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Remote Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Spirit Communication
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The evolution of the digital age has provided us one of the most powerful tools for field of ghost hunting, the digital recorder.

With this technique, secrets from Spirit have been revealed. They now are able to communicate to express and validate their stories, their history, their wishes and, most of all, their existence.  

The History of the EVP

Konstantins Raudive   ~    Photo Credit: Rhovanion.nl

In the 1970’s, a Latvian doctor, Konstantins Raudive, popularized the idea of the “Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)”. Using radio equipment, he stated he communicated with the dead by capturing their voices. He said, his recordings, which numbered over 72,000, brought forth the voices of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and other deceased 20th Century Statesmen. He describes these sessions as typically being brief, the length of a word or a short phrase. (Reference:  The BBC)

The intrigue with spirit communication through EVPs has been with us for many decades.   Credit:  The Vintage News

Many paranormal groups have joined this under-current of believers that, yes, EVPs can capture the words or phrases from spirits or ghosts. They believe that EVPs are connected to the property, land, or their own energy. With my gift, I have taken this methodology to the next level.

Remote EVPs

The Evolution of Equipment for Capturing Communication      Credit  Amazon.com

With my gift, I have the ability to do Remote EVPs.  Remote EVPs are digital recordings that are captured into my home base location from anywhere in the world. Technology has helped me with this. I use cell phones, Facebook live video, and Skype as facilitators to help me pull these into my recorder. But this is aided by another gift I have.

Hearing at Different Frequencies

The Frequencies of EVPs      Credit:  Anita Jo Intenzo

One of the coolest things about me and my gifts is that I can hear at a different frequency than most people are able to. When I was in my twenties, I ended up getting Bell’s Palsy. After my treatments I realized I had special hearing. I now have the ability to hear at the same frequency as a teenager in my left ear, and my normal age with my right ear.

I then began to connect with the other side through electronic voice phenomena and started having visions and hearing my Spirit guides. As my gift progressed, I learned how to remote view and was able to psychically see places I had never been to before.

My gift for interpreting the EVPs actually helps in defining what their message is. For you see, EVPs may be very difficult to understand. EVP voices are just stray radio transmissions. Usually they are so faint and masked by static interference that it's hard to make out what they are saying. Many times, a trained ear is used to help “interpret” them.  In my case, I use my gifts as well.

What I like most about EVP’s is that they help many people to believe in the afterlife, their past loved ones and audible proof there is more out there then we know. Haunted locations are usually a great place to pick up this amazing phenomenon. More and more people are starting to awaken and many more will be following in the footsteps of EVP Practitioners.

My work with EVPs

Rick Waid – The Author     Credit:  Facebook Rick Waid

I have written two books about my obsession with EVPs. My first book is called My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obsession and my second book is called Awakening Of A Seer. I have worked on over thirty-five missing person cases and I have spiritually connected with over nine thousand people from around the world. I was able to capture thirty-five EVP’s a minute when I first started my journey. 

Many of them were random words that did not make any sense and they were not connected to the project I was working on. After months of extensive work on this subject is when I started getting direct connect information about the locations, people and the land. This is when I contacted many missing person family members to try and find their loved ones that were kidnapped or murdered. Even though I was getting direct connect information about these cases. I still was not able to find a missing person. I did assist with evidence that ended up being part of story. 

The Impact of My Work

The Impact of a Medium’s Work on Life … On People!  Credit: Medium.com

My life has been changed in a very positive way since that first day I unwrapped an audio recorder that my wife bought me as a Christmas gift. If you take the time to really listen to people that have been there in your shoes, then you will find this phenomenon is out of this world.

Please reach out to me if you wish to engage with my abilities in either Remote EVP or Medium Sessions. Together we can help solve the mysteries of the Spirit.


Written by...

Rick Waid
Author, Seer, Paranormal Investigator
Cell phone: 616 212 6412
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Rick

Rick Waid is a seer, remote viewer, and past-life reader. He was born with gifts that he did not realize he had until his late-30s. While Rick’s mother was also a reader, he did not become aware of his talents until he began researching the paranormal field.

His expertise extended him to an area that most do not do, Remote EVPs session. As Rick’s gifts progressed, he began to see past lives of individuals. He can also now connect with “the other side” and frequently receives messages from loved ones beyond the veil.

His first book, "My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obsession and Awakening Of A Seer." tells of a compelling passion that he ultimately revealed gifts that Rick did not know he had.

As he states, “I hope it will help others realize there are reasons for exploring into new territories and breaking through current boundaries.”


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Credit:  Rick Waid



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