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Reincarnation: Were you here before?
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Reincarnation: Were you here before?

By David Hanzel, Psychic Intuitive

If you experience déjà-vu frequently, a past life may be trying to tell you something. Could a past life experience explain our memory or our actions in this life? Could this be a memory from a reincarnation you have experienced?  


The Metaphysics of Reincarnation   ~    Youtube

Reincarnation is the metaphysical belief that the same soul can incarnate into different physical bodies to experience multiple lives on the physical plane over a course of time.   (Reference: University of Metaphysical Sciences)

About 80% of the US believes in reincarnation or the very least an afterlife. This percentage seems to rise every year even though the participation in religion has gone down. Now, why do you think that is? With the popularity of paranormal investigating and the fantastic evidence documented, it seems inevitable that we, at some point, may all become believers. That, in itself, could be a viable explanation.

Validating Life from the Past

Communicating with Spirit    Credit: The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary LLC

When we investigate a location or when a medium (such as myself) gets absolute validation from someone on the other side who has the memory of being here, it confirms of a former life here from the past. Therefore, this validates an experience in the physical of a past life.  So at any given point, these beings must have been doing something here at some point. So why not live multiple lives in different periods of earthy times and situations?

Curiosity is the Metaphysical Path to Learning

It’s in our making to be curious of our past.   Credit: Collective Evolution

You see souls and our real selves seem to be curious by nature. We always want to learn. Learning is part of who we are, whether it be easy, hard, right, or wrong. What better place to learn something fast than to incarnate in an existence that has many challenges? What better than within an array of emotions ready to experience and feel for the asking.  If you don't learn everything to your expectations, can come back and try it again?

Our Past Life Experiences

Past Life Experiences  ~  Credit:  Humans Are Free

As a soul, we are one with ourselves and the whole of who we are. But we do bring a little bit back with us from the lives and experiences we have. Every atom of our body is the memory of everybody that we ever inhabited. We bring with us the past sometimes. Most likely, it is on purpose.

Children are born every day with the knowledge that can take the average person-years to learn, such as playing instruments, math, reading, and the sciences. There are many two reasons why this happens. One, they needed a head start on an accomplishment and having particular skills may be of help in a lifetime. Second, they had an ability that is so near and dear to them or embedded into their soul that it just come along for the ride.

Past Lives make us who we are today  ~   Credit: Five Seasons Medicine

If during a lifetime some feeling or actions have not been acknowledged for the sake of learning or enlightenment, they can follow you into the next life. This is also true for things you have seen or experienced. If strong enough in one life, it will carry through to the next. You can have imprints such as knowing locations and how to navigate around them without ever have been there in this lifetime. This is likely because you have been there before.

Like a Childhood Memory

Childhood Memories  ~  Credit: University of Toronto

Past lives are almost exactly like childhood memories. When you learn things as a child or experience situations that are important, it will most likely shape the personality and the fears or likes that you have as adults. You can’t revisit your childhood in the physical form again but you can in your memory. That is how past lives can work. You merely are remembering things from before that shape the now. So to answer the question were you here before?

The evidence speaks for itself.

Watch David's Video "Past Lives"

Credit:  The Spirit Experience

References and Credit
University of Metaphysical Sciences

About David …

David Hanzel has been able to sense, see and hear spirit from a very young age, after a Near Death Experience (NDE). As an adult, he decided to spend his life in service to Spirit, giving them a voice to tell their stories and deliver the messages to their loved ones. With this dedication, he has been able to help other to understand and validate that there is a life after death.

How to reach David …

Website:      www.Letterfromthesky.com
Email:           [email protected].com   
Facebook:    Letter From The Sky -  
                       and  - The Spirit Experience


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