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Stirring FOUR Haunts of the Old Baraboo Inn!

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Could the acclamation from the Food Network that a haunted old historic tavern in Baraboo, Wisconsin is one of the ten most haunted locations in the USA hold truth against the spectral activity that has been reported at the Old Baraboo Inn?

The answer is a solid … YES.

Haunted Journeys took a trip to this hidden gem in Mid-South Wisconsin, where cheese is king. There is more to royal cheese in this town. The Old Baraboo Inn was the gateway to all that transforms history to the haunted … drinking, sex and gambling! Yes, the Old Baraboo Inn is now a petri dish that has incubated souls from the wild, wild MIDWEST.

The History

Located along Walnut Street in Baraboo, Wisconsin, this 154 year old historic landmark has gone through a lot. In its spicy heyday, the inn served as a tavern and brothel, conveniently located across from the railway station, connecting this sleepy town to crime infested Chicago. The Old Baraboo Inn was built in 1864, offering a convenient "services" to travelers arriving from the windy city. Originally, it operated as a boarding house, a honky-tonk saloon and even a brothel. Among the hundreds of souls that passed thru these walls when alive, one of the most famous was Al Capone. “Scarface” used to hang-out at the Old Baraboo Inn during the naughty prohibition days. He enjoyed his visits so much, well ... he just never left! Paranormal evidence review has confirmed this old fella still lurks one of his favorite hole in the walls! 

Al Capone an American Gangster, still hangs out at the Old Baraboo Inn  ~  Source:  American Mafia History

The Hauntings

The Lovely Red Lady, as the property is playfully labeled, is a spectral portal of ghostly activities! Haunted Journeys has clearly defined that there are FOUR DIFFERENT HAUNTED SPACES in this property. In the FIRST space, you have the front main tavern. Here one senses the rugged and determined personalities of the cowboy who had a bit too much to drink. Then there’s the back tavern, the SECOND distinctive area of haunts, that offers a more hidden and protective aura. (Are these the spirits that protected the tavern’s naughtiness?). The THIRD space is the Brothel. which is located on the second floor. The original entrance to this "hospitality xxx suite" was once found in back of the main bar via a hidden stairwell. Today, it is accessed from the outside of the pub through its own private entrance. Be assured. This detour has not confused the gals (and happy fellas) that are still UP there! There is a combined sexual tension felt (especially in one of the rooms), with and a residual “I’m in charge … You’re not.” mood.  The FOURTH Chamber of Haunts is the basement. Yes, the dreaded basement. This space is generally closed off to guests, for it can be that unsettling. Some call the entity there ... pure nastiness. This is the first time we have had such distinctive experiences, all in one! This is what identifies this incredible property.

Old Baraboo Inn, home of the famous GHOST BOMB! ~  Credit: Other Side Podcast

BC Farr, Old Baraboo Inn’s operating owner and his former employees have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, lights being turned on during the night, and dishes, cups and utensils flying off racks — untouched by human hands. Sometimes, the spirits were playful when one dared to enter the basement’s cooler, and unexpectedly the door closed leaving them in complete darkness!

BC Farr, owner of the Old Baraboo Inn  ~  Source: Old Baraboo Inn's Facebook Fan Page

Once a declared skeptic of the supernatural, BC has witnessed ghostly activity in his establishment almost on a daily basis. BC and others began to notice unexplainable activity during the renovation process. Most recently, customers have witnessed barstools turning on their own, smell of cigars, roses, and old lady perfume, disembodied voices, being touched, and the appearance of even full body apparitions of an old woman, old man, and this one of a female spirit believed to be named Cybil.

Many have engaged with the hauntings here and all have returned mesmerized. Including Paranormal MD, Mary Marshall. 

"I've been investigating in the paranormal field for 18 years. I consider my paranormal experiences at the Old Baraboo Inn some of the most profound and exceptional ever. This property is definitely in my top two favorite haunted locations to visit. In addition, the staff is another top reason for continuing to return to Old Baraboo Inn!"  

--- Mary Marshall
(“The Paranormal MD”, Paranormal Investigator, Researcher,
University Lecturer and Author of Continuum)

Take Action

... and join them on these upcoming events, so that you can actually experience and confirm what we have provided testimony to. If you survive this experience, be sure to drop us a line and share your own personal encounters here at the Old Baraboo Inn.

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