four classrooms, housing all ages of students. As the student population grew, a Western-facing addition was added. By 1915, a separate high school had to be built and therefore the school was used for lower grades until the 1930s. From the 1930s to 1970, the building was used for additional classes. The school band also occupied this space. Later on, the historical society took control of it, when talks of demolition began to circulate. Today, the building operates as a museum of the Antioch history. US Paranormal Research, the events co-hosting team, has spent many hours investigating this location, with reports of mechanical operations with no physical triggering, light orbs, EVPs and shadow figures.

The Haunted Antioch School House  ~  Credit: Flickr.com

Not Enough? Get ready for this!

The remaining three buildings were, until this brisk day in May of 2019, never investigated before! Anticipation was satisfied during the Hunt the Town™: Antioch, Illinois event.

JJ Blinker’s Joke, Magic and Costume Shop

This (locally known to be haunted) property sits right across the street from PM&L Theatre. At one time, the property that's now occupied  by JJ Blinker’s Joke, Magic, & Costume Shop wasn’t always as jovial as it is today. The upstairs was once used for embalming the dead for the Strang Funeral Home. Yes, this was the last stop for the complete remains of the recently deceased, before being plunged into a grave! Rumors have long circulated of hauntings. 

The Haunted JJ Blinker’s Joke, Magic and Costume Shop  ~   Credit: Yelp.com

Freemasons of Antioch (Masonic Lodge #175)

The Freemasons of Antioch has had various reports of strange happenings! Finally the evidence returned that these spirits had much to say after being silenced for so many years.

The Haunted Freemasons of Antioch  ~  Credit:  The East Bay Times

Rustic & Reclaimed Market

The final building was one the SIC team happened to stumble upon by sheer chance. While out seeking locations, Annley and Aaron of Supernatural Investigation Crew spotted an empty building. Aaron commented about the odd feeling he got just looking into the windows. Unable to engage the property since a new business had moved into it, Annley and Aaron moved on. About a week later, however they received a reply from a local business, Rustic & Reclaimed Market, responding to an SIC community engagement announcement. It would turn out that this business was the one actually moving into the empty building. They were motivated to be involved in the ghost exploration because they had been experiencing strange experiences during the renovation process. From this, SIC was happy to accept an invitation to bring the tour through!

The Haunted Rustic & Reclaimed Market  ~  Credit: Rustic & Reclaimed Market FaceBook Page


Here’s a fun fact of Historic Antioch Illinois!

Here’s the scene at the rear of Bussie's Tavern after the fifth area bombing of a gambling house in 27 days in 1949. Though the "handbook" had seemingly closed, Sheriff Stanley M. Christian said that it had been sneaking bets. Antioch residents said that Chicago gang slot operator John (Blacky) Sullivan made his headquarters there.

Remnants of a Gambling House after a bombing in 1949 ~  Credit: Chicago Tribune “A History of Antioch” 


The Lodge of Antioch was included in Historical Walking Tour of Antioch Illinois  ~  Credit: The Lodge of Antioch Facebook Page



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