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A Tribute to Rosemary Ellen Guiley
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Rosemary Ellen Guiley
July 8, 1950  -  July 18, 2019

Rosemary Ellen Guiley has passed away suddenly at the age of 69. The field has lost a true life committed to study of the supernatural with integrity, great skill, compassion, and deep scholarly wisdom. She reassured us that to explore the "what could be" should be the norm and to challenge scientific standards was the expectation. She did this with grace and honor. Rosemary did not seek the limelight, rather she created her own brilliance that others would seek to follow for it was validated, trusted, and revered. 

A Field Pioneer

Rosemary was a pioneer for truth-seeking and research in the paranormal industry. As an intellect and talented American writer on topics related to spirituality, the occult, supernatural, and the paranormal, she also was a revered radio show co-host and contributor to many, including the industry-celebrated Coast-to-Coast AM. She was on the Board of Directors for the "National Museum of Mysteries and Research" in Columbia, Pennsylvania, and the "Foundation of Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters." An author of nearly 50 books, including 10 encyclopedias, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society.

"Intuition invariably proves to be right."    -- Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary's Works

Rosemary Ellen Guiley's literary works included Atlas of the Mysteries in North America (1995), which included a listing of places in Canada and the US associated with mysterious occurrences, as well as The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, and The Encyclopedia of Angels. A mark of honor, her works have been translated into 14 languages. 

Rosemary was the founder and president of Visionary Living, Inc. and Visionary Living Publishing.

Rosemary leaves behind a world of supernatural enthusiasts that continue to seek the answers she explored with great expertise. The good news is that, through her countless contributions, she left a legacy of paved roads for us to pick up the suitcase and continue the journey. 


"I am beside myself at the loss of Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Such a sweet friend for so many years. You’ll be sorely missed. The other side is lucky to have you!"
-- Grant Wilson  (Television Personality)

"The world has lost a mighty spirit and a truly brilliant academic. Personally, a dear friend. The passing of Rosemary Ellen Guiley leaves a profound vacancy in the paranormal community worldwide. She is loved and will be missed by countless souls."  
--Andrea Perron (Writer)

"She is a very important voice in the paranormal world and one of it's most prolific authors. Ro was one of the first people that agreed to do our ambitious little radio show in Jan of 2006 and we are forever in her debt for being a part of opening that door for us."
-- David Schrader (Radio Host)

"Rosemary was more than an accomplished author. She was a lady of pure class and dignity, and a welcome and guiding light in what can sometimes seem like a very dark world. " 
-- Christopher DiCesare  (Lecturer and Author)

"(Rosemary) did not just write about the paranormal, she opened our eyes to the places and the people."
---Marc Arvilla  (Paranormal Investigator

"The Paranormal Field lost another one of its best, and we the members of The Society of the Supernatural lost a dear friend and one of the most genuine and beautiful souls I've ever meet!
--Barry Gaunt  Paranormal Investigator for Society of the Supernatural

More importantly, in a field swarming with so many charlatans and other unsavory characters - which is partially why I distanced myself - Rosemary was a shining example of the opposite. I knew that I could trust her and that she had my back, always looking out for me. For that, I am eternally thankful.
--Craig Hines (Production Artist)

Years ago I sent an email to a person that I really didn't expect to reply. That person was Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and I had heard her on Coast to Coast AM, interviewed by George Noory. Not only did she reply, but she began making regular stops in Greene County in order to tour the county with me chasing down reports of the unexpected and nearly unbelievable. She and her husband Joe became extended family members; it was Rosemary's mentoring that brought the book we wrote together to fruition. Ever the teacher, she would answer any and all questions with great patience and respect. It would be difficult to find anyone more grounded and knowledgeable not only spiritually, but in all things paranormal.
--Kevin Paul (Paranormal Investigator)


Video Highlight: Rosemary Ellen Guiley discuss importance of cultivating our psychic sense

Credit: James William


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