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On September 28, 2019, the world became united for three purposes ...

Historic Preservation
Public Education of the Paranormal
Through the Haunted!

2019's celebration of National Ghost Hunting Days with World's Largest Ghost Hunt ran in seven countries, in 80 locations around the world!  And the world shook with the introduction of the Halloween Season into our collective consciousness. 

The World's Largest Ghost Hunt becomes a Legacy

Sure enough, the big media found out about the celebration and wanted to find out "What?" "Where?" "How?" and (most importantly) "Why"?  

Journalists and Producers of NBC's Today Show contacted Haunted Journeys, the founders of National Ghost Haunting Day, to find out what was going to happen.  What indeed, they asked, was the "World's Largest Ghost Hunt"?  "So in order to understand this, you have to feel it!" said Maria Schmidt, founder of Haunted Journeys and National Ghost Hunting Day. It didn't take much for their wonder to motivate them to further understand this mystery and this movement. 

The NBC crew packed up their bags, equipment, and their curiosities and came down to the Haunted Journeys Command Center in Hamilton, Ohio on September 28, 2019. Luckily for them, it was stationed in one of the most haunted places in Ohio, the Butler County Historical Society. They were going to feel the entire experience in one very haunted location. They were excited.

They were also very amazed, intrigued and inspired ...

NBC's Today Show journalist Alex Ficquette flew in from New York City's International Studio. A production team, Story Buzz Media's Becky Liscum & Gail Grasso, also flew in from Chicago to witness this event evolve and take over the world of the paranormal exploration of Spirit. A team of video and audio technicians joined up with them at the international event's Command Center.

Alex Ficquette, reporter with NBC's Today Show, interviews Maria Schmidt, founder of National Ghost Hunting Day.

For 10 long hours, in Haunted Journey’s hometown of Hamilton, Ohio, the NBC Crew camped out to be part of this historical event. The Butler County Historic Society’s beautiful (and very haunted) mansion became the stage to report to the world their encounters. They explored, filmed, interviewed, and experienced an incredible come-together. They witnessed a unity of experts, enthusiasts, and loyalists in the paranormal-investigation field collaborating with each other, through live-streams, for their common purposes. Colorado-based GetVokl, modified their "state of the art" live broadcast filters to exclusively highlight this historic event, helping it to be further recognized through worldwide targeted technology. 

Historic Preservation
Public Education of the Paranormal
Through the Haunted!

NBC's media team witnessed the Command Center orchestrating 80 teams around the world, managed by Territory Managers that worked unselfishly to ensure “their locations” were well prepared, coordinated, and promoted for local success.  Each location included Ghost Hunting Teams that volunteered their time and efforts to conduct state-of-the-art paranormal investigations at the haunted property. Together, they offered public viewings, with donations going toward the property's historical preservation efforts. 

For most of the visiting NBC's crew, this was their very first ghost hunt. Led by Spiritual Realm Paranormal Investigators, a local paranormal investigation team, they were part of a real and dynamic ghost-hunting experience at the Historical Society's mansion. They learned about the equipment, metaphysical work of psychic mediums, and the professional skills that are needed to communicate with the dead.

Collective Consciousness Energy was Formed Around the World

Paranormal scientists agree that when many are together, calling on spirits at the very same time, a surge of energy is formed. Theoretically, this heightens the level of communication and evidence of ghostly anomalies. From data collected from the event's previous years, it's estimated these experiences are intensified by 60 percent or more. This is a phenomenon that is not easily explained, but exhilarates those that experience it. 

They were amazed. All this astonishment and wonderment was captured and revealed during NBC’s Today Show on Halloween Day, October 31, 2019. All the locations, paranormal investigators, and volunteers are proud and exhilarated to see their vision and work be acknowledged and raised to a new level of public awareness. 

Haunted Journeys Announces NBC's Today Show's Feature of the 2019's World's Largest Ghost Hunt

It All Began Four Years Ago

Established in July 2016, Haunted Journey's realized that there was a need for the industry to come together to do good. From here, National Ghost Hunting Day™, was established to recognize and celebrate the novice, curious and expert execution of ghost-hunting methods. As an official listing on the National Day Calendar, it's held on the last Saturday of each September. This date was chosen by design, commencing the start of each new Halloween season. Its intention is to globally promote the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the work of paranormal investigators dedicated to these iconic locations!

Since its inception, National Ghost Hunting Day™ has been celebrated with its signature epic event, the World's Largest Ghost Hunt™! No better platform can serve and deliver its intent and purpose. Its pillars include historic preservation, unity of its investigative contributors, para-psychology research and public education about these historic sites thru the dedicated craft of ghost hunters.

To visit and explore the locations and teams that participated on this event, visit the website for National Ghost Hunting Day.


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