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Mystical Journeys: Mount Shasta

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Some places have a higher vibration, incredible energy and are totally reinvigorating. When we get called to them, they are mystical journeys.

They invite us to cleanse, charge up and perhaps redesign our whole being ... body, mind and spirit, so that we can be better, do better and feel better. Join us as we discover these mystical places so that we can perhaps explore and experience, if only in our minds.   

Mystical Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta, located in northern California offers one of the strongest energy vortexes in North America. Its dormant volcano draws thousands of spiritual seekers from around the globe each year. With a summit of 14,125 feet above sea level, Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range. For anyone fortunate enough to look up at her, she is certainly majestic and powerful.

The Vortex of Mount Shasta

Shasta Mountain’s metaphysical and powerful Vortex

Our metaphysical ancient ancestors have taught us that a vortex is a gathering place of the earth’s sacred energy. They are portals to a higher dimension of consciousness. Could this be why those that visit Shasta, express a common feeling of being “drawn” to its mountain’s side? Many have claimed they experience an overwhelming sensation of lightness and peace, as never experienced before.  Thousands even come to her side for her healing and transcendence ability. They gather here to find themselves and to discover their life’s journey and purpose.

With this energy, often referred to as a “bliss”, comes abundant tales of unexplained mysteries that have challenged us for decades. Could they be true?

Shasta's Native American Influence

Winnemem, Wintu Tribe of Mount Shasta California   Credit: North State Giving Tuesday

Native Americans generally call upon mountains as sacred centers of the universe, sometimes crediting them as the home of the creator. Shasta is certainly no exception. Mount Shasta has been the epicenter of many native nations, straddling the territories of Shasta, Wintu, Achumawi, Atsugewi and Modic tribes. The Wintu tribe has been the most influenced by the majesty of Mount Shasta, tracing their origin to a sacred spring on the mountain. For many decades, August is the time for many come for their annual mystical celebration and retreat.

The Legend of Telos

Telos, the secret crystal city under Mount Shasta   Credit:  Andrew Kim Art

One common legend tells us of a hidden city beneath this glorious elevation, occupied by advanced beings from a lost continent. The city is called Telos, a crystal dwelling inside the mountain, inhabited by higher-dimensional beings called Lemurians.

The legend started back thousands of years ago with an ancient continent of Lemuria, located in the North Pacific Ocean. It is said that Lemuria was inhabited even before Atlantis. The two, Lemuria and Atlantis got into a thermonuclear war and sank their own continents. With this, the Lemurians fled into Mount Shasta where they remain today, within its belly.

Photo of back entrance to Telos  Credit: Before It’s News

Have Lemurians ever been seen?

There are a few stories from the 1940’s where the Lemurians were seen in town. Describe as large seven foot tall beings, dressed in long white robes and sandals. They actually traded merchant supplies for chunks of gold.  That was then. Today they remain a mystery and a story. Many even believe that the saucer shaped lenticular clouds that often gather at the summit of Mount Shasta are contrived by the Lemurians to disguise alien cargo ships docking at Telos.

The saucer shaped lenticular clouds of Mount Shasta   Source: Council of Love

Is Mount Shasta an UFO Hotspot?

UFO are often found hovering over Mount Shasta  - Credit Ufoholic.com

Many folks from around the world have reported contact with extraterrestrial beings when visiting Mount Shasta. They are spotted when gazing into its star filled skies of the mountain or while driving along its roads.  Local residents have reported seeing ships passing through the mountain's night sky.

Displayed at the local Mount Shasta Museum, there is a semi-permanent picture displaying incredible formations that have crowned the mountain.

Actual UFO sighting caught on video on June 10, 2016   - Credit Ufoholic.com

Why is this a hotspot for UFO activity? Many say that it is the pure energy of the mountain that attracts evolved life forms to come there from throughout the Universe.

Shasta’s Amazing Waters

Burney Falls: A Mount Shasta Waterfall     Credit: 7x7.com

Because Mount Shasta's water comes directly from her mountain springs, her delivered water may possibly be the purest and the most energized in the world. Consuming the water spilled from Shasta is like drinking sparkling energy! Since water can function like a crystal, it amplifies everything, therefore proclaiming its healing capacity.

You will always find multitudes of people at the Mount Shasta City Park, where the Sacramento River headwaters are located. They are there with their five gallon jugs and bottles, collecting this magical potion. In fact rituals and ceremonies are often performed near multitudes of Mount Shasta’s springs and waterfalls, taking opportunity of its believed profound healing effect.

Mount Shasta’s presence

She is mysterious, beautiful, almost over-whelming and certainly breath-taking. She fills the soul with energy, goodness and personal insight. We hope you will get to experience Mount Shasta soon, for it will return your efforts many-fold.

As the poet Joaquin Miller wrote, "Lonely as God, and white as a winter moon, Mount Shasta starts up sudden and solitary from the heart of the great black forests of Northern California."

Take a journey to the mystical and magical Mount Shasta


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