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Secret Haunted Journey to Ireland
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Imagine yourself enjoying a journey in the Irish countryside, rich in history, music, song, and dance. Now take this thrill to the next level...  Now, imagine being introduced to this mystical island by its Spirits that haunt ancient places during the most chilling time of the year ... the Allhallowstide.  

To celebrate with exuberance the Halloween 2021, Secret Island Tours has invited Haunted Journeys to a magical adventure that will reveal the secrets and haunts of Ireland. We invite you to join us for nine days and eight nights, where you will be amidst an experience that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

Credit: Secret Ireland Tours LLC

Secret Haunted Journey to Ireland
Choose your Tour Session
Session One:  Mon., 10/26/21 - Tues., 11/3/21
Session Two:  Fri., 10/30/21 - Sat., 11/7/21
Each Session is Limited to 24 Guests

$1,700.00 / double occupancy
$1,900.00 / single occupancy
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Deposit $250.00 (Due by May 26, 2021)
Full Payment Due August 26, 2021
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NOTE:  The itinerary is subject to change based on
unanticipated tour accommodation & vendor changes, restrictions or unavailability

A native of Ireland, Mai Hernon, and her organization Secret Ireland Tours will guide you to places that most have never experienced. These are not dwellings that are not packed full of tourists, that arrive in droves. Some of these are whereabouts are only known to locals and perhaps, yes, to the spirits left behind.

The Itineraries and Dates:

In order to encourage high demand, while keeping each tour small and personal, there are two sessions. One comes in a bit earlier, and the second follows. Both will unite to collectively celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Day ... Together!  And celebrate we will, using century-old Celtic traditions.  We may even push the "haunted" envelope a bit, to take advantage when the veil is thinnest in our celestial dimension! For sure, you will remember well the power and energy of these two nights for the rest of your life!

Here are the two Itineraries that are Offered!  You will have an opportunity to request your first choice, but please keep in mind we are limiting each session to 24 travelers. Depending on current status, we may not be able to honor your first request.  Both itineraries have identical hand-picked locations and the lodgings. The only difference is their line-up within the visiting days. 

And they both will unite with Exuberant Celebration on HALLOWEEN and the Holy DAY OF THE DEAD! 

Limited to 24 travelers.
Only a few slots available in each group. 

Secret Haunted Journey to Ireland Tour    


"Click & Skip" on all these Explorations that we will see on these tours! 
(or just scroll down to take it all in ... slowly.)

Kilmainham Gaol
Dublin Castle
Temple Bar District
Wicklow Jail
Wicklow Lighthouse
The Belvedere House
Strokestown House
Lough Key / McDermott's Castle
Carrowkeel Passage Tombs
Bram Stoker's Parents’ Gravesites
Ruins of Lisheen House
Leap Castle
Westport House and Gardens
Kylemore Abbey
Mullaghmore Coastline
Malahide Castle
Brazen Head Pub
Fitzpatrick's Castle

Halloween Traditions in Ireland: Where it all started

Irish Halloween Traditions   -   Photo Credit: Claddagh Design 

It is widely accepted that many Halloween traditions originated from ancient harvest festivals in Ireland particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain (sow an). It celebrated the harvest, end of summer, and welcomed in the winter. Its roots are pagan and many of the customs associated with Halloween come from pagan Ireland.

Halloween Traditions such as lighting fires on the land the night of Oct 31st and driving the cattle between the two fires to cleanse them of evil spirits were common during this period.  Others threw the tea leaves from the teapot out to the fairies in order to please them.  And of course, many blessed the house with holy water to protect it from angry spirits coming through on the 1st of November (The Day of the Dead) when the veil is at its thinnest.

Irish Tradition of Lighting Fires on Halloween     Photo Credit: The Wild Geese

During this enchanting trip, we will share Irish customs, traditions, culture, haunted castles, abbeys, and mansions! How about challenging the energies of ancient ruins, tunnels, and lands with our native tour guide. Come with us, Secret Ireland Tours and Haunted Journeys, to mysterious Ireland and experience the Irish spirits for yourself.

Your Haunted Ireland Experience:
The Explorations of Her Mysteries

Kilmainham Gaol (Jail)

This now-famous historical museum was back when a place with much resistance, death, and agony. During the 1916 rising, 16 of the leaders were executed by the British forces. There are many historical documents housed in the jail as well.  You might even catch a glimpse of a ghost or two.

Read more about Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin Castle

Dating back to the 13th century on the site of a Viking settlement, the Dublin Castle served for centuries as the headquarters of the British administration in Ireland. Apparently the castle is said to be absolutely packed with visitors of the supernatural variety, so well worth a visit for those who love ghost hunting.

