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9 Spooky Inns in New York where Ghosts will keep you up!
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Join us on a haunted journey through the majestic state of New York!

The Empire State offers more than beautiful sceneries of mountains, oceanfront views, deep gorges, wineries, and small charming towns. In fact, New York is so beautiful that many find it hard to leave … including the dead. New York has some incredibly spectral inns where you can actually spend the nights with phantoms pulled from their historical pages.  Here we have hand-picked nine of the most haunted inns and hotels of New York.

Shanley Hotel in Napanoch NY

The Haunted Shanley Hotel - Photo Credit Expedia

Like any other old hotel, intrigue, crime sex, and murder co-existed with the old fashioned good times at this seemingly serene mountain resort. All hotels have ghosts of a sort, due to the many lives intersecting within its walls, but the Shanley is special. It tops many lists of MOST HAUNTED hotels.

The penetration of dozens of ghosts in this property will always remain a mystery. Some say it is because of the location on a supernatural “vortex” and others say the secret is in the old mountains that surround the hotel. Regardless, it is an experience as no other can deliver.

Read more about the Haunts at the Shanley Hotel

Avon Inn
 in Avon NY    

Haunted Avon Inn - Haunted Journeys
Haunted Avon Inn  -  Photo Credit: World's Largest Ghost Hunt

The haunts here have been occurring throughout the decades. One of the earliest documented ghostly experiences occurred in 1986. The son of the owner at the time, Mr.Chappo, claimed he was heading up the main stairs and was stopped because a little girl about 8-year-old, in period dress, caught his attention by starring down at him.

If you want a sure bet on activity, consider Rooms 120, 121, 122 or 128!  Get the specifics of the haunts in these rooms by READING MORE!

Oh, did we mention?  This incredible inn was part of 2018 and 2019’s World’s Largest Ghost Hunt!

Read more about the haunts at The Avon Inn!

Algonquin Hotel Times Square in New York City NY

Haunted Algonquin Hotel - Haunted Journeys
aunted Algonquin Hotel  - Photo Credit: Haunted History Trail

The historic Algonquin Hotel, which opened in 1902, could be best known for what used to be their Round Table Room meetings. These included the famous "Vicious Circle" of writers, actors, and playwrights including Dorothy Parker, the most well-known member to this day.

Many say that Dorothy Parker still rounds this hotel, but from the other side! It all started around 2004 when the hotel was renovated. Soon after strange noises have been heard, with furnishings moving around and elevators stopping on floors with no human prompting!  There have even been some reports of guests seeing apparitions. Many believe the ghosts are members of the Vicious Circle, including Dorothy.

Read more about the haunts at The Algonquin Hotel!

When planning your next trip to the Big Apple, make it a mysterious one and stay at this beautiful iconic hotel!

Stay at the Algonquin Hotel

Burn Brae Mansion in Glen Spey NY   

The Haunted Burn Brae Mansion -  Photo Credit: Haunted History Trail

Linda Blair, who played Ragan in "The Exorcist" states this is one of her most favorite places to stay when up in the area, it must be a very special place.  It appears, as well, it is the favorite of many of the phantoms that still lurk here.

Constructed in 1907, this grand Victorian masterpiece is offered publicly as an inn.  But you will get more than just a spectacular room.  You may also see a phantom or two!  For four decades, both guests, staff and even the owners have reported ghost sightings, unexplained occurrences and general feelings of an otherworldly presence.

The original owners’ son, Charles Elkin, was said to be a skilled organist, and guests and staff have reported hearing organ music playing in the house.

More recently, an elderly couple in their 90s, the Hapijs, both died in the house. Guests say that they can still see them from the front yard playing chess by the big window, hear his classical music and smell her daily baking.

During an investigation, a local paranormal investigation group, South Jersey Ghost Researchers found evidence that was “off the charts compared to an average investigation,” according to Burn Brae’s website.

Want to read more about the haunts of Burn Brae Mansion.  CLICK HERE to go on a deeper spectral journey in this magnificent place.

Read more about the haunts at the Burn Brae Mansion!


Batcheller Mansion Inn in Saratoga NY

Haunted Batcheller Mansion - Haunted Journeys
aunted Batcheller Mansion Inn - Photo Credit: Booking.com

Built in 1873, the Batcheller Mansion Inn is an architectural masterpiece, one of Saratoga, New York's great Victorian houses. There is no wonder that centuries of history and character have left imprints from the spirit world. These have been testified by staff and guests alike.

The 1873 Batcheller Mansion Inn was originally the home to a Civil War veteran and prominent political figure, George Sherman Batcheller. It appears that the soldier has such a stronghold on this property that he has never let go.

Both staff and visitors have reported meeting up with his ghosts in the beautiful mansion that offers celestial get-aways to the haunted traveler!

