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World's Largest Ghost Hunt - The Reveal

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Secrets from the Spirit World will be revealed on December 8, 2018, at the historic and incredibly haunted Old Baraboo Inn. We invite you to be a part!

On this day, in Baraboo, Wisconsin, a special event is planned where paranormal evidence from hundreds of ghost hunters that were involved with the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt will be presented. In preparation for this day, each of the 150+ teams have documented and submitted data that was carefully collected in coordination with others around the world. From this, a guided analysis will divulge very specific spirit communication responding to expertly designed and intriguing questions offered by the investigators.

These breathtaking results have been kept under lock and key until the big reveal at the haunted Old Baraboo Inn in Wisconsin.

Listen to the spirit speak with the release of unbelievable audio captured during the hunts. In addition, actual apparitions will be showcased with video and imagery evidence. There will be no doubt of the energetic power that the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt offered through Collective Consciousness. Be ready to be captivated by phantom phenomena.


Tickets will be opened to the general public on November 2nd, the official Day of the Dead. Keep in mind, many tickets have already been purchased by participants that were part of the original Ghost Hunt on September 28th. Tickets start at an affordable $15! VIP "has it all" tickets are also available. It is expected for these to sell out quickly.  To purchase tickets, go to Thriller Events

A Conference, A Ghost Hunt, A Para Party! 

THE CONFERENCE:  Tickets for the main afternoon conference with an impressive lineup of speakers are just $15/per person. Held at the Old Baraboo Inn, the conference will start at 1PM on December 8th, until 5PM. After a dinner break (not included), you have the option to dive into an amazing Ghost Hunt!

THE GHOST HUNT:  Then the fun starts, with a Spirit-Engaged Ghost Hunt! Team OBI will collaborate with all the speakers to recreate the format of a Paranormal Investigation, guided with the communication that Spirit offered with the reveal. No doubt, this will heighten the activity and be one special ghost hunt! The Ghost Hunt is offered for $50!

THE VIP:  For $60 (just an extra $10) you can have it all at the VIP Level! This ticket includes all three, the afternoon Conference and Reveal, the evening Ghost Hunt, and the Para Party ... where all can mingle with the speakers and celebrate a most successful night.

Speakers include, Maria and Bob Schmidt (Haunted Journeys and founders/organizers of “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”) Scotty Rorek (Psychics Unite), Amelia Cotter (Author and Co-Star of RIP Files), Allison Jornlin (Milwaukee Haunted History Tours), Mary Marshall (The Paranormal MD). In addition the investigative talents will be offered by esteemed team of Society of Anomalous Studies and Yooper Paranormal. The Master of Ceremony is B.C. Farr, the paranormally-famed owner of the Old Baraboo Inn. He will speak of the history and phantom activities that are known of one of the most places in Wisconsin!

Make sure to be there, for this will be one special event!  To order your tickets, go to Thriller Events.



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