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Reiki and Ghosts. Good Mix?
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You are probably  asking yourself  “What does Reiki and Ghosts or Spirits have in common?”

Is there a place to practice Reiki when investigating the most haunted places around us? There is a lot of commonality and connection between Ghost Hunting and the practice of Reiki. Let us start by understanding what Reiki actually is. According to Live Science, Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word characters of "re" (meaning spiritual or supernatural) and "ki" (vital energy), Reiki is "a therapy often described as palm healing or hand-on-body healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over a patient's body to facilitate the client's process of healing. It is (therefore) believed that this vital energy can be channeled to support the body's natural ability to heal itself."

Being a Reiki Grand Master and a Paranormal Investigator, I never really considered using Reiki in investigating the Paranormal. But amazingly, I found myself using it more and more as we do our investigations, with great success. 

The common ground between both is ENERGY?  Reiki is Universal Energy and the Paranormal is, well, ENERGY.  So, when dealing with Spirits or Ghosts you are dealing with energy. 

The first method I use my Reiki with paranormal investigations is for protection. With the power of Reiki, I offer protection for myself and my fellow investigators (especially if there is one who is an easily attraction for spirits). In addition, prior to an investigation, I will find out what kind of energy in place, by doing a walk through.  By doing this, I have given myself (and my team members) a heads up on what to expect. Then once we are regroup for the investigation, I make sure everyone has protection of some kind. For those who need extra protection, I place a bubble around them using my Reiki. With this, if needed, they are cleared from any bad energy that they may have been given by a maleovent (or just cranky) ghost/spirit within the haunted property.

From this exercises,  I become fully aware when my energy is going to be beneficial or a danger to me and my fellow investigators.

With my Reiki classes, I assure that this is a skill that is learned when they engage in ghost hunting. My students learn when to use and turn off their energy. I include how use their energy in finding entities and help identify if the found spirits need help in moving on from their trapped status to the other side. For you see, energy can be used to release them if they allow you to.

When entering into a aggressively haunted place, I am almost always challenged on how much energy do I need to expand communication or when should I call it quits. Can my energy be a danger to myself and the other Investigators in the group?

These are the questions that I am often asked as a Reiki Practitioner. Can it be used as a way to remove entities on to the next plane.  What are dangers of bringing home a spirit attachment or two  if there are any? Can this draw other entities, spirits or negative entities or demons to me or my team? How do we deal with it if it happens? These are just a few areas of looking at in the class. There is so much to learn about Reiki and the Paranormal and in today's society both are ever changing for the good of all. 

From this, I felt compelled to offer public classes to teach the proper practice concepts and the influence in the field of spiritual communication and discovery. Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post a comment to start a discussion! 


About the Author

Tonya Klaes, as a mother and grandmother of many, is a graduate of Campbellsville College (now University) and an ordained minister from ULC. Tonya is also a Certified Ghost Hunter & Instructor under Patti Star and a Reiki Grand Master Instructor and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher with 2 lineages. She is also a Life Coach & Spiritual Life Counselor. This skills she uses to help others by teaching and guest writing with Haunted Journeys so that it can enhance many in the multiples.  You can reach Tonya via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Facebook, Website or Greensburg Campbellsville Paranormal Team's Fan Page.


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