Read more about the Batcheller Mansion Inn

Saratoga New York is known for its supernatural and mystical properties!
Therefore, a trip here should be on every haunted traveler’s list!

While visiting Saratoga, be sure to stay at the beautiful and majestic Batcheller Mansion Inn.

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Radisson Hotel Niagara Falls in Grand Island NY

Haunted Radisson Hotel in Niagara Falls - Haunted Journeys
aunted Radisson Hotel Niagara Fall Grand Island - Photo Credit: Booking.com

The building in which the Radisson Hotel resides, near Niagara Falls, was constructed in 1973.  So it doesn't take an ancient property to be haunted. The ghosts here were inherited from what was used to be there.

The previous occupant of this space was a beautiful historic mansion home to one of the wealthiest in the area with a large family. Tragically, it is believed to have been destroyed by fire. With that, although not verified, lives were lost.

With each renovation, with multiple hotels hanging their sign outside the buildings, the hauntings intensify. These paranormal events have been witnessed and documented by guests and staff as well. Sightings of a little girl continue to happen with curious repetition. You may see her playing in the halls of the hotel, or even running around in the pool had been drained.  When the staff went to check after the report, small footprints are seen at the bottom of the pool!  More chillingly, the little girl will appear suddenly at the foot of the bed.

There are many other reports at this intensely haunted modern hotel, showing that the earth truly retains the energy from restless souls from other previous structures that once laid on its soil. 

Make sure to read more of the haunts of this property by reading our full listing!

Better still, take a trip to beautiful Niagara Falls and
include a mystical exploration by staying at this hotel! 
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Mansfield Hotel in New York City NY

aunted Mansfield Hotel in NYC -  Photo Credit: Booking.Com

An orphanage used to stand on the land that now holds the historic and beautifully eerie Mansfield Hotel. Constructed in the popular Beaux-Arts style, the property was originally built as a fancy hostel-type hotel for New York’s elite.

Today, it continues to host (in spirit form) these spectral characters that have a hard time leaving their memories behind.  It's hard to debate when a TripAdvisor reviewer stated in 2015, “And… it turns out that it’s extremely haunted and we had tons of paranormal activity in our room, but the staff isn’t allowed to talk about it.”

Unfortunately, the hotel avoids and does not acknowledge their phantom guests.  We wonder how the spirits have reacted to this disregard.  It certainly has not distracted the curious haunted tourists, though!  They keep coming in through to pay their respects to the departed. 

Read more about the Haunted Mansfield Hotel

Better still, take a trip to the exciting New York City and stay at this magnificent French Influenced property.
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Please come on back and share your experience with us!  

Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown NY 

Haunted Otesaga Resort Hotel - Haunted Journeys
aunted Otesaga Resort Hotel  -  Photo Credit: Grand Light

For years, the 103-year-old Otesaga Resort Hotel was rumored to have paranormal activity, as confirmed by a feature on SyFy's Ghost Hunters.

Historically, the property's purpose (from 1920 to 1954) explains most of the spectral happenings. The hotel was once the Knox School for Girls, a private girl’s school. Could this be the reason guests have reported hearing children playing and giggling in the third-floor hallway?

Disembodied voices have been heard in the Glimmerglass Room. In addition, apparitions have been seen walking hand-in-hand in period clothing. Contributing more eeriness to this report, the staff have heard their names being called from unseen sources. A security officer has heard people walking above him on the fifth floor when there was no one up there!

Read more about the Haunted Ostesaga Resort Hotel

Of course, you can always
and report back to us some of the activity you experienced yourself!

Allegiance Bed & Breakfast in Mount Morris NY  

Haunted Allegiance Bed and Breakfast - Haunted Journeys
Allegiance Bed and Breakfast - Photo Credit: Haunted History Trail

The inside is home to two friendly yet mischievous permanent residents – Karen and Raymond (don't call him Ray - he doesn't like it). Karen has been spotted ascending the stairs a few times with her straight, gray hair and long dress. She has also been spotted sitting at the end of a guest's bed! You will certainly get your fill her of conversation. For you see, Raymond is known for being quite chatty. 

And of course, there is Alice Montclair, who actually can be seen walking through walls, sometimes standing in the midst of the barrier. One time she was asked who she was, and she kindly returned the inquiry telling her full name.

Although its name honors Francis Bellamy, a "local son" who authored our Pledge of Allegiance, it's not Francis who frequently pays a visit. 

Read more about the Allegiance Bed and Breakfast

Dare to stay at the Allegiance Bed and Breakfast for a spectral night of wonder? 

Click here to get the curiosity going! 

You’ll find this amazing place quite easy on the wallet! 


Know of more?  Tell us more!

Now that you have taken a tour of New York through the eyes of a haunted traveler, be sure to tell us other haunted inns in the Empire State that we have not listed.  We will be sure to include them in our collection of the most haunted properties in this magnificent State!


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