Read more about Dublin Castle

Temple Bar District in Dublin

Being one of the oldest and most popular Pub Spots in Dublin, this place will have its share of haunted tales and experience. One of the most noted is with the Vintage Cocktail Club. Located in Temple Bar area in Dublin, the watering hole has already had an aura of intrigue and mystery attached to it. You have to first locate the anonymous-looking black door on the cobbled street marked only with the lettering 'VCC' and ring a bell to gain entry.

Inside, you climb the old stairs to find a kitsch, speakeasy cocktail club spread across 3 floors, adorned with antiques and vintage trinkets. When the bar is in full swing, you’re not likely to notice anything amiss but if you find yourself alone in a corridor, beware. There have been reports of eerie vibes, things literally going bump in the night, flying off shelves and in the early hours, some even claim to have seen the ghostly figure of a child in the hallways.
It seems the cocktail ingredients may not be the only spirits in this otherwise charming Victorian house.


DID YOU KNOW...  Ireland is the country with the seventh-largest beer consumption in the world: 98 liters per person per year on average, 22 liters per person more than the USA!

Wicklow Jail

Wicklow Jail has been a prison since the late eighteenth century. Prisoners from the 1798 rebellion and the Great Famine were held there. It also held some republican prisoners during the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War. The last prisoners left in 1924.

Read more about the Haunting so Wicklow Jail here

The Wicklow Gaol (as the natives call it) is now a museum but it is reported to be one of the world’s most haunted buildings due to the long history of suffering associated with it. Dare to take this one? No worries, you’ll be surrounded by friends!

Wicklow Lighthouse

This oceanic light generator is reputed to be haunted by a headless woman. It is said that this woman was beheaded with a slash hook by her jealous boyfriend when he found out she was in love with another man. Many have claimed to see her tormented headless body prowling around the lighthouse.

Click Here to read more about the Haunted Wicklow Lighthouse

The Belvedere House

This incredible mansion, located on the north-east shore of Lough Ennell, was built in 1740 as a hunting lodge by Robert Rochfort 1st Earl of Belvedere. The architect was Richard Castle (1690-1751) one of Ireland's foremost Palladian architects. The Rochforts were a very old and influential family, came to Ireland during the 13th century. the first  Earl of Belvedere was a member of Parliament for Westmeath. He married Mary Molesworth, a very talented lady and known in the theatrical circles in Dublin. The Earl was well recognized and notorious for his selfish qualities.

To explore more of the haunts of the Belvedere House, CLICK HERE!

Lady Belvedere gave birth to a son but was very lonely because her husband spent much of his time in London. He was also reputed for being unfaithful to his wife, although he was also a very jealous man. He accused her of having an affair with his brother and, as a result, took their son from her. He continued his unforgivable behavior by locking her in a room in the estate where she stayed for 30 years until she died.

His brother built a bigger mansion in the valley and Lord Belvedere could not stand to look at it so he built a "jealous wall" between the two mansions which still stands today. Could all this torment, anguish, and rage leave lingering spirits roaming to find peace? Many believe so and we may find out for ourselves! 

Strokestown House

Just when you think we couldn’t sneak in another tremulous tale, we then call into the Strokestown House and Gardens.. Built on the site of a 16th-century castle, this was the home of the Pakenham Mahon family. The landlord Major Denis Mahon was assassinated in November of 1847 at the height of the Great Famine. The National Famine Museum is housed there now, and very fitting indeed. For you see, it also houses many of the original and pertinent documents which came to light during the restoration of the house. The house has a galleried kitchen, elegant vaulted stables, a six-acre walled garden, mausoleum, and a lodge. Many haunted stories abound about this house.

Read about the Haunts of the majestic Strokestown House 

Lough Key Forest Park / McDermott's Castle

The enchanting Lough Key Forest Park offers peeks of the McDermott's Castle from the shores of Lough Key. This spectral structure is an 11th-century castle on an island on the lake. There are many stories about the castle and many songs written telling the story of Una Bhán who was the daughter of the King. Lots of history here and we will tell you all about it and we might even sing a song or two that tells you the love stories too!

 Read more about the Haunts of McDermott's Castle

Carrowkeel Passage Tombs

We start with a morning trip to an underground passage tomb that pre-dates the Egyptian Pyramids by 800 years. Called the Carrowkeel Passage Tombs, this is an electrifying and amazing place. Here, you will feel like you’ve been transported back in time, feeling the historical (and haunting) energy that surrounds it.

Reading about the chilling tales of the Carrowkeel Passage Tombs

Bram Stoker's Parents’ Gravesites

Bram Stoker's mother, Charlotte Stoker, née Thornley, grew up in Sligo and is buried here with her husband. To accentuate the role Charlotte and her home of Slago, It is believed (and essentially confirmed) that the Cholera epidemic of 1938 was said to have been the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

At one point, when Bram's mother, Charlotte, moved to France, and he was doing his research, Bram asked his mother to type up her Sligo cholera stories of premature burial and send them to him.

Read about the history of these Grave Sites

Ruins of Lisheen House

The Lisheen House that is reputed to have the only documented poltergeist in Ireland. This exploration will take your breath away! 

Read about the Terrifying Poltergeists of the Former Lisheen House

In 2007, Lisheen House was parachuted to worldwide fame when it featured on the American paranormal reality television series ‘Ghost Hunters’. The show told of Owen Phibbs’ alleged grave robbing in the Middle East and suggested that they heard unearthly sounds coming from the basement   

The ruins are literally saturated with a sense of foreboding and dread. Some call the walls aggressive in their nature. Many say the ruins are a place of evil. Today it is known as the only true poltergeist confirmed property in all of Ireland. 

Leap Castle

Read about the Haunted Leap Castle... The most castle in all of Europe!

This spectrally enriched property of Leap Castle has a disturbingly turbulent and bloody history. Previously used as a fortress, home and tomb, the Leap Castle is home to many fascinating and sometimes horrific spirits.  Built-in the early 1500s under the supervision of the powerful and warring O’Carroll clan, Leap Castle has been the center of much bloodshed and brutal atrocities. We will spend the day here.

Westport House and Gardens

Read more about the Westport House

The Westport House is full of incredible history. Its documented past goes as far back as the 16th century when Grace O'Malley the Pirate Queen of Connacht ruled the land and seas around the estate. The Westport House is built upon the foundations of one of her many castles, which can still be explored within its existing dungeons. The original Westport House was built in 1650.

Kylemore Abbey

The breathtaking Kylemore Abbey has a history of tragedy, romance, education, and spirituality. It has a 6-acre Victorian walled garden, beautiful lakeshore walks, neo-Gothic Church and a Mausoleum where Mitchell and Margaret Henry are buried side by side.

To read the chills of Kylemore Abbey, CLICK HERE.

The Mullaghmore Coastline

Visiting enchanting Ireland is not complete without driving through the wonders of its epic landscapes, hills, and coastlines. Therefore we have included this magnificent scenic drive around the Mullaghmore Coastline. Later we will go around the horseshoe drive at the back of our famous Mountain Benbulben where we drop in to see the Glencar Waterfall!


Malahide Castle

Realize any rumors about haunted castles with this majestic beauty. One of the castle’s most popular specters is that of the son of the Baron of Galtrim, Lord Galtrim or Sir Walter Hussey. He was killed in battle during his wedding day in the 15th century. He is said to wander the castle at night groaning in pain while pointing to the spear wound on his side. He is a heartbroken ghost because his bride-to-be married his rival immediately after his death.

Engage with the Phantoms of the Malahide by reading its story here.

The Brazen Head Pub

Being the oldest Pub in Dublin, where it's hard to count the number of spirits that are gathered in this iconic spot! We will gather at the famous Brazenhead Pub.

Read more about the Brazen Head Pub

The Fitzpatrick's Castle

We will be staying in a 17th-century real Irish castle called Fitzpatrick’s Castle. All the old world charm of a castle but yet offering 5-Star accommodations with all the modern conveniences.  And yes, we will probably not be able to take to winks tonight, for you see… it is also very haunted.  

Read more about the magnificent Fitzpatrick's Castle!  

What IS and  NOT included:

Your travel package includes:

  • Airport transfers from Dublin Airport
  • Accommodations for 7-Nights in rural and family-run inns in both in Dublin and Sligo, Ireland.
  • Accommodations for 1-Night in a 5-Star Haunted Castle
  • Eight Breakfasts
  • Celebration Farewell Dinner
  • Luxury Coach with Expert Drivers
  • Native and Expert Secret Ireland Tours Guide
  • Our signature "Secret" whimsical surprise
  • Use of Paranormal Investigation tools
  • Irish Musical entertainment during selected evenings
  • Information of each location's information history and haunted stories
  • Fees into all venues listed on the final itinerary
  • Snacks and soft drinks on the bus
  • All taxes and charges associated with accommodation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Customer Service while in Ireland
  • Castle Hotel Porterage of one suitcase per person
  • Irish musical entertainment during selected evenings
  • Souvenir eBook upon returning home

Your travel package does not include:

  • Round Trip Airfare
  • Evening meals (except for farewell dinner)
  • Entry fee's into venues not on the final itinerary.
  • Tips or Gratuities

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Contact Mai Hernon (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) about Interest-Free 3 month Payment Plan

Do not hesitate to register your interest.

There are only 24 travelers per group.

 Meet Mai Hernon of Secret Ireland Tours LLC, as she shares
spooky stories, traditions, and folklore of some of the places we are going to! 

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